‘Produce 101’ season 2’s Kim Samuel to take firm legal action against malicious commenters

‘Produce 101’ season 2’s Kim Samuel to take firm legal action against malicious commenters

Current ‘Produce 101’ season 2 trainee Kim Samuel, formerly known as Punch, will be taking firm legal action against malicious commenters due to false rumors and verbal abuse spreading on the web. 

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His label Brave Entertainment addressed the malicious comments spreading online, stating they have crossed the line in regard to the amount a 16-year-old can deal with. Previously, Kim Samuel has been subject to a series of rumors, including false rumors about his Chinese fans manipulating votes, bullying rumors, verbal abuse, inappropriate sexual references, and more. 

Below is Brave Entertainment’s official statement regarding the legal action to follow. 

“Hello, this is Brave Entertainment. We are here to notify that we will be taking firm legal action by submitting a lawsuit for cyber defamation of character as well as cyber offense against malicious commenters after determining that the degree and the amount of false rumors, verbal abuse, and physical references with no basis have surpassed that manageable alone by a 16-year-old. 

Fans are currently collecting evidence of malicious comments and files through monitoring and reporting, and we plan on taking active measures through unforgiving legal action to ensure that no further offenses develop.

Brave Entertainment will carry out the responsibility of being a guardian to Kim Samuel, who is still underage, so that he will not be hurt by malicious content on the web. We ask that you provide Kim Samuel with your abundant love and encouragement. Thank you.”

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