'Produce 101' Season 2 Will Conduct The Second Elimination Cutting Off 24 Trainees

'Produce 101' Season 2 Will Conduct The Second Elimination Cutting Off 24 Trainees

In the first round of elimination on “Produce 101” season two, there were 38 trainees cut from the show. For the second round of elimination, another 24 trainees are expected to be cut.

“Produce 101” is a popular survival show about 98 trainees competing to be in the top 11 to debut as a temporary boy group. Previously, in the previous episode, the top 60 was chosen and 38 trainees have been eliminated.

Right now, there are 59 trainees that are still running towards becoming the top 11. On May 16, the representative of Mnet stated that the trainees will performances at Samsan World Gymnasium on May 28. The second elimination will take place on 20th and there will be 24 trainees to be cut from the show, AllKpopreported. If during practice, some trainees are cut off, the remaining members will need to form a new group.

For this week, the trainees are competing in a position battle. They were divided into rap, vocal, and dance groups and they have been practicing for the stage. They have shown their best and the winner in each group receives a huge advantage with the addition of points.

In the recent episode of the show, the shocking ranking was revealed showing many changes. Park Ji Hoon who was previously always in the first place, dropped into the third place. NU’EST’s member Kim Jong Hyun took the first place for his great leadership and talents, Uri Maeumreported.

The next battle will be about concept song evaluation and some of the songs chosen are “Showtime,” “I Know You Know,” “Open,” “Oh Little Girl,” and much more, Soompireported.

The competition is heating up among the trainees and they need to get the support from online voting to climb up their ranks into top 11. Viewers cannot wait to see the result of the ranks in the next episode.

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