'Produce 101' Season 2 Took The First Place For Content Power Index For Two Weeks

'Produce 101' Season 2 Took The First Place For Content Power Index For Two Weeks

“Produce 101” Season 2 recently got critique for unfair point system. Yet, the show is still fine and they already gave their explanation about that. As the continuation of the previous season, this program is really good for taking viewers’ attention. Recently, it has another accomplishment for showing great Content Power Index.

“Produce 101” season 2 is a TV program in Mnet to choose 11 top trainees among 98 contestants to later debut as a permanent boy group. The previous season has succeeded debuting IOI with many good feedbacks from fans and also some great accomplishment.

Recently, the program got number one in CPI (Content Power Index) for two weeks in a row, Soompireported. The CPI was determined from the popularity of the show, the influence, and overall performance. The program took the first place, beating MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” and tvN’s “Youn’s Kitchen.”

The success of the program is part of the hard work of the staff, PD, trainers, and the contestants. They have worked really well to show the real situation of hardship of idols. There are many youngsters who dream to become an idol, yet only few will take the road to success.

Even before the official start of the program, many people have already had their interest in it, AllKpopreported. The leaks of information were everywhere about the contestants who would join the program. Some artists who had debuted even took part in it, which showed the hardship of idol path in Korea.

The show has come in the third episode and they had a stage performance battle to determine winning and losing. Some contestants stole the hearts of viewers for their charm. The program is loved more as international viewers can show their support for one contestant they like the most. Even though the support doesn’t count in the rank, but the contestant can receive certain gift from Mnet. Having a great respond, the program will continue on sailing.

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