Produce 101 Season 2 Graduation Photos Revealed

Produce 101 Season 2 Graduation Photos Revealed

In addition to the graduation pictures fans accumulated before, more adorable graduation photos of Produce 101 Season 2 contestants have been revealed!

MMO Entertainments Yoon Ji Sung

He looks pretty much the same as he did back then!

FNC Entertainments Yoo Hoe Seung

The cutie has grown up to become a dashing young man!

Fantagios Ong Seung Woo

He looks exactly the same except now he looks a lot manlier.

Brand New Musics Kim Donghyun

For Donghyun, not too much has changed as it has only been a few years since he took the photo.

Cre.Ker Entertainments Joo Haknyeon

Many say that he looks similar to BTSs Jin when he was young.

Ardor Ables Ha Sungwoon

Pledis Entertainments Kang Dongho

He was manly and charismatic back then as well!

Pledis Entertainments Kim Jonghyun

Who knew that this kid would one day become a great leader?

Individual Trainee Kim Jaehwan

Music became his passion and dream since he was young!

CUBE Entertainments Lai Guan Lin

His old photos prove that hes naturally born good-looking!

Starship Entertainments Jung Sewoon

Move out of the way, Mini Go Jun Pyo is gonna become a CEO one day!