‘Produce 101’ fans upset at rice wreaths sent only for NU’EST?

‘Produce 101’ fans upset at rice wreaths sent only for NU’EST?

Recently, ‘Produce 101’ fans noticed that international fans beyond Korea sent rice wreaths for the NU’EST members who are participating in the ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 competition. This however raised concerns and even upset many people for a number of reasons.

A netizen posted the topic on an online community portal and it is a heated topic of discussion.

First, it is not a NU’EST concert but rather a stage where all trainees are supposed to be judged equally, this takes away that factor as they did start the competition with a larger fanbase.

Second, messages sent that essentially reads supporting only NU’EST instead of individual members portraying it’s more about the already debuted group rather than the new team to be set by the program and the trainees.

Lastly, the pictures used included a member (Aron) who did not participate in the show. 

There seems to be a consensus among netizens in regards to this situation, “I’m a fan of Pledis and NU’EST too but this just looks bad. Why do fans not take other trainees under consideration? And why did they even include Aron in the picture, he isn’t even part of the show”, “Do they think this show is about picking new members for NU’EST or something?” “I’m jealous that NU’EST has such dim-witted international fans that send in rice wreaths,” and more.

Do you guys agree with this controversy? Give us your thoughts!

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