Private message from Suzy to Haha before he got married

Private message from Suzy to Haha before he got married

Suzys text message to HaHa when he got married is one of the cutest messages youll ever read.

In an episode of HaHas reality program 19 TV, HaHa revealed an adorable text message he received from Suzy after he announced his marriage to singer Byul in 2012, showcasing their close friendship.

Suzy and HaHa met for the first time when they starred in SBSs Running Man together in the same year, where they played the role of husband and wife for a mission. This helped them grow close quickly, and they maintained their new friendship even after the show.

Upon announcing his marriage to Byul, HaHa revealed that Suzy sent him a message jokingly scolding him for not receiving her permission, especially when he had told Suzy not to date anyone without his permission.

Hi oppa its Suzy~ I saw the news of your marriage to Byul unnie in an article. You both look really good together~ Congratulations on your marriage! But You said it yourself oppa, you told me that I wasnt allowed to meet anyone, and if I do, I absolutely needed to get permission from you But why did you get married without getting permission from me? Did you forget the memories of the day we held hands and ran around as husband and wife..?

So Ive decided to send you a card as my permission for your marriage. Congratulations on your marriage and I hope you and Byul unnie shine with happiness~!!