PRISTIN Kyla’s figure sparks debate about the ideal size of female idols

PRISTIN Kyla’s figure sparks debate about the ideal size of female idols

Back in March, Kyla made her official debut in the new girl group PRISTIN. Since then, the idol has been continuously receiving attention and even been criticized for her figure. 

Netizens pointed out that Kyla is noticeably a bit thicker than fellow girl group members and they have been debating about the ideal size of female idols. 

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Some netizens believe Kyla is overweight for a female idol and is in need of a diet. Such criticism tagged along with Kyla ever since her debut but it recently resurfaced following PRISTIN’s comeback with ‘SCHXXL OUT’. Netizens pointed out that Kyla is still noticeably heavier than other members and claimed, “she’s ruining the visual balance of the group.”

Comments demanding Kyla to go on a diet, stated, “As a celebrity, you market your visuals and if you can’t take care of your body then you don’t have the right to be one”, “As an idol, being heavy is understandable to only a certain degree but she’s fat even for a non-celeb”, “It’s true that she doesn’t look good”, “I’m not asking you to be stick skinny. Just lose weight to the point where you’ll look better.”

On the other hand, some believe it’s time to break the stereotype and ideal figure sizes. These netizens claim there’s nothing wrong with Kyla’s figure as an idol’s main job is to sing and dance. Therefore, they shouldn’t be judged too much based on their physical appearance. Besides, she’s beautiful exactly the way she is.

Comments stated, “Our country focuses too much on looks.. So what if an idol is a bit chubby? It’s ok as long as they have talent”, “I mean, how skinny do you want them to be?”

To K-Pop stars, especially to female idols, size is extremely important and going on a diet for the skinny look is the norm. 

What are your thoughts on the ”ideal size”?