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“Sly and Single Again” Episode 14

The number one form of communication in "Sly and Single Again" is eavesdropping. Most of the important plot points shared between characters this episode were accidentally overheard and observed. It has happened quite a bit before as well, but this episode had an abundance of eavesdroppers.

Jung-woo is the primary eavesdropper, which makes sense because he tends to stalk Ae-ra in a fashion that could become creepy. He overheard that she miscarried during their marriage and that jerks him into an entirely new understanding of Ae-ra, her anger, her pain and their divorce. While I appreciate the fact that Jung-woo grows because of what he's overheard, it would've been better had he heard it directly from Ae-ra. Part of their marriage issues were the secrets and unilateral decisions. If they can overcome that, perhaps they can be together again

SHINee Jonghyun’s Fan Gifts Used By MBC Production Team Instead Of The Idol

Jonghyun"s Polish fan must be disappointed by news that her gift was used by production staff.

It is common place for international K-Pop fans to send gifts overseas to their favorite idols in Korea.Quite often, gifts which hold high monetary value or emotional sentiment are mailed to general addresses within agencies, concert venues, and television studios.Recently, fans were discouraged and saddened by a television script writer for MBC who bragged about enjoying snack gifts that were intended for SHINee"s Jonghyun.The snacks were sent to Jonghyun,care of MBC, with the staff at the studio using the gifts instead of sending them along to the idol. While this may be a common practice,the script writer thoughtlessly bragged about eating the snacks with total disregard to the Polish fan who had sent the present.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this situation was that the script writer took photos of the consumed gifts and included statements such as, “the unfortunate Poland fan girl probably feels worse than having ridden the wrong bus

Celebrity Spotlight Interview: Actress/Host Christine Lee Talks About Her Life, Career And Affinity For YG Artists

Entertainer Christine Lee talks to KpopStarz about her career, her life, and some of her favorite stars.

Is it safe to call you an actress/host/blogger? And if so, what do you enjoy about being all three?

Haha yeah, it"s lookin" like I"m up to all three. I feel that I"m changing and learning something every single day; all three are things that look to life experiences and adventures for fuel and inspiration. I feel I"m a better actor when I recognize the truths and stakes of daily life, I"m a better host when I learn more what it means to listen well and that blogging is all about giving a voice to things both discovered and undiscovered in and around me.

You beat out tons of people to be a host for Playstation

Party with Eric Nam, AKMU, IU and More

preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview Thankfully, it′s still spring over here in Korea, which means we can walk around with our earphones in, enjoying the nice weather - and we′ve got the perfect playlist for this weekend! Click through for a listen.

1. Eric Nam - Ooh Ooh

Eric Nam ditched the ballad route and went for it with Ooh Ooh and we basically can′t get that ′Oh pretty baby′ out of our heads.

It′s a good replacement for the catcalls you might get while walking around in the sunshine.

2. Akdong Musicians - 200%

During a recent interview, a certain Dal Shabet member said she had JungKey’s Aloneon repeat-so we had to check it out and now we’ve got it on repeat

Girl’s Day To Step Up Their Sexy-Game This Summer

Girl"s Day will make a comeback this summer!

First, the girls will depart to Los Angeles, California on April 10. Even though the primary reason for their travel is to perform for the LA K-POP FESTIVAL on April 12, they will also take advantage of the environment and conduct their jacket photo-shoot for their upcoming album. The album is to be released on June.

An official from their agency recently stated, "Girl"s Day will comeback this June with a refreshing summer track. Because we want to do the album jacket photo-shoot in the U.S, we are planning the overall concept and schedule for that as well."

This year, the girls had amassed tremendous attention via their mega-hit single "Something". Through the release of their new, summer dance track, Girl"s Day plans to pave their way to becoming one of the most renowned K-Pop girl groups in the entertainment industry

A Pink: “We can do sexy concept for our fans.”

The ladies of A Pink might not take the leap into a sexy concept for a while or possibly ever in order to accommodate their conservative fans.

During a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, A Pink were asked, “Can A Pink do a sexy concept?

Chorong shared that being sexy is not their primary focus, “Even if we become the age to take on a different image later on, rather than a sexy concept, we want to show a change in performance. Among the members, there are those who like hip hop and those who like R&B.”

Na Eun also described how conservative their fans are, “Our jacket photos were released first this time and fans misunderstood it to be a sexy concept so they were worried. Our fans are conservative. Even if the length of our skirts shorten a little bit, they worry a lot

Crush Reminisces Over Past Love in ‘Sometimes’ MV

Making a return, Crush unveiled his new single Sometimes.

The single was released on April 2 along with his music video, in which he thinks back on a past lover. Sometimes was produced by Crush and Primary, while the lyrics were penned by Crush.

Diving into a competitive season with Park Hyo Shin, Lim Chang Jung, and other senior artists in the charts, Amoeba Culture stated that Crush will reveal his never-before-scene emotions through Sometimes.

Photo Credit: Amoeba Culture.

Lee Seung Gi Leads The Most Anticipated K-Drama Comebacks For April 2014

Lee Seung Gi is ready for his return to K-drama.

Script readings for the SBS police drama You"re All Surrounded, starring Lee Seung Gi ,have started.You"re All Surrounded will mark the Korean drama return for Lee Seung Gi following his 2013 leading role in Gu Family Book.While Lee Seung Gi debuted in the entertainment industry as a singer in 2004,he has gained notoriety for his well honed acting skills in dramas such as Shining Inheritance and The King 2 Hearts.Beyond his career, Lee Seung Gi most recently gained attention when his relationship with Girls" Generation member YoonA went public.

The cast of "You"re All Surrounded" during the script reading.

You"re All Surrounded takes place in a Gangnam police station, with the detective Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi) as the primary focus

Spring, Love, Crushes with 2NE1, Primary and More

preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview It′s Sunday over here in Korea, so we hope you′re all chillin′ out maxing relaxing all cool - but just in case you′re puttering around, feeling a little bored, we′re rolling out a Weekend Playlist, with some of our editor′s picks!

Click through for a listen!

K-POP STAR 3′s Kwon Jin Ah - See Through (Primary ft. Zion T and Gaeko)

Primary, Zion T and Gaeko of Dynamic Duo rank high on our list of favorites, but they don′t get as much recognition from K-Pop fans overseas - which was why when Kwon Jin Ah of K-Pop Star 3 covered the hit SeeThrough during the competition, we completely fell in love.
The acoustic take on the sassy song is sweet and endearing, and we could totally hear this being played on the streets of Hongdae

“Sly and Single Again” Episode 7

When this show focuses on the main couple and their sidekicks, it is much stronger than when it focuses on Ae-ra's family, Yeo-jin or on too much workplace drama. This episode minimized the focus on Ae-ra's family and made the workplace antics effective and not nearly as annoying as they have been.

Although some of the reasons the show finds to create tensions in Ae-ra's office are contrived, the results are realistic. Ae-ra ends up being treated as an outcast and the victim of bullying. Situations like that are far too prevalent in the workplace and I like that it is being addressed. Victims are unable to speak out because of lack of confidence and seniority and proof.

Yeo-jin's story is still cold. The show is trying to garner sympathy for her by making jerks treat her like crap because of her leg