Presidential Candidates Cover TWICEs Cheer Up For Their 2017 Campaign Song

Presidential Candidates Cover TWICEs Cheer Up For Their 2017 Campaign Song

Koreas opposing presidential candidates, Moon Jae In and Yoo Seung Min, both chose TWICEs Cheer Up to be their representative song for the upcoming election.

Following former President Park Geun Hyes impeachment last month, Koreas Democratic presidential nominee Moon Jae In, and Bareun Party presidential nominee Yoo Seung Min, chose TWICEs Cheer Up to be the campaign song of both parties.

The song was chosen by the two political opponents because it portrays a friendly image and is popular with all age groups, and thus was believed to be a great way to encourage voters to vote for them.

The lyrics of the song were changed to promote each partys ideology and campaign promises.

Check out the campaign videos below:

The Democratic Party video reminds citizens to be sure to vote, and says that if people dont vote then theyre shy shy shy. Moon Jae In also promises to change the world and assures voters that he is the best candidate for the job.

The Bareun Party video also follows the melody of the original song and incorporates positive, hopeful lyrics that hope to encourage citizens to vote for them. Yoo Seung Min declares:

CHEER UP citizens of Korea. I will think of the citizens. I will defeat the competition. I am candidate number 4. Let’s go together for a brighter future. Think of the citizens.

The upcoming South Korean election will be held on May 9, 2017, and comes as a result of former president Park Geun Hyes impeachment.