Netizens Happy Popular K-Drama “Descendants Of The Sun” WON’T Have A Sequel

Netizens Happy Popular K-Drama “Descendants Of The Sun” WON’T Have A Sequel

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKBS2 drama Descendants of the Sun became some of themost neatly liked dramas of all time this year, enthrallingfanaticsin eachunmarried place Korea and around the sector as well. 

And whilst fans in realityenjoyed the drama, apparently that the series is almost certainly not getting a sequel. In line with co-writer Kim Won Suk, there aren't any plans of a sequel for the drama. And regardless ofthe recognition of Descendants of the Sun and its characters, many fans agreed with the author in that the drama shouldnt have a sequel, noting that the finishing did the characters justice and that a sequel may just potentially ruin that.

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Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

4929 / -69 He says Yoo Si-Jin, are livingfortunately ever after.. hahah I truly like that. I know here's random yet thank you to the entirearmy personals protective our country!

4055 / -210 I agree. Yoo Si-Jin can't be shot at and live like that anymore. He's promoted now so I'm hoping he works not easytill he reaches four stars on his head. He is talented ^^ We want toconsider a satisfiedexistence for him

3407 / -67 Yah.. Seasons suck We could let Yoo Si-Jin go..

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Netizens Seriously DISAPPOINTED With Finishing Of Popular K-Drama “Reply 1988” Claims It’s the Worst EVER

Netizens Seriously DISAPPOINTED With Finishing Of Popular K-Drama “Reply 1988” Claims It’s the Worst EVER

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In spite of having stellar ratings and a wide fan base, netizens are arguing that Reply 1988 might have had one of the crucial worst endings ever for a drama.

While some audience are mourning the finish of the tvN drama, others are comparing it to its predecessors Reply 1994  and Reply 1997, with many claiming that the newest installment of the series isnt maintaining up. Although Reply 1988 drew in numerous viewers each and every week, so much of lovers were disappointed with the seriess conclusion. Whilst just about were disappointed via the pairings, others voiced their confusion at how the display wrapped up.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

15973, 1232 All be reason the creatorwas oncelooking to bait the viewers too difficult

14491, 1244 I agree that it changed into the worst even despite the reality that it had the most productive viewer ratings. The tale flowed so bizarre

11239, 880 Even a song thats a couple ofmins has startingheart and climax yet this drama started out well but the tale went on the type of tangent that it felt like a song stopped gambling mid chorus.

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Viewers Call for  2nd Season of Highly Popular Internet Drama Splash Splash Love

Viewers Call for 2nd Season of Highly Popular Internet Drama Splash Splash Love

Viewers Call for2nd Season of Highly Popular Internet Drama “Splash Splash Love”notclaira January 3, 2016 0 LINE it!Viewers Demand Second Season of Highly Popular Web Drama “Splash Splash Love” The internet drama that aired this beyond December, “Splash Splash Love,” had an very fashionable run, and the popularity shows no symptoms of demise down.

The drama is seta lady (Kim Seul Gi) who travels back in time to the Joseon dynasty and meets a king who wishes her assist (BEAST’s Doojoon). In spite ofsimplest being two episodes long, the drama has won six million views.

When the preview for the drama was once released on December 3, it reached 6.2 million hits in 3 days, a fantasticchecklist for a webdrama. It took the web drama “Secret Message” three months to get 2 million hits on its teaser, even starring top stars equivalent to T.O.P and Ueno Juri.

Every time an episode aired, “Splash Splash Love” would upward thrust to the pinnacle of the real-time seek lists, or even held the tip spot for three weeks on an internet drama channel. Many viewers are imitating Doojoon’s personality and issuing a “royal decree” for a second season.

“Splash Splash Love” is MBC’s first web drama. Audience were attracted tothe online drama’s short format, in addition Kim Seul Gi’s relatability as a topfaculty student who struggles with math and worries that this might increasinglygrasp her back for the remainder of her life.

Watch the primary episode here:

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Lovelyz' Kei to sing solo OST for popular drama 'Oh My Venus'

Lovelyz' Kei to sing solo OST for popular drama 'Oh My Venus'

Lovelyz' member Kei could beliberating a solo OST soon. Kei will free up the 6th OST "Love Is Like That" (literal title) for the preferred drama 'Oh My Venus'!

Her firm announced the inside of track and added, "Kei's solo OST song 'Love Is Like That' presentations off the vocalist Kei's delicateness and displays off the realvalue of her mature voice. It is acandy still heartrending song about love."

SEE ALSO: Lovelyz open their own professional Instagram

We're so excited to listen Kei's voice featured in So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah's drama. The OST release date has no longer been announced yet, so remain tuned.


'Cheese In The Trap' Makes Popular Drama List Earlier than  It's far Released

'Cheese In The Trap' Makes Popular Drama List Earlier than It's far Released

Park Hae Jin(Photo : Cheese In The Trap)

Can a drama be successfulearlier thanit's miles even released? That is whatcame about to the approaching drama "Cheese In The Trap."

Park Hae Jin, who will megastar in the drama, is so popular in China that "Cheese In The Trap" used to be named on an inventory of the year's hottest Korean and Eastern dramas before it become even released.

According to the Korean media outlet The Star, "Cheese In The Trap" was the best real unreleased drama at the list.

"On December 12, 'Cheese In The Trap' got here in 10thposition which expressed the anticipation of the Chinese public," a tvN representative told The Star.

The recordwon 80,000 comments, which is ten times more than "You Who Came From The Stars," a drama Park also gave the impression in.

Not only is the actor popular in China as a result of his roles in the k-dramas corresponding to "You Who Came From The Stars," "Doctor Stranger," "Bad Guys" and "My Daughter SEO Young," yet he also seemed in a couple of Chinese dramas.

His 2011 Chinese drama "Qian Duo Duo's Marriage Story" had 270 million perspectives in a week and 1.5 billion in two weeks. That record helped to earn the actor the LeTV Biggest Asian Star Award.

Park Hae Jin's other Chinese dramas come with "Far Away Love," "Another More or less Splendid Life" and "I Love Leo."

In "Cheese In The Trap" Park Hae Jin plays a reputedlyabsolute bestguy named Yoo Jung. But that perfect character is a facade. His cynical classmate is certain that he's hiding anything and tries to figure out what his secret is. Her life has taken some unforeseen turns since she began spending time with Yoo Jung. Is he making things take place in her life or is she just not able to accept as true with her excellent fortune. It is a mystery she will have to solve.

The drama is in accordance with the Naver webtoon "Cheese In The Trap," which is very talked-about in Korea, China, Thailand and Indonesia. Loverswere speculating on who could be in the solidbecause the drama adaptation was announced and Park Hae Jin was a leader among netizens.

According to the drama's production company, 8 Works, it isa super choice.

The drama also stars Kim Move Eun, Seo Kang Joon, Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung. The primary episode is decided to air on January 4, 2016.


HanCinema's Drama Review 'Who Are You - 2013'

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Who Are You - 2013'

Geon-woo and Detective Choi

The things that make "Who Are You - 2013" appealing are all associated with its other method in comparison to maximum dramas in the romance genre. For one, the series feels more like a mystery/suspense one. Yes, romance does have its position in it, principally for what it does for Si-on as an individual in the procedure of her healing, yet it's miles never the sole or greatest focus. whilst the 2 male leads are given a huge number of screen time and focus, this may be in the long run a sequence about Si-on and hence her story, which in itself is uncommon in Korean drama. The loss of standard tropes corresponding to a difference at school between the romantic pairing, lack of circle of relatives involvement and other such components also make this feel fairly trendy and surely no longer at the soapy side. While predictable in some parts, the series also delivers a couple of great twists by way of Si-on"s beyond and the development which caused it all, which stay one guessing all over all the time.

While the acting isn't similarly just right by all involved, Taecyeon in specific suffering to be watchable, the characters make for some interesting relationships. The most important pair are, above all else, partners and pals and it's stunning that the series does now not let the enchantment between them by some means exchange that. There is respect, there is being concerned and co-operation. The romance itself also is not presented in an overly fairytale-like manner, either characters acknowledging they are at the early stages of liking every other when it does kick in. The secondary characters are, with multiple exceptions, sensible in serving the plot and therefore feel like they belong. And here is the overall feeling the series gives. It had a tale to inform and did it, it felt coherent.

Si-on and Geon-woo opposed to gangsters

Of course, sure performances aside, as mentioned, the series does have its issues too. While the case-per-episode layout starts things off, it is instantly deserted in prefer of the central plot. While one of the previous instances do come again later on, in some ways, they most commonly feel like an creation and the format switch feels a bit of badly planned. it's also quite irritating that, regardless of Si-on being a robust individual that makes sense and capable despite her pain, she is victimized just about in each episode, to serve the plot and to have Geon-woo save her time and time again. it's the vintage damsel in misery trope and it sounds like a reasonable effort to sauce up the romance and carry Geon-woo, but an needless one, since characterization does it without the desire for turning Si-on into a punching bag for thrills.

"Who Are You - 2013" is a fascinating series, because its balance between its suspense-based primary plot and romance make for a paintings which is not as romance-heavy as what is generally beloved by drama fans, but also not a captivating ample mystery for the ones best invested in that. However, for audience who do like that balance and having a primary plot where either one of those points can co-exist and be equally important, "Who Are You - 2013" is a work value checking out. It is not anything brilliant, but it does many stuff neatly and is a nice change from the more formula-based dramas we mostly get from the medium.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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Popular SBS drama 'Yong Pal' responds to accusations of plagiarism

Popular SBS drama 'Yong Pal' responds to accusations of plagiarism

Popular SBS drama

SBS" drama "Yong Pal", which has been receiving numerous passion from viewers, is facing suspicions of plagiarism. The accusations have now no longer been brought up via a creator or some other drama this time, yet rather, netizens who ask if the drama most likely borrowed too many concepts from a comedian called "City Conquest".

Netizens pointed out that the male lead persona in either the drama and the comedian discuss with gangs to give them scientific treatment, and that the feminine lead is a wealthy heiress who is in a state of sleep. 

Production corporate HB Entertainment immediately denied the accusations. ""Yong Pal" is Jang Hyuk Rin"s customary work, and the accusations that say the paintings relies totally off a webtoon is a long way from the truth."

They also fired back at the ones accusing the drama of plagiarizing via pronouncing that they're just out to hurt the image of the drama.

HB Entertainment also pointed out that the ones accusing the drama are handiest taking a look at small quantities that appear equivalent whilst ignoring the entire image of the production. They also brought up the truth that "City Conquest" revolves around characters who have special powers, which is basically the idea of the story, whilst "Yong Pal" characters do now no longer posses this type of powers. 

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Why Is K-drama Yong Pal So Popular In Korea

Why Is K-drama Yong Pal So Popular In Korea

yong pal

As the national viewing rate of the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Yong Pal" in Korea reached over 20%, people are wondering what makes this drama so popular in Korea.

The new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Yong Pal" is receiving a lot of attention among the Korean TV drama fans. The first few episodes of the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Yong Pal" received over 20% national viewing rate in Korea, which is an impressive rating, especially when it is taken into consideration that it is a recently premiered drama.

People are speculating the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Yong Pal" received its popularity because of a somewhat new love story between a talented yet corrupted doctor and a rich woman from a conglomerate family. SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Yong Pal" is the most watched Wednesday Thursday series in the nation. On the drama, actor Joo Won plays surgeon Kim Tae Hyun, who would do anything for money and actress Kim Tae Hee plays Han Yeo Jin, a rich but abandoned heiress. In related news, the popular SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Yong Pal" tells a story of a skilled surgeon who knows nothing but money. Actor Joo Won plays surgeon Kim Tae Hyun, who would do anything for money and actress Kim Tae Hee plays Han Yeo Jin, a rich but abandoned heiress. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS.


Popular Drama Oh My Ghost to Be Exported to 8 Countries

Popular Drama Oh My Ghost to Be Exported to 8 Countries

Popular Drama “Oh My Ghost” to Be Exported to 8 Countries Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk’s candy ghost ownership-filled romance drama, tvN’s “Oh My Ghost,” is experiencing fantastic status locally and across the world.

even if the drama has yet to finish its run on tv, televising rights for the drama have already been sold to 8 countries. Ratings for the display continue to upward push whilst VOD (video on call for) numbers continue to be explosive.

among the 8 countries that experience purchased televising rights are the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and more. Televising rights are generally decided after the finish of a drama or display, yet very fashionable presentations are ready to sell televising rights previous.

After airing the primary episode on July 3, the ratings for the display have hit over four %. most of these ratings for a cready net paintings display are regarded as very top. Also, the drama is still first position regarding VOD downloads ever since the primary episode. The drama has recorded over 15 million perspectives on portal sites inside of a month. Likewise, the quest be aware rating for the drama remains very top.

producers of the display commented, “We are experiencing fantastic hobby this is reflected in no longer simplest the ratings, yet also offline reactions. because of this toughen, the actors and team of paintingsers contributors are ready to steer clear of getting weary and feature strength throughout filming in spite of the sweltering warmth. we will paintings difficult to convey a excellent drama till the very finish. We are very thankful and ask for a large number of love till the general episode.”

Have you looked at the preferred drama? What are your mind on it?

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"SNL Korea" parodies popular drama "Heirs" in broken Japanese and Chinese

On this week"s episode of "SNL Korea," the cast members does a hilarious parody of popular drama "Heirs" in broke Japanese and Chinese, drawing the viewers in by capturing the core characteristics of both Japanese dramas and Chinese dramas.

In the video, you can watch the "SNL" cast parody popular lines and scenes, in broken Japanese and Chinese, but manages to add in humor and satire by adding in punch lines that would emphasize the situation.

Check out "SNL Korea"s version of "Heir"s above!

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