Pop Quiz: How well do you know VIXX?

Pop Quiz: How well do you know VIXX?

This past May 24, VIXX celebrated their 5th anniversary since debut! Of course, fans of VIXX, also known as Starlight, have been treated to numerous goods from the boys in honor of the celebration, including their 4th mini album ‘Shangri-La’, but how about a little quiz to continue the festivities? 

Don’t be afraid to test yourself to see if you’re a diehard Starlight, a listener of some of VIXX’s best hits, or just a passerby, below. 

Happy 5th anniversary, VIXX!

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Name a concept VIXX has NOT done.

What does VIXX stand for?

Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis

Volume inside Extraordinary Sound

Which of the following is NOT a nickname of one of the members?

Name a robot character Rovix does NOT pay homage to.

N appeared in all of the dramas below except…

Ken calls close friend EXID’s Hani by this nickname.

Hongbin’s favorite fruit is?

What prop did VIXX use to make Leo laugh on ‘Plan V Diary’?

Which of the following celebrity friend pairings is false?

Pop Quiz: How well do you know VIXX?

You… light up the night sky with your brilliant light because you’re a diehard Starlight!

You are an incredibly dedicated fan, friend, and supportive figure for VIXX! You have a wonderfully healthy, mutual relationship as a fan and artist with VIXX, because you support them in all that they do, just like they support you in your life through their music and existence. You must be so proud of VIXX for reaching their 5th anniversary, and proud of yourself for being with them through thick and thin!

You’re… a fairly loyal Starlight!

You sure know your VIXX facts! Maybe you didn’t exactly get into VIXX right off the bat with their debut, but you’ve been loyal to them ever since you fell for them. You know the members, you know their music, you definitely deserve the title of a Starlight.

You’re… almost a Starlight!

You like listening to VIXX, but they’re not your ultimate uber bias group. Or maybe you’re busy with your personal life (unlike all those other crazy fans who stalk their K-Pop idols to the ends of the earth), and you don’t have as much free time as you’d like to dedicate to VIXX. What’s important is that you enjoy VIXX’s music!

Your… love belongs elsewhere

You listen to some VIXX songs, but your real heart goes out to another… you’re an overarching K-Pop fan so you know VIXX, but you don’t exactly know them like you know more veteran groups, or you got into VIXX because of their super cool concepts, but you listen to a lot of other groups too so you’d rather not label yourself a Starlight.

You’re a Muggle… (What K-netz call non K-Pop fans)

Korean netizens commonly refer to non K-Pop fans, or those who do not belong in specific fandoms, muggles. (Muggles have garden gnomes too, you know!) You don’t seem to know too much about VIXX… maybe you know one or two of their hits like “Error” or “Voodoo Doll”. Did you learn more about the boys through this quiz?

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