Pop Quiz: How well do you know Seventeen?

Pop Quiz: How well do you know Seventeen?

Say the name, Seventeen! The boys of Seventeen celebrated their 2nd anniversary this past May 26! 

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Having debuted with their fun, energetic song “Adore U” in 2015, Seventeen quickly rose to fame by garnering fans in their teens, even earning a place in ‘EBS’, which stands for EXO-BTS-Seventeen and is a term used to describe the 3 most popular male idol groups among teens currently. 

Since we also recently celebrated VIXX and SHINee’s anniversaries, which were May 24 and May 25 respectively, here’s a celebratory quiz for Seventeen, so you can find out just how much you know about these 13 boys! 

Happy 2nd anniversary, Seventeen!

Who is NOT a former Seventeen candidate?

On ‘One Fine Day – 13 Castaway Boys’, Mingyu cooked all of the following except…

Which is NOT a nickname of one of the members?

Which member was a child actor?

Which member did NOT appear in Hello Venus’s ‘Venus’ MV?

Which member took a break during ‘Very Nice’ promotions?

On ‘One Fine Day in Japan’, Junghan lost this important item.

Which member collaborated with NU’EST’s Minhyun for an acoustic live version of ‘Overcome’?

If Hoshi were to debut solo, the hook of his title track will be…

Bul-ta-oh-reu-nae Hurricane

Which member did NOT graduate from Seoul Performing Arts High School?

Pop Quiz: How well do you know Seventeen?

You’re… an indestructible, shining 17 Carat diamond!

You have been the most loyal of the loyalist fans of Seventeen for the past 2 years! Your love for Seventeen is stronger and tougher than any impenetrable diamond, because you’re a true Carat. Way to go!

You know Seventeen pretty well! Not every single detail down to the last grain, but you definitely have the knowledge to proudly claim that you’re a Carat, where ever you go!

You are so close to becoming a shining, 17 Carat! You listen to Seventeen a lot, but maybe don’t have the time to tune in to all of their variety shows. Or you have other groups you love, so you can’t dedicate all your time to Seventeen alone. Still, you’re just a few steps away from calling yourself a Carat.

Your… love goes out to someone else

You enjoy listening to some of Seventeen’s music, but your K-Pop roots belong elsewhere… maybe you’re a fan of Pledis Entertainment artists like After School and NU’EST and got into Seventeen because of them.

You’re a Muggle… (What K-netz call non K-Pop fans)

Okay maybe not a complete muggle… you listen to K-Pop, sure, but it’s not your main hobby. You’ve heard of some of Seventeen’s hits like “Manse” and “Pretty U”, and you’re starting to wonder, who are these Seventeen boys? If that’s the case, then welcome to the world of Seventeen!

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