Pop Quiz: How well do you know A Pink?

Pop Quiz: How well do you know A Pink?

On April 19, 2011, the lovely ladies of A Pink made their entry into the world with their debut title track, “I Don’t Know”! It’s true that they celebrated their 6th anniversary with their loving fans, Pink Panda, in a variety of ways from a special fan song, a domestic fan meeting, a ‘V live’ broadcast, and more, but how about a little quiz to see just how big a fan of A Pink you are? 

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Don’t be afraid to test yourself to see if you’re a 6-year-old Pink Panda, a listener of some of A Pink’s best hits, or just a passerby, below. 

And of course, Happy 6th anniversary, A Pink!

Which A Pink member appeared in BTOB’s ‘Insane’ MV?

Name a brand A Pink were NOT an endorsement model for.

Eunji’s father works in which country?

Name a celebrity an A Pink member has NOT been married to!

This must be a trick question…

Which A Pink member did NOT attend School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA)?

In A Pink’s ‘My My’ MV, former member Yookyung is wearing what jersey #?

What song/dance did Namjoo teach the Marmot PD on ‘My Little Television’?

Super Junior’s ‘Sorry, Sorry’

Brown Eyed Girls’s ‘Abracadabra’

Which of the following is NOT one of the rescued puppies A Pink and INFINITE took care of on ‘Birth of a Family’?

Which is NOT one of Bomi’s specialties?

Which member kept claiming she was ‘fat’ but ultimately did not participate in the ‘S-line Project’ on ‘A Pink News’ season 3?

Pop Quiz: How well do you know A Pink?

You… must be a rare species of Panda!

You must be a rare species of panda found among K-Pop fans, known as the Pink Panda! You are truly an expert when it comes to A Pink, the love of your life. Regular pandas may love bamboo, but you’d rather spend your time fangirling over the 6 ladies of A Pink any day. Must be nice to be a rare species like you!

You’re… an adorable, furry, black and white Panda 🙂

You’re a black and white, not quite pink, Panda. This means you’re a solid fan of A Pink, but your heart is big and full of room for so many other great K-Pop artists out there, that you can’t just dedicate your life to one group alone! Still, A Pink have a special place even in that big heart of yours, and you love the girls, their music, their silliness, and everything in between.

You’re… almost a Pink Panda!

You’re almost there! You’re so, so close to becoming a soft, furry, cuddly Pink Panda! All you need is another fantastic comeback from A Pink, but even now, you love blasting A Pink songs whenever you feel like listening to feel good music. That’s always the good part about K-Pop, right?

You’re… Cube-biased, but not so much A Pink-biased

You’re a Cube fan! That means you not only love A Pink, but also 4minute, Highlight (B2ST), BTOB, CLC, Pentagon… the list goes on and on! You’re just not the type to obsess over one thing and one thing alone; you like to have a lot of options, especially when it comes to music genres. Not too strong in the quizzes area, eh?

You’re a Muggle… (What K-netz call non K-Pop fans)

Korean netizens commonly refer to non K-Pop fans, or those who do not belong in specific fandoms, muggles. (Muggles have garden gnomes too, you know!) Maybe you’ve heard a few of A Pink’s hit songs like “Mr. Chu” and “Luv”, but you really don’t know too much about K-Pop, do you?

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