Police Called To Respond To Huge Crowd Of Wanna One Fans At Weekly Idol Filming Location

Police Called To Respond To Huge Crowd Of Wanna One Fans At Weekly Idol Filming Location

On July 26, Wanna One fans flooded a building and its surrounding street in Gangnams Cheongdam neighborhood to try to catch a glimpse of Wanna One while they filmed for Weekly Idol at that location.

Police were called to deal with the severe crowding that soon resulted.

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The crowding extended beyond the hallways and elevator of the building as hoards of fans packed onto the sidewalk. The police received multiple complaints from residents and arrived at the scene to impose sanctions upon the masses of fans.

The manager of the building expressed concern about the situation, stating, People have been gathering since this morning. Now I know that this is because Wanna One is filming Weekly Idol. However, this building is private property and people may not crowd the area as they please. This will become an issue in which we need to be concerned about safety.

Fans also packed into a cafe next door to the filming location. The cafe manager stated, People started coming in earlier than 7 a.m. KST. Only about half of the people were actually ordering drinks, but there was really nothing I could do to put a stop to the situation. I am concerned that this will be harmful towards the customers who are actually coming in to buy coffee.

In response to the situation, Wanna Ones agency YMC Entertainment stated to fans, We asked that the fans break up the crowding, but currently, no one is moving. We are scheduled to film Weekly Idol this afternoon. While we are concerned about the public complaints from the residents, we are also concerned about the safety of fans who are standing outside in what appears to be a heat wave. Please break up the crowding as soon as possible.

YMC Entertainment posted another message to fans on Wanna Ones Twitter account. They stated, Due to the amount of fans who have come to the filming location of Weekly Idol, the entire neighborhood is completely blocked. Residents are concerned that there will be serious damage. Please recognize that the behavior of Wannables has on effect on the artists and can also become dangerous to their safety. We are requesting again that the fans who are currently at the filming location of Weekly Idol return to their homes quickly and cooperate in creating a healthy and happy fandom culture.

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Wanna One (@WannaOne_twt) July 26, 2017

Weekly Idol addressed the situation on their own Twitter account, entreating fans to be considerate of their actions. They posted to say, The fans that have come to the filming location are causing a flood of public complaints because of their crowding of the buildings hallways and elevators, and the surrounding street area.

They added to their appeal, The filming location for Weekly Idol is private property. If it is taken over, it is reported to the police (A report has already been made). We are requesting that the fans behave in a way that maintains public order. Please refrain from trespassing in the studio building. We are also concerned for the safety of the fans who are crowding the road and the parking lot. Please use caution.

주간아이돌 (@bestIdolone) July 26, 2017