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Akdong Musician’s contract with YG Entertainment: “No plastic surgery!”

The talented Akdong Musician appeared on the April 9 edition of SBS“s “One Night of TV Entertainment” and revealed that they had a specific clause relating to plastic surgery in their contract with YG Entertainment.

Lee Chan Hyuk brought up the plastic surgery clause, saying, “When we made the contract, we told them, ‘We will not get plastic surgery.’” The MC asked to make sure, “There’s a plastic surgery clause?

The two singers explained that it was not originally in the contract, but they asked them especially to add it in there. Lee Chan Hyuk added, “They were like, ‘Ai~ we don’t [make you do plastic surgery],’” making a hand gesture as if waving away all doubts in the air.

Then, he continued, “However, after finishing promotions for our first album, I want to get my teeth fixed

Korean actresses who admit to having plastic surgery

There”s endless speculation about which kdrama actresses had plastic surgery and which actresses are natural beauties. Many do not want to discuss the subject. But as the incidence of plastic surgery becomes more common, especially in Korea, some actresses are being more candid about what they did to achieve their flawless good looks.

One of those was actress Lee Si Young, who starred as Oh Min Ji, Geum Jan Di”s classmate in “Boys Over Flowers” and was also seen in “Playful Kiss” and “Wild Romance.” When she was recently interviewed for MBC”s “Golden Fishery-Radio Star” show, she spoke honestly about the work she had done.

“It has been 10 years since the surgery, so I have become used to this face,” said Lee. “After the surgery at age 23, I never had more work done.”

Her surgery is not really news since she confessed to having it in 2009

K-Drama actors do plastic surgery for a better look

K-drama actors are more open about enhancing their looks than they ever were in the past. On a recent broadcast of “Radio Star,” Nam Goong Min, who currently stars in “Wild Chives and Soybean Soup” and “We Got Married” admitted to having a Botox injection.

And while Botox treatments to smooth out wrinkles are not exactly plastic surgery, it did lead to a discussion of the surgery that singer Hong Jin Young, his “We Got Married” virtual wife had. Nam Goong Min said he had a Botox injection when he had to appear on a television show.

“It wasn”t plastic surgery but it did change my looks a bit,” he said.

She suggested he get them on a regular basis.

Hong Jin Young has openly admitted to having work done, including getting a nose job and having double eyelid surgery

AKMU Reveals a “No Plastic Surgery” Clause with YG Entertainment

Sibling duo Akdong Musician, now officially known as AKMU after debut, explained a clause in the contract with YG Entertainment.

On April 9, SBS’ “Midnight Entertainment” released a recent interview with AKMU.

“One of the clauses in the contract states that we can’t do plastic surgery,” said member Lee Chan Hyuk. “It wasn’t originally in the contract, but we put it in. However, YG just laughed and said, ‘We don’t do stuff like that.’”

Lee Chan Hyuk continued, “But, I do want to get my teeth fixed after we finish promoting our first album. I want to fix my jaw with orthognathic surgery.”

Sister Lee Soo Hyun revealed her complex when she asked, “Then what am I supposed to do with my nose then?”

Akdong Musician Added ‘No Plastic Surgery’ into Contract with YG

Concerning plastic surgery, Akdong Musician said no and made sure YG Entertainment knew.

On April 9’s broadcast of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment, Akdong Musician was interviewed for its recent success with debut album Play.

During the interview, the siblings were asked about plastic surgery, which Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun said they specifically put in a new clause in their contract with YG Entertainment.

“There wasn’t a clause about plastic surgery initially, but we asked that ‘We will not get plastic surgery’ be specially put into the contract.”

When asked about YG Entertainment’s reaction, Lee Chan Hyuk said, “YG laughed at us and said, ‘We don’t do things like that."

But Lee Chan Hyuk added that he would like to fix his teeth after album promotions

Male Duo 2BiC Tries “Plastic Surgery” for Fourth Teaser for “Love Game”

There aren’t many days left before 2BiC releases its second mini album “Soulmate.”

On April 8, the group dropped the fourth video teaser for title track “Love Game.” Just like the other teasers, this one is slightly comedic and a little outside of the norm. But, what is the norm these days as artists try to outdo one another left and right?

This teaser is set in a plastic surgeon’s office and the doctor unwraps the bandage from one of the members to show an “improved” face. Unlike the other teasers, trot singer Hong Jin Young is not present.

“Soulmate” will be available for purchase from April 10.

9 Female Celebs Who Look All Natural

It"s no secret that Korea is one of the top countries in the world where getting plastic surgery is as common as tweezing your eyebrows! There"s nothing wrong with getting surgery done as long as you don"t overdo it, and it doesn"t become an unhealthy obsession! While I cannot 100% tell you if the following female celebrities did not got work done, I can tell you that they look super au natural! Let"s take a look!

2ne1"s Dara

Singer Younha

Actress Gong Hyo Jin

miss A"s Min

f(x)"s Amber

Moon Geun Young

Wonder Girls" Sohee

Jeon Ji Hyun

Lee Hi

Yoon Mi Rae

Who are your picks?

NS Yoon-G Talks About Her Cousin Kang Ji Young

NS Yoon-G brought up her cousin Kara’s Kang Ji Young in an interview.

With Kang Ji Young debuting with Kara’s first mini album in 2008 and NS Yoon-G debuting with her single album in 2009, the two cousins have been a great support to each other.

In a recent interview with Newsen, NS Yoon-G said, “Kang Ji Young is younger but she has always been a big supporter since she debuted earlier than me. She was pretty since she was a child. She didn’t get any plastic surgery and is a natural beauty.”

She said, “Ji Young is really mature. We have similar personalities. She might appear to be fastidious in the beginning but in reality she is very playful. She is very good to her family and those around her.”

With Nicole leaving the team in January, Kara has been promoting as a four-membered team

Singer Lyn’s Pre-Plastic Surgery Photos Resurface Online

Photos of Lyn prior to her plastic surgery is creating a buzz and gaining the interest of many netizens.

On the April 2 broadcast of MBC’s variety show, “Radio Star,” MC Yoon Jong Shin remarked, “We will not reveal pre-plastic surgery images of Lyn in order to protect our guests.”

However, Yoon Jong Shin’s comment aroused the curiosity of many netizens and photos of the singer before her surgery were revealed on various online community sites.

Lyn bravely admitted a long time ago about going under the knife in order to improve her appearance. On the show, she remarked, “There are so many pretty girls these days. It’s difficult unless you try to do something. The nose job I got 10 years ago is starting to dry up, and it’s giving me psychological stress,” evoking laughter on set

Lyn: “It has been 10 years since I did the surgery and my nose is like a pig’s nose.”

Lyn made a guest appearance on the April 2nd broadcast of MBC‘s “Radio Star” where she talked about her plastic surgery..

The singer shared, “There were a frenzy of comments. People asked, “If you did it, why do you look like that?”"

She continued, “They say that you have to redo plastic surgery. I heard you have to do it once every ten years. Like in the case of the nose, they say that the implant gets stuck to the skin and curls up. It has been ten years since I did the surgery and my nose is like a pig”s nose. That”s why when I take pictures these days, I cover up my nose.”

She also revealed, “There were even people who asked me sincerely, “When you shave your jaw, it hurts a lot, right?”"

On the show, Lyn also confirmed to having gotten Botox instead of shaving her jaw