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Kim Ye-won-I and Kim Kwon in “Into The Flames”

Kim Kwon and Kim Ye-won-I met for the first time.

"Into The Flames" revealed pictures of lead stars Park Tae-hyeong (Kim Kwon) and Kumiko (Kim Ye-won-I).

Park Tae-hyeong and Kumiko met right before the Japanese Student Judo Competition. Despite his exceptional ability, Park Tae-hyeong had to be the Judo team's errand boy as they were prejudice against the Joseons. One day, there was a gun battle where he saves Kumiko, who is the only daughter of a wealthy plutocrat company called Sinsekai. Kumiko starts showing interest in Tae-hyeong and he begins to fall for her, too.

Kim Kwon and Kim Ye-won-I shot the gun battle scene. They were able to successfully film this difficult scene as safety became a priority for the two young stars.

Meanwhile, "Into The Flames" is a success story about Park Tae-hyeong who overcomes poverty and despair, in an attempt to construct steelwork for the financial development of Korea

Park Eun-ji draws her own ‘yellow ribbon’

Entertainer Park Eun-ji revealed her own self-drawn 'yellow ribbon', praying for the victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy.

Park Eun-ji Tweeted, "Pray for South Korea" and said, "I pray for a miracle" along with a picture of a yellow ribbon.

She drew it herself. There is a 'yellow ribbon' drawn on a white background. It says, "One move brings about a miracle..."

The Yellow Ribbon Campaign means the safe return of those victims who went down with the sinking ship Sewol on the 16th of April.

Other stars such as Kim So-hyeon, Shim Eun-jin, Byeon Jeong-soo, Bada, 2AM's Jo Kwon, Seulong and others have been sharing this campaign on their SNS.

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Sunmi graces Nylon Magazine

Sunmi models for the May issue of Nylon Magazine.

She poses in all white outfits showcasing her milky skin and feminine charm, check out for more photos below:

Composer Yoon Il Sang dedicates a track he created to the victims of the Sewol tragedy

Composer Yoon Il Sang dedicated a track he composed called "Please" ("Budi" in Korean) to those who passed away in the Sewol tragedy..

Yoon Il Sang tweeted on the 23rd, "I would like to dedicate this small song to the souls of the Sewol victims. I pray that they be happy in heaven", and shared the track for free on Soundcloud and YouTube. He also wrote, "Even while working on this, I kept thinking of the children who had been struggling desperately until the end and had a difficult time composing it. I hope that this music can be a companion to those who are traveling their last path. I am sorry that this is all I can do."

The composer also joined n the "Yellow Ribbon" campaign, which symbolizes the hope of bringing back the missing victims of the sunken ferry safe-and-sound, by adding the picture to the cover

Couple Cha In Pyo-Shin Ae Ra visit the memorial altar of deceased students and offer condolences

To lend their condolences to the families of deceased Danwon High School students who passed away in a tragic sunken Sewol tragedy, the actor couple Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra personally visited the temporary memorial altar in Ansang Olympic Memorial Indoor Gymnasium on April 23.

Photos of them were taken showing grief while looking at the innocent faces in the funeral photos of the students. It is also reported that the couple comfort the parents and Danwon students who are mourning for their loss.

Over 150 people have been reported dead from the Sewol tragedy, most of them are students. In the midst of suffering and loss, the couple share the pain and suffering of the people left behind.

Condolences. May your souls rest in peace.

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, Joins The Yellow Ribbon Campaign “Small Acts For A Big Miracle”

Girls" Generation"s member Sooyoung joined the yellow ribbon campaign. (Photo : xports news)

Girls" Generation"s member Sooyoung joined the yellow ribbon campaign.

Today, Sooyoung posted a picture of a yellow ribbon, joining the campaign. As the sunken ferry incident has entered its 7th day with more than 170 of its passengers still missing, many internet users have been uploading pictures of yellow ribbons in hopes for their safe return. The ribbon reads, "One"s small act for a big miracle."

The "Yellow Ribbon Campaign" started by the parents of the missing students when they saw that new friends on KakaoTalk turn yellow.

Photo Credit: Xports News

Why Musicians Can’t Escape May Comeback

As the first period of the 2014 K-Pop scene has passed, the second lineup was ready to comeback in April and May prior to the Brazil World Cup. However, the Sewol ferry sunk, and all plans were thrown up in the air.

April comebacks were planned for many artists starting off with EXO; INFINITE, BEAST, 2PM, G.NA, T-ARA, Fly to the Sky, Wheesung, Park Hyo Shin, Secret, and VIXX started off their promotions one by one.

EXO held their comeback showcase. INFINITE signaled their comeback through a reality program, while Park Hyo Shin revealed a track from his soon-to-be-released album. BEAST and Block B got ready for their comeback through their own reality show. G.NA and T-ARA"s Jiyeon released teaser images, while Fly to the Sky and Secret"s Jun Hyo Sung took their album cover pictures

Who Wore It Better: Ryu Ji Hye vs. Yura

Who Wore It Better?

Two pictures are currently circulating the internet and grabbing attention as they show racing model Ryu Ji Hye in the same black attire Yura donned for Girl"s Day"s sexy "Something" promotions!

This outfit is a leotard that gives a peek-a-boo look down the center of their torso through a sheer black fabric. Both girls got the look down pat - even with matching fishnet stockings!

SEE ALSO: Girl"s Day to ditch the sexy concept for their comeback in June

While racing model Ryu Ji Hye looks wide-eyed into the camera for a more innocent, startled doe-like appearance matched with bright red lipstick, Yura looks upward into the camera for a more intense gaze with darker red lipstick

Sim Eun-jin draws her own ‘yellow ribbon’

Sim Eun-jin tweeted, "I saw yellow ribbons everywhere and some were fighting over copyrights. So I just drew my own. You can use it whenever you want. It's all about us becoming one".

The picture she posted shows a yellow ribbon with a drawing of a smiley face. It says, "We'll be waiting" underneath.

University group ALT (Active, Autonomous, Alter Life Together) claimed the rumors about copyrights were false. Rumors also say that using it on Kakao requires a fee of 5 million won because they created it, but they don't mind if others use their pictures outside of Kakao.

'The Yellow Ribbon' campaign is about bringing everyone's hopes together for the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

Not only did Sim Eun-jin draw her own yellow ribbon, Kim So-hyeon, Park Hwi-soon and other stars have also been taking part of this cause

Ryoo Si-won, “Those poor kids”

Actor Ryoo Si-won expressed his condolences for the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

He wrote on his Facebook, "There are so many things to do for these children. It breaks my heart and we at Motor Sports mourn for them" and posted a black and white picture of them having a moment of silence at the circuit.

He was also seen wearing a black ribbon on his car and left chest on the 20th at the Super Race Championships.

Ryoo Si-won met with 8,000 or so fans at Osaka in Japan and looked back on the last y10 years of his career. He recently divorced his wife.

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