[Photos] Raw, honest stills for omnibus film “The Picture”

[Photos] Raw, honest stills for omnibus film “The Picture”

These stills for “The Picture” say so much about the array of emotions that these characters experience in each of their stories. Each one has ties to the North that tug on them and pull them from their daily lives – those ties call them to do more.

Directed by Jang Ho-joon, Lee In-eui, Park Jae-yeong

With Seo Jun-young, Han Ga-lim, Hwang Sang-kyung, Park Ji-yeon-II, Ko Eun-min, Jung In-gi,…

Three stories from the North

“Why did you come down if you were going to do this?” Pyeongyang Cold Noodles

Sang-beom’s father had always missed his family in the North. Sang-beom was tired of his father. Then, one day after his father passes away, Sang-beom goes to the cold noodle place that his father used to go to.

“Will they recognize me?” The Relationship Between Us

Sang-kyeong takes videos of long lost families reuniting with each other. While he’s interviewing an old woman looking for her husband, he recalls the girlfriend he recently broke up with.

“Father, Don’t You Know Me?” Lim Dong-mi

Dong-mi escaped from the North when she was young. She’s now grown. She is about to get married when a man claims to have met her father shows up. Dong-mi postpones her wedding and struggles to bring her father over from the North.

Release date in Korea : 2017/10/26