Photos of young couples swapping outfits go viral

Photos of young couples swapping outfits go viral

With numerous flamboyant events on the rise to cherish such memories, various photos of couples swapping outfits have turned up on online community boards.

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A photo featuring couple Lee Ji Soo (24) and boyfriend Lee Ja Woon (26) was posted celebrating an anniversary by swapping outfits. The boyfriend can be seen looking embarrassed dressed in his girlfriend’s clothes consisting of a long one piece whereas the girlfriend wore baggy jeans and an oversized sweater smiling at the camera.

Ms. Lee commented, “Since we’ve dated for a while, all our photos looked similar. We decided to switch our outfits as a joke and it turned out to be quite a hysterical and a fun photo shoot.”

Another couple also attempted the challenge, with Kim Shin Sung (23) and girlfriend Kang Eun Jung (23) swapping each other’s outfits. The reason for the military uniform is because the photo was taken as soon as Kim was discharged from his mandatory duties.

Mr. Kim mentioned, “Having dated for three years, I wanted to leave a photo thanking my girlfriend who waitedfor me to return from the army.”

The photo of Mr. Kim after exchanging clothes with his girlfriend featured him posing without any shoes since her shoes didn’t fit, making viewers laugh.

Netizens who came across the cute and lovely couples replied, “I am so going to try this once I find a lover,” “They all look so happy together.”

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