[Photos] Crossed love lines in posters for “My Man’s Secret”

[Photos] Crossed love lines in posters for “My Man’s Secret”

“My Man’s Secret” is shaping up to be quite the to-do with its newest posters clearly showing the changes in our characters over time and how love changes and love lines get crossed. With the episode count for this daily drama I can imagine we will most certainly get our dose of makjang and drama.

-Yours, Lisa who can smell drama a mile away

Directed by Jin Hyeong-wook

Written by Heo In-moo, Kim Yeon-sin

With Song Chang-eui, Kang Se-jung, Kim Da-hyun, Park Jung-ah, Lee Hwi-hyang, Yoon Joo-sang,… More

100 episodes – Mon~Fri 19:50

This drama is about a man who wears a mask he wishes he could shed, and about a woman who has left his beloved brother in order to find happiness.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2017/09/18