Photographer Rotta speaks up about the controversial ‘Lolita’ themed photo shoots with Sulli

Photographer Rotta speaks up about the controversial ‘Lolita’ themed photo shoots with Sulli

On the August 3 episode of OnStyle’s ‘Hot Cider’, photographer Rotta joined as the guest and talked about his controversial photo shoots for the first time. He first revealed that he is greatly stressed about the ‘Lolita’ issue surrounding his photos and ultimately decided to make a TV appearance to clarify misunderstandings. 

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Rotta then explained the story behind his controversial photo shoot with Sulli. He stated, “Sulli contacted me first. It was a personal production with Sulli without any financial benefits. I didn’t think it’ll lead to a controversy.” He continued, “My contact is revealed on my social media. At first, I thought it was a joke when Sulli contacted me. She told me she wanted to work on a photo shoot with me. We had a concept meeting and she said she likes the teenage girl concept and wanted to try it. She also did the styling herself. We both were so satisfied with the results that I even wanted to publish a photo book.”

However, Rotta shared that he’s been targeted with criticism after the photos went viral. He said, “Many people liked it when it was first revealed but malicious comments increased and fans left after the ‘Lolita’ controversy.” 

He explained how the issue affected his overall career, saying, “At first, people liked the books about teenage girls but that perspective changed maliciously when they found out it was by Rotta..”

Rotta also revealed that he was offered to take the controversial ‘Johnson&Johnson’ friendship photo of Sulli and Hara by the two stars. 

Following the broadcast, netizens are continuing to react with much negativity. Comments stated, “What a liar”, “So what? You got your name from ‘Lolita’ and all of your photos have high school girls or young girls wearing sexy school uniforms or wearing kids clothes. You nasty jerk”, “Seriously, you’re disgusting.”