[Photo] Kai’s upcoming drama “Andante” releases character poster

[Photo] Kai’s upcoming drama “Andante” releases character poster

Our four country bumpkins are raring up for their November 24 release with Kai at the helm of an adorable looking cast. He’s a city slicker who is sent to the countryside where he will learn a thing or two about life. I’m not expecting too much heaviness out of this KBS drama. Rather, I hope to look to it when I need a pick me up.

-Yours, Lisa, a fan of cute and fluffy dramas

Written by Kwon Gi-kyeong, Park Seon-ja-I

With Kai, Baek Chul-min, Lee Ye-hyun, Kim Jin-kyung, Baek Seung-do, Park Ji-yeon-I,…

“Andante” tells the story of high school student, Lee Si-kyeong played by Kai, who moves to the countryside and discovers a whole new world.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2017/09/24