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BIGBANG’s T.O.P Teases With a Photo of GD&top

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BIGBANG’s T.O.P Teases With a Photo of GD& most sensible < robust>BIGBANG’s < robust>T.O.P shared a photo from what seems to be the song video location for the approaching < robust>GD& most sensible song.

On July 2 five, T.O.P uploaded an image of himself with < robust>G-Dragon on his Instagram account.

In the photo,  either singers will also be noticed dressed in fashionable yet formal clothing. T.O.P dons black sun shades whilst sitting. As for G-Dragon, he has on an animal print blazer and holds onto a guitar as he poses.

Mean whilst, GD& most sensible final released an album as a sub-unit in December 2010. Many fanatics are excited to look their comeback in five years. Their upcoming song could be released on August five.

What do you bring to mind their thought?

BIGBANG’s T.O.P"s solo clip for "LOSER"

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BIGBANG revealed the solo clip of T.O.P for "Loser."

On the clip, T.O.P is seen having intimate scene with a woman that didn"t last when T.O.P"s character became mad after the woman peeked through the white cloth which covers T.O.P"s hidden belongings.

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T.O.P Hits Rock Bottom in Final BIGBANG “Loser” Solo Clip

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T.O.P Hits Rock Bottom in Final BIGBANG “Loser” Solo Clip

BIGBANG are celebrating 20 million views on the music video for Loser by releasing extended bonus clips of each of the members. So far weve already seen clips from Daesung and Taeyang, and a joint clip for Seungri and G-Dragon. T.O.Ps clip is the latest and last of the clips, and features the star showing off his acting chops.

The video shows T.O.P covering up all the furniture and pieces of art in his studio while wearing white gloves. T.O.P is known for being an aficionado of interior design and art. We then see shots of him getting intimate with beautiful women, who are scantily clad in white. But when one of them uncovers and touches one of his sculptures, he lifts her hand away delicately with his gloved hand and grows furious.

The video then cuts to T.O.P, covered in blood, breaking down in an alleyway and collapsing on the ground.

Whats your interpretation of this haunting clip?

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BIGBANG Drops Taeyang’s Bonus Solo Clip from “Loser” MV

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BIGBANG Drops Taeyang’s Bonus Solo Clip from “Loser” MV

In celebration of their music video for “Loser” breaking 20 million views, BIGBANG has been releasing bonus clips featuring each of the individual members.

Daesung, whose solo music video clip was the first to be released, impressed fans with his powerful, emotional acting. In the groups latest bonus clip, Taeyang oozes charisma as a rough-and-tumble rebel who isn’t as tough as he lets on, perfectly embodying the hook of the song, “I’m a Loser, outsider/ A coward who acts tough, a scumbag”

Meanwhile, all of the members of BIGBANG will appear on the May 21 broadcast of KBS’ variety talk show “Happy Together for a 100-minute BIGBANG Special.

BigBang"s 4th "Bae Bae" "Chapssalddeok" clip

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BIGBANG dropped the 4th installment of their"Chapssalddeok" series for "Bae Bae."

"Chapssalddeok" series reveals clips that were not included in the original music video of "Bae Bae." The last video will be released on May 10th at 9PM KST.


YG has stunned people when investing 2 Billion Won on the creation of the BIGBANG’s Teaser clip solely

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YG Spent 2 Billion Won on BIGBANGs Teaser Video Alone YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk revealed that 2 billion won (approx. 1.9 million USD) was spent on the teaser for BIGBANG’s 2015 world tour teaser.

On April 26, BIGBANG’s 2015 world tour “MADE-IN SEOUL WITH NAVER” was held, where a clip of BIGBANG that was filmed in the United States was revealed.

In the clip, the five members have their own solo story, then meet at the end as one. Despite the fact that it is a small clip for a concert, it was still made with blockbuster like effects.

After the concert, Yang Hyun Suk told TV Report, “We invested a lot into the world tour clip. It was filmed with keen attention in the U.S. Two billion won was used for the teaser alone. I wanted to make a breath-taking teaser for BIGBANG, since they are making a comeback after three years.”

The filming for the music video of “LOSER,” their newest song that was first revealed at the concert, is already over. Yang Hyun Suk said, “Even the music video took 4-500 million won (approx. 370-466,000 USD) to make. YG does not try to save money on music videos, especially compared to other companies.”

He added, “All the songs on BIGBANG’s new album are special. That’s why we decided to release two songs a month so that none of the songs are overlooked. We are also considering making a music video for all of the songs.”

“LOSER” and “BAE BAE” have already been introduced through this concert. The songs will be released through music sites on May 1.

G-Dragon Says BIGBANGs Comeback Album Made is a Gift to Fans

BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” Is Featured in New “Pitch Perfect 2″ Trailer

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BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” Is Featured in New “Pitch Perfect 2″ Trailer

BIGBANGs massive hit Fantastic Baby will be reaching an even bigger audience now that it has been featured as the main track in the latest trailer of the upcoming Hollywood film Pitch Perfect 2.

The song is already hugely popular, as it has garnered over 140 million views on YouTube, making it one of the top five most viewed K-pop music videos ever. Its also spent over 112 weeks on Billboards World Digital Songs Chart. The track comes off BIGBANGs 2012 mini-album Alive.

The Pitch Perfect films are known for showcasing current pop hits, although it is not yet clear whether or not the song will also be included as part of the soundtrack of the sequel.

Even though much of the songs chorus is in English, the trailer does include several lines of its Korean verses as it plays over clips from the upcoming film.

You can hear it starting at about the 1:47 mark in the trailer below!

BIGBANG Drops Comeback Teaser Movie Poster + “MADE” Tour Trailer

BIGBANG Spotted in LA Filming for New Comeback MV

G-Dragon Gets Some New Ink in Time for BIGBANG’s Comeback

BIGBANG Announces 15-Country World Tour

YG Entertainment Confirms BIGBANG 2015 Comeback With Who Is Next Explosion [PHOTO]

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YG Entertainment Confirms BIGBANG 2015 Comeback With Who Is Next Explosion [PHOTO]

(Photo : Official YG Entertainment Facebook)

VIPs rejoice! The wait for BIGBANG is finally coming to an end as YG Entertainment has confirmed one of the most popular K-pop groups since their debut.

Or, at least the wait is somewhat over.

Despite the proximity to April Fool"s Day, YG Entertainment made good on their promise and revealed that BIGBANG will be the next group. The new poster features the group"s name and several dates, each a month apart. As to what the dates mean, some fans are already lamenting that the dates are for teasers and not releases.

Fans on the official facebook for YG weighed in what the dates might mean:

"Those dates are what Papa YG is going to push their comeback to. He"s letting us know in advance. Lmao! #troll," commented Brenda Chevez.

" month, and the month after, and the month after...and the month new music in September?" asked Phil Mason.

"WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?" exclaimed Courtney Johnson.

As for what it means, there don"t seem to be any clues as to what could be in store except that the five dates is also the same number of members in BIGBANG. There are also some fans speculating the five dates listed in the photo could be a troll and actually symbolize the number of album releases they have schedules.

Or could the dates be world tour dates?

Although all of the questions about BIGBANG"s 2015 comeback will likely not be answered any time soon, at least VIPs can finally celebrate that G-dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri will be returning as one group in the near future.

BIGBANG excites fans with the trailer of "Fanclub Event 2014 ~Fantastic Babys~DVD"

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BIGBANG excites fans with the trailer of

On January 30th, BIGBANG teased their anticipating Japanese fans.

A trailer for their FANCLUB EVENT 2014 ~FANTASTIC BABYS~ DVD was released increasing the interest and excitement of their fans.

The DVD will include live performances of the Japanese versions of "Fantastic Baby," "Haru Haru," "Bad Boy," "Hands Up" and others. It will be released on February 18th in Japan.

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BIGBANG adds excitement of fans with photo stills from their "2015 Welcoming Collection"

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BIGBANG adds excitement of fans with photo stills from their

BIGBANG teased fans with the release of their three photos from their "2015 WELCOMING COLLECTION."

The upcoming release of "2015 WELCOMING COLLECTION" will include a DVD, photo book, calendar, exclusive interviews, and special making films.

Its official release will be on March 25th in South Korea and Japan.

See the other two photos below:

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