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Choi Woo-sik receives Perfect New Actor Award at the 35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards

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Choi Woo-sik receives Perfect New Actor Award at the 35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards

Choi Woo-sik got here into highlight as a emerging megastar on Chungmuro by capacity of grabbing a trophy back for his role in "Set Me Free".

Choi Woo-sik gained Best possible New Actor Award at the 35th Korean arrangement of movie Critics Awards, which happened in Korea Press Center, Seoul in the afternoon on November 16th.

This is Choi Woo-sik"s 2d award this year after he acquired the Actor of the Year Award at the 19th Busan global Film Festival for his role in "Set Me Free".

Choi Woo-sik acknowledged throughout the acceptance speech, "I"m thankful and delighted to get maintain of such large award for my first leading role. I"d love to thank the director who made it conceivable for me to stand correct here. I"ll take a glance at tougher to turn far better performance, best type of acting".

Movie "Set Me Free" talks about the lifestyles of a 17 year old boy, Yeong-jae, who lives in a intellectual hospital, clear of his irresponsible father. Choi Woo-sik played the leading role, Yeong-jae and received excellent experiences for turning in such acting functionality with the robust screen presence.

Meanwhile, Choi Woo-sik also has been solid for the impending movie to be released next year, "Marital Harmony" along side Lee Seung-gi and Sim Eun-kyeong.

Also, any other movie, "Busan Bound" starring Choi Woo-sik has performed filming and is on standby to be released soon. "Busan Bound" is a blockbuster movie depicting desperate struggle with mutant virus spread over all of the nation.

Upcoming Korean film ' wonderful Actor'

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Upcoming Korean film ' wonderful Actor'

Added the impending Korean film "great Actor""s page to HanCinema database"great Actor" (2015)Directed via Seok min-wooWith Oh Dal-soo, Ko Woo-rim,...SynopsisA film which tells the tale ofA deficientActor who most effectiveActs upon the degree. free up date in Korea : 2015

Korean Singer-Actor has reportedly used partner as Scapegoat when he was charged for driving in the drunk condition and not having a license

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Korean Singer-Actor Uses Girlfriend As Scapegoat for Driving Drunk and Without License On July 6, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office revealed that singer-actor Kim Eun Oh was arrested and charged for drunk driving, having no license, and making his girlfriend give false testimony.

According to the prosecutor’s office, earlier this year on March 29, Kim Eun Oh was drinking in Gangnam, when he got behind the wheel while intoxicated. When police pulled up behind him and tried to pull him over, he switched switched seats with his girlfriend and had her lie to the police.

Moreover, Kim Eun Oh refused the breathalyzer test three times, and once at the station, made his girlfriend lie once again.

Meanwhile, Kim Eun Oh has been active as both a singer and actor, and released a solo album just last year.

Korean actor Song Jae Rim to have his own fan meeeting starting from Japan

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Song Jae Rim to Kick off His Asian Fan Meeting Tour in Japan Actor Song Jae Rim will be embarking on his fan meeting tour around Asia.

For the first stop in the tour, the actor will be visiting Japan on June 20. He has already done three successful fan meetings in Japan in the past. Nonetheless, this particular fan meeting will be a unique experience for both the actor and his fans, as Song Jae Rim and his fans will be spending time in an onsen for an overnight event.

After Japan, he will be visiting Taiwan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong to meet and interact with his fans. He has personally contributed numerous ideas to interact directly with the fans during the fan meetings.

Song Jae Rim has most recently appeared in variety show We Got Married along with actress Kim So Eun. He also starred in the recently-completed drama, Unkind Women.

Who Was That American Actor Speaking Perfect Korean?

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Who Was That American Actor Speaking Perfect Korean?

When actors who play Europeans appear on k-dramas they often speak English with some vague European accent, requiring the main cast members to speak to them in English. But the fourth episode of "Falling for Innocence," also known as "Falling For Soon Jung" surprised viewers by introducing a character that was supposed to be European but spoke impeccable Korean.

A few netizens went scrambling to their search engines to discover the identity of the very attractive visiting businessman that Kim So Yeon met at the airport. Within minutes netizens discovered Ricky Kim, a Korean-American actor that some other k-drama fans have known about for a while.

Kim, a model and actor, has appeared in several k-dramas. And just in case you missed seeing Kim in these dramas, here are some facts about his background.

Ricky Kim was born to a Korean mom and an American dad and grew up in Kansas and Hawaii. He didn"t plan on becoming an actor but after teaching English in Korea, he decided to pursue a modeling and acting career there. It took a while to launch his career but he was not easily discouraged.

"If you do good things, keep smiling, and if you are happy and enjoying what you are doing work will come some day," he said in 2010 interview with the Korea Times.

He had his Korean acting debut in 2006 when he appeared in the drama "Miracle." Since then he has had roles in "On Air," "Jejungwon," "Midas," "Athena: Goddess of War," "Midas," "I Need Romance" and "The Queen"s Classroom." His most recent role before "Falling for Innocence" was playing Kim Gyu Ri"s first boyfriend in "Cunning Single Lady."

He"s appeared in films such as "My Darling FBI" and musicals such as "Dreamgirls." He"s also a regular on the sports variety show "Let"s Go Dream Team! Season 2" and appeared on the reality documentary show "Laws of the Jungle."

On an episode of Laws of the Jungle, he once spoke about the challenges of growing up Korean-American and then of moving to Korea. It was hard to feel he fit in anywhere.

"When I came to Korea, I was treated as an American, and when I went to America, I was treated as a Korean," said Lee. "Because of this, I was always a loner. So that"s why I exercised and studied hard. Only if I was in first I thought I could show them who I was. I wanted to show them that I was a person."

Since then he has convinced viewers that he is not only a "person" but a person to watch.

The actor is married to Korean musical theater actress Ryu Seung Joo. He met her while doing charity work with Compassion, an international Christian child sponsorship organization. The organization was originally created to help children orphaned by the Korean War. The couple has been married since 2009 and recently announced they were expecting their third child.

Hollywood Korean American actor Ki Hong Lee Ready to Tie the Knot, Announces Engagement

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Hollywood Korean American actor Ki Hong Lee Ready to Tie the Knot, Announces Engagement

Korean American actor Ki Hong Lee is finally ready to tie the knot with long-time girlfriend Ha Young Choi. The actor who could not contain his excitement, announced the news on Tuesday!

According to a user’s post on Insights Korea, the actor will be marrying Choi on March 7th in Tujunga, California (about half an hour north of Los Angeles) in a private ceremony and the two have even created their registry at Pottery Barn.

The photo that announced their engagement and upcoming wedding featured a photo which Choi posted on her Instagram account for their four year anniversary on June 9th last year.

Day 92 #100happydays Happy 4 years to us!!

A photo posted by Hayoung Choi (@hayochoi) on Jun 9, 2014 at 7:49am PDT

Following the news, fans from all over the world have left their good wishes and congratulations in Korean and English for the couple on recent photos that both Choi and Ki Hong Lee have posted Instagram.

Ki Hong Lee was born in South Korea before his family immigrated to the United States when he was five years old.

The 28 year-old actor caught headlines and became one of the most recognizable Asian American faces in media following his role as Minho in the Hollywood blockbuster Maze Runner. He was also #4 in People Magazine‘s “2014 Sexiest Men Alive” edition right behind fellow Hollywood actors Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Jamie Dornan.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be married couple!

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Ji Chang Wook Ranked #10 For Most Popular Korean Actor In China

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Ji Chang Wook Ranked #10 For Most Popular Korean Actor In China

Star of "Empress Ki" and "Healer" Ji Chang Wook tripled his popularity in China!

In a poll that was held recently for Chinese only, Ji Chang Wook was voted as the most popular Korean actor in China. He was ranked #10 and his name also appeared in almost keywords charts.

It seems that "Healer""s popularity gave a huge influence in the poll. It was broadcasted through "" in China, and was seen and loved by a lot of viewers.

A representative of Ji Chang Wook"s management agency said, "Ji Chang Wook"s popularity is rising fast in China these days, and he is receiving a lot of cast offers. Please keep your loyal supports for Ji Chang Wook."

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook has opened his official Weibo account to communicate with his Chinese fans easier.

[Plastic Surgery] Which Korean Celebrities Possess Golden Ratio For Facial Beauty?

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[Plastic Surgery] Which Korean Celebrities Possess Golden Ratio For Facial Beauty?

The Korean specialist plastic surgery has revealed to list of celebrities who possess the golden ratio for facial beauty on Mnet‘s "Moon Hee Jun’s Innocent 15+."

To determine which idols have the perfect facial ratios, the surgeons began by dividing the survey between male and female stars. The male candidates included popular idols such as 2PM’s Nichkhun, BIGBANG’s T.O.P, SHINee’s Minho, Super Junior’s Donghae, and EXO’s Suho. Some of the female candidates mentioned were Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Red Velvet‘s Irene, missA’s Suzy, Girl’s Day’s Yura, Davichi’s Kang Minkyung, f(x)’s Krystal, and AOA’s Seolhyun.

The plastic surgeons discussed previous and current facials ratio trends and stated that, “The perfect facial ratio was 1:1:1 in the past, but the recent trend of wanting to look sharper and younger made the 1:1:0.8 ratio most appealing.” The numbers represent the distance of forehead to eye brows, eye brows to nose tip, and nose tip to chin.

In the male category, WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo placed second and a plastic surgeon commented saying, “[Kim Jinwoo’s] overall ratio fits perfectly with the current trend. He has a very good facial features.” EXO’s Suho took the title of best facial ratio and was even said to have “the golden facial ratio” by one of the plastic surgeons.

In the female category, Irene from the rookie group Red Velvet beat out her senior competition and came in second place. A surgeon explained, “[Irene’s] upper, middle, and lower portions of the face have a good ratio and is maintained well.” Girls’ Generation’s Yoona took the title for the best facial ratio in the female category and received comments saying, “[Yoona’s] facial proportions are perfect and it could be considered the ideal face.”

Here are the candidates and an example of the facial mapping:

"2014 KBS Drama Awards" Lee Joon-ki feeling responsibility as an actor to promote Korean dramas

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Lee Joon-ki won the Excellence Award for Actor in mid-length dramas.

2014 KBS Drama Awards took place in KBS Hall at 8:30 PM on December 31st , hosted by Kim Sang-kyeong, Park Min-yeong and Seo In-guk.

Lee Joon-ki received the Excellence Award for Actor for his role in KBS2 "The Joseon Shooter" in mid-length dramas.

He said "Since Korean dramas are getting more popular worldwide, I as an actor feel the responsibility to make a dedication. I will work hard and play a role model to promote Korean dramas. I"ll show you better performance".

KBS has been strong with "Jeong Do-jeon", "Inspiring Generation", "Golden Cross", "The Joseon Shooter", "Very Good Times" and "This Is Family" in mid-length and full length dramas and with "Women By Nature" and "Cuckoo Nest" in daily dramas in 2014.

Korean Actor Bi Rain Selected As Chinese Model for to model for Luxury Fashion Brand Yves Saint Laurent China

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Korean Actor Bi Rain Selected As Chinese Model for to model for Luxury Fashion Brand Yves Saint Laurent China

Korean actor Bi Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) has been selected as new representative of cosmetic brand L’Oreal Group, and Chinese model for Yves Saint Laurent.

Known for his appealing lips, Rain is going to represent the Chinese region by modeling for one of the best sellers, Dangerous Rouge.

Rain is an entertainer that represents Hallyu and has been in very active communication with the Chinese region as well. This led to the nomination of male model for YSL. In addition, he"s recently successfully completed a concert in China and is soon going to be busy with making movies and dramas. The fact that he"s also a popular icon in the States, Europe and Asia added to his nomination.

YSL sources say, "Danger Red goes by the concept of passion seduction, love and passion. Rain is the perfect match for this strong image and his long run as a global star helped us decide to make him the next model".

Rain is currently filming "Diamond Lover", his first Chinese movie in China, Korea, Belgium and others.