Performances from September 1st ‘Music Bank’!

Performances from September 1st ‘Music Bank’!

‘Music Bank’ is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists.

On this episode, IM made their debut, Golden Child debuted with “DamDaDi”, Good Day debuted with “Rolly”, VIXX LR came back with “Whisper”, IZ debuted with “All You Want”, Jung Se Woon debuted with “Just U”, and HyunA returned with “Babe”.

[Winners will be updated.]

Other performers of the night were: DIA, Momoland, Sunmi, PRISTIN, N.Flying, NCT Dream, S.I.S, Dream Catcher, ONF, Weki Meki, Real Girls Project, and Samuel Kim. 

Check out the performances below!

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