Performances from June 23rd ‘Music Bank’!

Performances from June 23rd ‘Music Bank’!

‘Music Bank’ is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists.

On this episode, Nine Muses came back with “Remember”, MAMAMOO returned with “Aze Gag”, MONSTA X made a comeback with “Shine Forever”, and Hwang Chi Yeol made his comeback with “A Daily Song”.

[Winners will be updated.]

Other performers of the night were: ELRIS, T-ara, Pentagon, DAY6, F.T. Island, Cosmic Girls, Kim Chung Ha, M.A.P6, ASTRO, April, Soulatido, The Eastlight, Marmello, Momoland, Ina, and 24K. 

Check out the performances below!

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COMEBACK: Hwang Chi Yeol

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