Pentagon’s Hui thanks Wanna One for singing his song ‘Energetic’

Pentagon’s Hui thanks Wanna One for singing his song ‘Energetic’

Pentagon’s Hui spoke up to thank Wanna One for his song “Energetic” being voted as the group’s title song!

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On the August 3 premiere of Wanna One’s reality show ‘Wanna One GO!’, it was revealed that the winner of Wanna One’s debut title track selection went to “Energetic”, composed by Hui and Flow Bow. Hui said, “I’m very awed and surprised that ‘Energetic’ was chosen, after ‘Never’. I’m so happy, feeling that the time I spent working hard toward music was not wasted. I would like to sincerely thank the Wanna One members for working hard on the song.”

He continued, “I will do my best to become recognized not just as a composer, but as a singer as well. I will continue to write songs so that many people will be able to listen to my music… I would also like to thank Flow Bow, Gookyoung hyung, and more. Please look forward to more music from Flow Bow and Hui. Thank you.”

You can listen to Wanna One’s title track “Energetic” as well as their full 1st mini album ‘1X1=1 (To Be One)’ on August 7!