PENTAGONs Hui Thanks Everyone For All The Love For Never From Produce 101 Season 2

PENTAGONs Hui Thanks Everyone For All The Love For Never From Produce 101 Season 2

With Never continuing to reign on many of Koreas major charts, PENTAGONs Hui has taken to Twitter to thank listeners!

The most recent episode of Produce 101 Season 2 featured the trainees splitting up into teams to perform original songs, with the tracks released for digital download afterwards. One of the teams performed a song entitled Never, with the group composed of popular trainees Hwang Min Hyun, Kim Jong Hyun, Kim Jae Hwan, Ong Sung Woo, Lee Dae Hwi, Park Woo Jin, and Lai Guan Lin.

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PENTAGONs Hui played a major part in the creation of the now hit song Never, as he co-composed it with Flow Blow and wrote the lyrics along with fellow PENTAGON members EDawn and Wooseok. He also produced the track with EDawn and their fellow Triple H member HyunA.

As the songs from the Produce 101 Season 2 challenge took over the charts shortly after their release on June 3, Never took the lead early on, even grabbing the top spot on all six major realtime charts.

As of June 8 at 1:30 a.m. KST, Never continues to maintain its long-held spot at the top of the weekly and realtime iChart (which aggregates data from all six major charts). The song is also No. 1 on Genie, Bugs, Mnet, and Navers daily charts and No. 1 on Melon, Mnet, and Navers realtime charts.

Hui wrote on PENTAGONs Twitter on June 7, Thank you for loving Never so much. I couldnt even have imagined this amount of love, haha. Ill see you soon with an even better song and voice. Coming soon~~~.

생각지도 못한 과분한 사랑이네요 헤헤 더 좋은 음악과 목소리로 곧 만나러 갈게요 커밍 쑨~~~

PENTAGON·펜타곤 (@CUBE_PTG) June 7, 2017

His fellow member Kino replied to the tweet to boast to everyone that this genius composer is his leader! Thank you for loving Never a lot, he wrote.

In the midst of this huge success for its members, PENTAGON is currently gearing up to make a comeback with their third mini album Ceremony on June 12.

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