Pentagon’s E’Dawn says HyunA is scary

Pentagon’s E’Dawn says HyunA is scary

On April 19, HyunA and Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn attended a press conference for their ‘Triple H Detective Agency’ reality show in Seoul.

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HyunA shared how she came to work alongside the two boys, “They both shared similar interests in music…I had so much fun working with them.”

She continued, “The three of us discussed how we can enjoy working together to create music.  There were many obstacles we had to face.  I also thought about how I can make a space so the two can work comfortably in harmony.”

When asked about working with HyunA, Hui mentioned, “Since HyunA happened to be a senior, it was hard for me to just approach her.  There were times when I felt she was like an older sister, an instructor teaching us and at certain times a mother who truly cared… I learned a lot.  I can say that I have come to respect her more now as opposed to when I was still a trainee.”

Following, E’Dawn stated, “It’s true that HyunA noona is scary.  She is full of charm most of the time and loves to fool around with a lot of aegyo.  I find it scary how she can be so different when she’s working, apart from her usual self. She is very professional when she’s hard at work. Nonetheless, she is scary.”

‘Triple H Detective Agency’ will air its first episode via K-STAR on April 19.

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