PD Reveals Thoughts On EXOs Xiumin And Wanna Ones Kang Daniel In New Variety

PD Reveals Thoughts On EXOs Xiumin And Wanna Ones Kang Daniel In New Variety

In a recent interview, Lee Yoon Hwa, the producing director for MBCs upcoming pilot variety program It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets (literal translation), shared her thoughts on two of the confirmed cast members, EXOs Xiumin and Wanna Ones Kang Daniel.

Starting off with Kang Daniel, the producing director commented, Hes like a 12-year-old boy. If he was sleepy, hed ask, May I possibly sleep a little? and he would play games behind the stairs when it was break time.

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Lee Yoon Hwa went on to discuss how the young star was different compared to her expectations, explaining, Its possible to have the preconception that as an idol whos just about to debut, he would act like he has to show something or he has to stand out. However, it was surprising to see that Kang Daniel had this innocence about him and [showed] his real self as is, without putting on any airs. At that age, theres not a lot of manipulative intent, and it was to the point that I couldve asked him, Where have you lived?, and he [would have answered].

The producing director also had kind words to say about Xiumin, saying, His sense of responsibility and discipline befitting his status as the oldest member of a well-known idol group stood out.

[Xiumin] is the definition of cleanliness,’ Lee Yoon Hwa continued. He is someone who dedicates 30 minutes to washing dishes, and folds his bedsheets perfectly after waking up. But at the same time, he has an innate sense of consideration for others, and hes someone who brightens the atmosphere of any room with his presence alone.

Its Dangerous Beyond The Blankets is described to be a reality program focused around celebrities who like to stay at home rather than venture outside, for various reasons. The confirmed male cast will be going on a stay-cation together, and spend time under one roof. PD Lee Yoon Hwa added that they tried to keep things as natural as possible, so that the cast members wouldnt feel like they were filming.

In addition to Xiumin and Kang Daniel, other confirmed cast members include Lee Sang Woo, Highlights Yong Junhyung, and Parc Jae Jung.

It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets is planning on premiering sometime in August.