PD Na Young Suk Reveals Why He Chose A Seaside Farm For New Season Of Three Meals A Day

PD Na Young Suk Reveals Why He Chose A Seaside Farm For New Season Of Three Meals A Day

PD Na Young Suk finally revealed why he decided to have the cast of Three Meals a Day take care of a seaside farm in the new season.

During the shows press conference on August 2, the PD said, Like the title of our show indicates, weve created a seaside farm. We were thinking about where we should film the new season, and we came to the conclusion that theres nowhere better than Deukryangdo. We chose to return to the island to show viewers what it looks like in the summer, and we decided to bring Jackson [the goat] to shake things up a bit.

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Na Young Suk added, The season will follow the cast as they take care of Jacksons family. That will be the thing to look for in this new season.

When asked why he decided to open up a farm, the PD explained, When we were wrapping up filming for the last season, we all said we should return in the summer. Because were on an island, we should have the cast fishing for food, but we learned last season that the trio has no talents whatsoever when it comes to fishing. Thats why we tried to look for something new and came to the decision to bring Jackson along for a unique experience.

Talking about how things have changed in the new season, Na Young Suk also brought up how Eric has changed since becoming a married man. He explained, Erics personality has become a lot brighter since getting married. Hes usually quite introverted, but hes become brighter and more talkative. The PD also emphasized, His cooking has gotten a lot faster too. Hes shortened his cooking time by about an hour, and hes really improved.

The seaside farm edition of Three Meals a Day will follow Lee Seo Jin, Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang as they head of to Deukryangdo again. The first episode will air on August 4 at 9:50 p.m. KST.