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Actress So Yoo Jin is now a Mother!

Actress So Yoo Jin gave birth to a healthy baby on the 9th!

So Yoo Jin shared the good news on her Facebook on the morning of the 10th, “After 11 hours in labor, I gave birth to my child last night on the 9th, three days past the original due date… Maybe it”s because I thought it would be very painful and was very nervous, but it was better than I thought it would be.”

Her agency also commented, “So Yoo Jin and Baek Jong Won couple had a healthy baby boy. The mother and the baby are both healthy.”

The actress tied the knot with Baek Jong Won, a restaurant owner who is 15 years her senior, in January 2013, and the”re now celebrating their first child together.

Congrats to the family on the wonderful addition!

Shinhwa Eric’s agency: “Eric and Na Hye Mi are not a couple.”

After rumors started circulating that Shinhwa“s Eric and actress Na Hye Mi were a couple, Eric”s agency has confirmed that the two are not dating. T

he label initially stated that it would have to check with Eric himself to see if the rumors were true, and the Shinhwa member has stated that they were false. The official statement said that though Eric and Na Hye Mi are close, both sides have asserted that they are not a couple and have never dated. T

hough the agency was reported to have stated that the two did date in the past, it seems there was a case of miscommunication: “We apologize for how long it took to receive an exact statement from both parties. We also apologize for the confusion as the reported statements are different than what has been actually confirmed.”

“Very Good Times” Ko In-beom hurt Kim Hee-seon’s mother

"Very Good Times" Noh Kyeong-joo fainted in shock after exchanging water splashes with Ko In-beom.

On the sixteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Very Good Times", Lee Myeong-soon (Noh Kyeong-joo) fainted because of Oh Ji-soo (Ko In-beom).

Oh Chi-soo asked Cha Hye-won (Kim Hee-seon) to break up with Oh Seung-hoon (Park Joo-hyeong) and showed her the promissory note stating that her father had borrowed 1 billion won from him. He threatened to ask for the money back if she didn't break up with him. He then met her mother Lee Myeong-soon and asked her to pay it back.

Lee Myeong-soon said, "What has Hye-won's father done for you? Have you forgotten his grace?" Oh Ji-soo spoke back saying, "Until when are you going to talk about the past? You're too old for that"

Raina prohibited in dorm due to her dating rumor with 2AM’s Jinwoon

Orange Caramel talked about their past dating rumors on Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D” on April 8. While Nana discussed her dating rumor with Kim Soo Hyun, Raina talked about her own with 2AM”s Jinwoon.

She said, “Someone said they got a picture of me going to the movie theater with 2AM”s Jinwoon. The agency heard this and called me,” adding that she never met Jinwoon privately, but because of the rumor, she was prohibited from going out.

Raina continued, “The company told me, “If you are confident [about your claim], do not go out.” Because I was, I said okay, but still…” and showed she found that it was unfair.

Jang Dong Min responded, “If your agency chief was a judge, it”d be a big problem: “I understand you did not commit the crime, but 2 years in prison,”" making everybody laugh

Nana talks about her dating rumor with Kim Soo Hyun on “Beatles Code 3D”

A supposed dating rumor between Orange Caramel”s Nana and actor Kim Soo Hyun popped up on the April 8 installment of Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D“!

MC Shin Dong Yup said, “To be honest, there is a rumor going around these days that Kim Soo Hyun and Nana are dating.”

Nana said, “I know about the rumor. I heard from the staff members at a shop I was in who told me it was a reporter (spreading the rumor). However, where there”s smoke, there”s fire.”

Raina and Lizzy explained, “In the past, Kim Soo Hyun picked Orange Caramel as a girl group he liked. We think that”s the reason why the rumor came about.”

Nana further added, “There was a time I mentioned Kim Soo Hyun as my ideal type,” revealing she was a fan even before he appeared on KBS 2TV“s “Dream High

‘Music Core’ Showreel: A Pink Wins On The April 12, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

"Music Core" is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars.Awesome stage settings, fan chants, and screams were all heard as well seen last night.

Stars who made their comebacks were NC.A who said, "I"m Different", A-Prince returned by having a "Kiss Scene", Eddy Kim made his debut with "Push and Pull", and Eric Nam with "Ooh Ooh."

Nominees were Lee Sun Hee, Park Hyo Shin, and A Pink.The winner for the April 12, 2014 episode was A Pink for their single, "Mr. Chu!"Congratulations to them on winning for the third time!Are they going to do an all-kill by winning on "Inkigayo?"

That being said, here are the performance recaps.

Performance Recaps + Videos

Eric Nam

Eric Nam made his debut as he sang, "Ooh Ooh" last night

‘Real Men’ Henry Promoted To Cook, ‘Better Than Being Trained’

Henry became a cook. (Photo : mbc)

Henry became a cook.

In MBC "Real Men" aired today, the eight soldiers did a enlistment project.

Henry and Park Gun Hyung became cooks for the jjajangmyun (bean paste noodle) day. Henry revealed his hidden cooking skills, shocking everyone.

Henry said, "This is way more fun than being trained. I wish I could do this all day," smiling brightly.

Park Gun Hyung also enjoyed his moment, saying, "We"re allowed to freely laugh here."

Photo Credit: MBC

Siwon And Han Geng Meet: Dissecting Past Tensions Between Super Junior And The Chinese Star

A video of Super Junior"s Choi Siwon greeting Chinese star Han Geng at Jackie Chan"s fanmeet "Peace & Love" recently gained a lot of attention. This was the first public interaction between any member of Super Junior and Han Geng since he left the group. The clip came from a Chinese television show that featured the event, and fans quickly took notice of the short meeting.

Siwon and Han Geng (known as Hankyung in Korea) debuted together in 2005 as members of SM Entertainment"s mega group Super Junior. The two worked closely together as members of Super Junior M, which promoted in China. But in 2009, Han Geng sued SM Entertainment for a slave contract, and ended up leaving the group to return to China and pursue his career there.

Although Han Geng"s career took off in China, and he is so popular in China that he was even cast in the upcoming Transformers movie, his relationship with his former group members has been difficult since the split

Big Band Sound: TVXQ, Eric Nam, History, IU

(Photo : SM)

Dance songs and ballad are popular in K-Pop, but the big band sound that has recently been appearing every once in a while is worth taking note of. Some of the biggest acts in K-Pop, like TVXQ and IU, and rookies, like History, have released songs that are infused with old-school jazz elements.

The newest jazz-influenced song was released this past week, Eric Nam"s "Ooh Ooh" featuring INFINITE"s Hoya.

Eric Nam

Not only is the music video adorable, but also the recently released "Ooh Ooh" makes the most of a big bang sound. The musicians actually appear in the song, playing instruments like trumpets and guitars in the background of dance scenes. The song has a very modern feel to it, even featuring a rap by Hoya, but the overlying jazz sounds give the song a smooth, old-time feel to it

Cross Gene Releases MV Teaser for “Amazing- Bad Lady” Comeback

Six-member multinational boy group Cross Gene recently announced their comeback with an image and a short video teaser, and now they have released their first music video teaser for their upcoming digital single “Amazing- Bad Lady

This will be Cross Gene’s first comeback in Korea in two years since June of 2012, when they released their mini album “Timeless.”

Cross Gene is a group known for their impressive visuals and various talents, including dancing, singing, modeling, and acting. This past March, members Shin and Takuya walked the runway for Song Hye Myung’s Dominic’s Way collection at the 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week.

The digital single “Amazing- Bad Lady” will drop April 21