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“Empress Ki” To Air But Some Other Shows Are Cancelled


Although MBC will air two episodes of "Empress Ki" this week, many regularly scheduled programs on all three major networks will be cancelled. Some cancellations are in effect for the rest of the week because of last week"s tragic Sewol ferry disaster.

"Empress Ki," which only has four episodes left until it ends, was broadcast on Monday and is due to also air on Tuesday. Because the Sewol ferry tragedy happened last Wednesday, no episodes of "Empress Ki" or the other two Monday-Tuesday night dramas were missed.

MBC representatives also said that the programs "Shining Romance" and "Mother"s Garden" are due to broadcast as scheduled.

Although the station plans to gradually return to its regular schedule, representatives say it will do so with important and timely newsbreaks

KBS Programming Dominates TV Ratings After Ferry Disaster

This past week, the fourth week of April, was a complicated one for TV programming in terms of broadcast. As most prime time variety shows and dramas were suspended while the nation waited anxiously for good news from the site of the Sewol ferry disaster, news programming and more serious broadcast like documentaries filled in the empty air time.

KBS programming swept the weekly rankings for ratings in both news, drama, and documentary program. First place went to KBS 1TV’s daily drama, “Melody of Love” (aka “Love Rides the Song“) which raked in 28.3%, according to Nielsen Korea’s April 21 release of the “Weekly Ratings Top 50 Programs.” Ratings were collected between from April 14 – April 20.

MBC and SBS made an entrance in the top 10 with Monday-Thursday drama “Empress Ki” and morning drama “Only My Love,” respectively

Yoon Jong Shin Cancels Monthly Project for April

Singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin announced that he will not release a single for the month of April in respect of the victims of the ill-fated Sewol ferry.

On April 20, Yoon Jong Shin tweeted the news, “Monthly Yoon Jong Shin will suspend for April.”

Monthly Yoon Jong Shin is a monthly project where Yoon Jong Shin releases a single every month. He started the monthly project on March 2010 and has, with an exception of few months, dropped a single every month for the past four years.

A ferry traveling from Incheon to Jeju Island and carrying 475 passengers sank off the coast of Jindo on April 16. Over 300 of the passengers were students from Danwon High School in Ansan, taking a school trip. The entertainment world halted activities cancelling drama, variety, and music programs, artists delaying comebacks, and celebrities cancelling or postponing scheduled appearances

40-year old Kim Hee-ae vs. 39-year old Uhm Jung-hwa

JTBC "Secret Love Affair" and tvN "A Witch's Love" are two age-gap romance dramas that started off at the same time.

Kim Hee-ae is a successful career woman in her forties and Uhm Jung-hwa is a 39-year old reporter. Kim Hee-ae and Uhm Jung-hwa are so different in their dramas, it's hard to believe they are only one year apart. They are both victims of age-gap romance and they show how different it can be according to genre. "Secret Love Affair" looks into the deepest parts of the higher class society, while "A Witch's Love" is a lighter romance comedy.

"Oh Hye-won, a career woman in her 40s, exhausted from everyday life".

Oh Hye-won is the assistant minister at the Seo Han Arts Foundation. She is part of the high income family who makes over 100 million won per year; however, she's not as fancy as everyone thinks her to be

2PM’s Chansung: “Society Is Diseased”

2PM member Chansung, who in the past has been vocal about various societal issues through his personal Twitter account, continues to speak his mind. He recently tweet in the early morning of April 20 KST about the recent ferry tragedy, expressing his anger and frustration at the way people were taking advantage of the situation and the way the disaster was handled.

In the first part of a long message, Chansung wrote, “Accidents can occur. But the way it is handled reflects our society. Through this one accident, we can learn what kind of environment we are in. It is also something that can happen to us and not just to strangers. I think society is diseased.”

Chansung continues in the second part, “I am deeply saddened and upset…My heart feels very bad after the accident. I feel like this because of the accident, and also because of the vicious deeds and unverified stories going around, hurting people already in pain

EXO, SM and Weddings Top the Week′s Headlines

preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview If you’ve missed out on all the hottest news of the week, but you’re too busy to catch up on everything that’s been going on - no worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be recapping the Top 5 articles of the past week, based on reader views!

1.EXO to Unveil ‘Overdose’ MV Teaser Today (4/11)

Even when EXO is just TEASING a teaser, the group hits no.1 on the most read news of the week. Now that′s star power.

2.SM Officially Files for Criminal Charges for EXO ‘Overdose’ Leakage

Of course, when someone leaked EXO′s Overdose, the internet went crazy - but SM went even further and shut it down. And by that, we mean SM actually stood by its hard stance and filed criminal charges against the person behind the leak

Super Junior M’s Henry Reminds Super Junior’s Kangin About His Time In The Army

Henry was admitted into the army for "The Real Man" for the second time. (Photo : twitter)

Super Junior M"s Henry showed off his MCing skills when he turned the mic on MC Kangin. Kangin was at a loss when Henry started ordering him about.

Henry is currently appearing on Real Men, a show where Henry and several other men see what it"s like doing army service. Kangin has completed his military service, so when Henry started ordering him about he was reminded of his past.

Super Junior M discussed their new song "Swing" in an interview on Show Champion on MBC Music, with Super Junior"s Kangin as their MC.The atmosphere was light-hearted, considering that they had all worked together for several years.

Since "Swing" is about getting rid of stress, Kangin asked the members how they each individually get rid of stress

8 Artists with that ‘Unique Voice’

Korea is completely inundated with singers from the pretty idols and talented dancers to the indie artists and OST stars. However, amongthe Korean artists I know, the names that immediately flood my head when I hearthe phrase "unique voice" form a much shorter list. Much like the "it factor", it"s a bit hard to quantify but when you hear it, you just know that there"s something special there.

Keepin mind that this list is solely based on my opinion and the artists are who I deem to have unique voices. Also, I"mlimited to the scope of artists that I"ve been exposed to so I apologize in advance for notincluding your favorite artist!

Kim Yoon Ah

Let"sstart with Kim Yoon Ah. If you don"t know already, Kim Yoon Ah is the leadsinger of alternative rock band Jaurim

Sung Jun Wants to Act like Matthew McConaughey

After shaking the hearts of women through tvN’s I Need Romance 3, Sung Jun talked about his acting career and his hopes for the future.

In a recent photo shoot with fashion magazine InStyle, Sung Jun dressed in pastel suits while letting his wavy, messy hair flow. With modeling as his first job, Sung Jun showed no problems with poses and expressions.

During the interview, he shared that he recently bought a bicycle after the drama’s conclusion. “I biked from my house in Yangjae all the way to Apgujeong for a month. I pushed myself too hard while biking that I had body aches and I lost more weight than when I was filming my drama.”

Speaking of acting, Sung Jun admitted that he was a terrible actor. “In my debut drama, White Christmas, I really couldn’t act

BoA Missed Late Night Chicken and Beer the Most About Korea

Having promoted overseas for a long time, BoA revealed the things she missed the most about her home country when she was away.

BoA, who is about to release her first Hollywood film Make Your Move, recently met with Newsen for an interview.

During interview, BoA was asked, “You’ve worked overseas for a long time and must’ve adapted by now, but when was the moment that you suddenly missed Korea?”

She answered, “When I wanted to eat chicken and beer late at night,” causing laughter.

She confessed, “When I was in America, I especially missed bars that sold chicken and beer in Korea. Most places in America stop selling alcohol when it’s past 2 am. In Korea, when I come home after finishing work it would usually be around 10 or 11 pm. So after washing up and changing, it would be almost 1 in the morning when I meet up with my friends