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U-KISS Inside of Me


On July 24th U-Kiss will release their second album in Japanese, “Inside of Me”.  It includes four single songs taken from their third album “Dear My Friend” and from the fourth one, “ALONE”. Moreover it will be released in different editions: with a bonus Blu-ray with videos and private shots from “U-KISS St. Valentine’s day EVENT”, moreover there’s also an event ticket (valid only in Japan),and for the First Press edition you will have alsothe photobook “U-KISS St. Valentine’s day EVENT” and a cardboard slipcase.



In the PV, the seven members are in a dark and closed building, only few rays of light can enter through the cracks on the wall

MBLAQ Heads to Mexico and Japan in August

MBLAQ turns to a new chapter in their activities this year.

From August 5, they will be flying to Mexico to officially begin their international tour.

They are scheduled to have a concert of considerable scale on August 8 in Mexico City Pepsi Center. A Latin Grammy-winning Mexican band Reik will be joining them on stage as special guest. Following the concert, MBLAQ will be featured in a music program aired on Televisa.

After they wrap up their activities in Mexico until August 11, MBLAQ will head to Japan. They will be hitting Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya during their tour in Japan, using ZEPP concert halls. Further plans are still under negotiation with local management companies.

MBLAQ is signaling their foray into the Latin music industry as they start their international activities in Mexico

Shark Episode 17 Review: Ha Suk Jin Punches Kim Nam Gil on the Face

In Shark, episode 17, Oh Joon Young(played by Ha Suk Jin) punched Han Yi Soo(played by Kim Nam Gil) on the face after seeing his wife, Jo Hae Woo(played by Son Ye Jin) coming out from his apartment.

Joon Young grabbed Yi Soo by the collar and said, “How could you use Hae Woo like that? Do you think you’ll be satisfied if you return things you went through to other people? Do you think I’ll forgive you?” Yi Soo replied, “Don’t forgive me.”

Joon Young got even more mad and punched him again. He said, “In the past, Han Yi Soo used to shine even in the dark, but now you’re just dark.”

Shark Episode 17 Review: Ha Suk Jin Punches Kim Nam Gil on the Face eng Subtitle. Watch online new korean drama in korean Series. Shark Episode 17 Review: Ha Suk Jin Punches Kim Nam Gil on the Face Recap Watch Episodes Reviews

Shark Episode 17 Review: The Killer Was a Friend of Kim Nam Gil's Father!

In Shark, episode 17, Han Yi Soo(played by Kim Nam Gil) found out that the killer, Choi Byung Ki(played by Ki Gook Seo) was a friend of his father in the past.

Previously, Byung Ki killed Yi Soo’s father with a poisoned needle. However, on the photo Yi Soo found, Byun Ki and his father seemed to be good friends posing together in front of the camera. Yi Soo was shocked to see this.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Byun Ki was a technician of torturing people.

Shark Episode 17 Review: The Killer Was a Friend of Kim Nam Gil's Father! eng Subtitle. Watch online new korean drama in korean Series. Shark Episode 17 Review: The Killer Was a Friend of Kim Nam Gil's Father! Recap Watch Episodes Reviews

Empire of Gold Episode 7 Review: Son Hyun Joo Reveals Park Geun Hyung's Alzheimer's Disease

In Empire of Gold, episode 7, Choi Min Jae(played by Son Hyun Joo) revealed Choi Dong Sung(played by Park Geun Hyung)’s Alzheimer’s disease at work.

Min Jae said out load to Dong Sung at the presidential board, “The president have problems with remembering, language and making decisions. He has Alzheimer’s. He probably wouldn’t remember what he just said in a bit.” Then he turned to Dong Sung and continued, “It was the fourth anniversary of my brother’s death. You sent him to jail and then to heaven. Do you remember?”

Dong Sung did not answer but kept on hitting the desk. As Min Jae said, “The past was made by Choi Dong Sung. Now the future will be made by Choi Min Jae,” Dong Sung finally said, “You’re calling this Alzheimer’s when it’s just an ordinary symptom for old people to forget about things?”

Empire of Gold Episode 7 Review: Son Hyun Joo Reveals Park Geun Hyung's Alzheimer's Disease eng Subtitle

Park Shi Hoo Is Cleared of All Charges, Legal Battle Comes to an End

Park Shi Hoo has been cleared of charges made by his former agency’s CEO, putting an end to this gruesome legal battle of six long months.

On July 19, a message titled “Emergency Announcement” had been posted to Park Shi Hoo’s official fan club. It read, “Park Shi Hoo and his former agency’s legal battle has come to an end.” Mr. Hwang charged Park Shi Hoo of libel but after investigations, Park Shi Hoo has been cleared of all charges, which put an end to this case.

Park Shi Hoo was first charged with rape this past March by a celebrity-in-training, A. At the time, Park Shi Hoo sued A, her friend B and Mr. Hwang of slander, blackmail and defamation. To that, Mr. Hwang countersued Park Shi Hoo for false accusation.

Afterwards, Park Shi Hoo and A reached a mutual agreement and had charges dropped for both sides

Actress Goo Hye Sun Releases Music Video for "It's You"

On July 22, YG Entertainment released the music video for talent Goo Hye Sun‘s fourth digital single “It’s You.“ 

Goo Hye Sun will delight fans with her clear, brights vocals that accompany the melody strummed by an acoustic guitar. Even more surprising is the direction of the music video, which is filmed from the vantage point of a hidden camera that records Goo Hye Sun’s behind-the-scenes moments while composing and writing her original song “It’s You.”

The song is about a woman who falls in love with a man at first sight and watches him from afar. The motifs of the track are also based on singer Lee Jang Hee‘s own track of the same name. The song was also arranged with the help of pianist Choi In Young, who previously collaborated with Goo Hye Sun on her first directed film “Magic

Girls Generation Sooyoung Rocks Gold-Toned Shoes With A Feminine Vibe

Girls Generation, Sooyoung

Gold metallic oxfords.  Only real fashionistas can rock this unique style ofshoes, and Girls' Generation Sooyoung rightfully earns the spot.  Recently, theGirls' Generation member is attracting much love and attention for her style -classy and feminine yet trendy. 


As she sported curly locks and defined the look of summer in her latest drama"Cyrano Dating Agency", fans of Sooyoung are probably looking up her fashionchoices from both past and present.  As they scour the web to imitate theirfavorite fashionista, they likely will be stumbling upon some of her wardrobesfrom her Girls' Generation stages, cameos, and dramas.


In her previous drama, "The Third Hospital", Sooyoung once brightened up theset with her sunshine attitude, and shiny gold-toned loafers from Le BunnyBleu

Jung Yong Hwa Considers New Drama Role As Broadcast Director

kdrama, CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa

Jung Yong Hwa


Jung Yong Hwa's fans got excited a few months ago when the CNBluelead singer was considering a role in "The Heirs" with two-time co-starPark Shin Hye and popular leading man Lee Min Ho.

He was asked to play Lee Min Ho's "perfect" older brother and a possible third wheel in a love triangle with Park Shin Hye.

Jung Yong Hwa has not appeared in a drama since "Heartstrings" twoyears ago when Park Shin Hye played his love interest. When he playedKang Shin Woo in his first comedy "You're Beautiful," his character alsoliked Park Shin Hye but he lost her to the character played by JangGeun Suk. Fans were excited about yet another onscreen love matchbetween the two stars.

But after a few weeks of speculation Jung Yong Hwa decided againstthe role and chose to focus on his band's upcoming concert schedule

Throwback: Hyori's Epic AnyCall Commercials

Throwback: Hyori’s Epic AnyCall Commercials

We haven’t done a Throwback in a while. In this segment, we’ll revisit notable K-pop videos, songs, or clips — things that have been around for some time in K-pop, but maybe newer fans haven’t seen yet. Starting the segment off, we have Hyori‘s series of AnyCall commercials.

Hyori was Samsung’s AnyCall spokesperson for four years, from 2003 to 2007. During that span of time, she put out three AnyCall singles: “AnyMotion,” “AnyClub,” and “AnyStar.” The first song Hyori released was “AnyMotion,” which starred and featured Shinhwa’s Eric in the music video and track:

Then came “AnyClub,” which starred Kwon Sang-woo and Eric in the video, but featured a rap from 1TYM’s Teddy:

The final one is “AnyStar,” which starred the then-trainee Park Bom as well as Lee Junki, who also did a rap feature for the song:

Nice blast from the past, eh? These videos came out at a time when packing a short-length drama into a music video was the norm, which sadly seems to be less and less of an occurrence now as artists have to pump out more and more songs in lesser and lesser time frames