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BEAST’s Yang Yoseob reveals abs


On 25th July’s broadcast of Happy Together 3, Yang Yoseob expressed that he likes to do boxing, so he went for some boxing training. He also said that boxing could allow one to lose a lot of fats.


Fellow BEAST member Son Dongwoon revealed that in the past, Yang Yoseob would say that he was going with a cute image so Yoseob would button his shirt all the way down when he slept. Recently, it is often that Yoseob either wears sleeveless or goes topless.


Yoseob then said in response, “People do change. When the body is not in a good condition, people will take off the shirt from the sleeves, but when the body condition becomes better, people will take it off by crossing the arms with an X sign.” (as shown in picture)


Meanwhile in this episode, Son Dongwoon showed his confidence and taught everybody to chant his nickname Son Namshin (male god) whereas Lee Gikwang also revealed his abs and showed his tears as an acting-dol

Brown Eyed Girls Reveal MV Teaser for "Kill Bill" from Upcoming Album

After revealing numerous teaser pictures this past week, the Brown Eyed Girl‘s have finally released a music video teaser.

Titled “Kill Bill,” the video pays homage to the Hollywood film of the same name. In the teaser, the girls are seen reenacting various popular scenes from the movie.

It is unsure if this will be the title track of their album. Other songs include “After Club,” “Fly Away,” “Boy,” “Satisfaction,” “Mystery Survivor,” “That’s a Lie,” “Recipe,” and “Good Fellows.”

Previously the group released the single “Recipe,” and achieved an all-kill on music charts.

They are set to release their fifth album “Black Box” on July 29

Written and Video Previews for Episode 11 of Monstar

I seriously can’t get enough of Seol Chan’s shocked-jealous face in Monstar. Yong Jun Hyung is doing such a fantastic job of selling emotionally stunted but growing like a snail Seol Chan. I feel like Monstar has lost a bit of its sizzle heading towards the final stretch. Not a lot, just a tiny bit, and its all due to the drama hanging on with the Seol Chan-Se Yi-Sun Woo love triangle still. But then the latest preview dropped for episode 11 showing Seol Chan singing the song “I Fell in Love with a Friend’s Friend”, and I realized there is a reason this love triangle hasn’t been disposed of sooner. Because Seol Chan and Sun Woo’s past conflict appears to be one of the final issues to be resolved, then the love triangle matters greatly because Seol Chan has effectively stolen the girl his former best friend called dibs on

Monstar's Ha Yeon Soo Is the Next "CF Queen?"

Actress Ha Yeon Soo has earned the spot of “CF Queen,” according to Star In News.

Ha Yeon Soo, who made her acting debut in the Mnet musical drama “Monstar,” is now set to star as the lead in tvN sitcom “Potato Star.” She is one of today’s hottest new actresses.

She is young and fresh, acts, sings, and even plays guitar! Companies for advertisements and commercials are recruiting her, and she has worked for various companies covering the beverage, cosmetic, and fashion industries. So far, she has signed nine contracts, dubbing her the “CF Queen.” One of her representatives said, “As soon as she’s done filming for ‘Monstar,’ Ha Yeon Soo will be busy shooting for commercials as she is already behind schedule.”

Ha Yeon Soo  is on track to dominate the CF world, just like miss A’s Suzy and gymnast Son Yeon Jae have done in the past

YG Entertainment Partners with Samsung to Advance into China

YG Entertainment will partner with Samsung Electronics to advance into China, according to TV Report.

On July 24, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Min Suk (younger brother of Yang Hyun Suk) was at the Conrad Beijing Hotel to celebrate the birth of “YG Family Channel.” Other important figures such as Ju Hyang Yang from Youkou Tudou Incorporated and Park Jung Joon, director of the Samsung Electronics marketing team based in China, were present. Samsung is YG Entertainment’s official sponsor for the “YG Family Channel.” This first project is meant to strengthen the Hallyu influence in China, especially within the younger generation.

At the Conrad Beijing Hotel, Yang Min Suk announced in Chinese, “For the past ten years, there were many opportunities in China

The Queen's Classroom Episode 14 Review: Kim Hyang Gi Asks Go Hyun Jung Straightforwardly "Did you Go to Jail?"

In The Queen’s Classroom, episode 14, Shim Ha Na(played by Kim Hyang Gi) asked Ma Yeo Jin(played by Go Hyun Jung) straightforwardly if she went to jail before or not.

Ha Na has been wondering about Yeo Jin’s past, when she finally had a chance to ask her. She asked, “Did you really go to jail for violence?” Yeo Jin coldly answered, “None of your business.”

Ha Na desperately said, “This is very important for me. Please answer my question.” Yeo Jin replied, “You’re still childish. You need to find your own questions that are important for you.”

The Queen's Classroom Episode 14 Review: Kim Hyang Gi Asks Go Hyun Jung Straightforwardly "Did you Go to Jail?" eng Subtitle. Watch online new korean drama in korean Series

ZE:A’s Hyungsik rejected YG and SM offers in the past

ZE:A’s Hyungsik recently revealed that he turned down auditions from big name agencies.

On July 23, Hyungsik appeared on SBS’ ‘Incarnation’ with IU, Lee Hyun Woo, and fellow member Kwanghee, where he revealed unknown stories about himself during his high school.

MC Bong Tae Gyu mentioned, “Hyungsik was a vocalist in his high school band and used to win competitions. Big name agencies like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and others all invited him for auditions.”

Hyungsuk replied, “At the time, I had no intentions of becoming a singer. I just loved music. I also had no idea anything about agencies back then as well.”

Confessions of a Fangirl: The Salty Man Tears Diet

Confessions of a Fangirl: The Salty Man Tears Diet

Dear Seoulmates,

As a fangirl, I’ll be honest about myself–I love a lot of twisted things. I love fighting my way to the front of a general admission section. I love it when fanfiction (especially the filthy kind) incorporates group crossover and gang-related themes. I love buying a ten-pack poster package to get the one solo shot of my bias. I love it when Jun.K wears sleeveless shirts because that’s about as nude as he’ll ever get on screen ever. But if there was any one particular thing about being a fangirl that is perhaps worse than all those things, it’s the quest for man tears.

But what’s so great about man tears?

They’re delicious.

Think about it: for a fangirl looking from the outside in, K-pop idols front an image of incorruptible flawlessness–their skin is constantly airbrushed, every eyelash is glued into place, every ab is shadowed in with the best bronzer, so on and so on

Big Bang tour comes to big screen

Sad that you missed Big Bang's big world tour last year? Well, cheer up. The "Big Bang Alive Galaxy World Tour" is coming to the big screen, showing at theaters in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore next month, according to the group's management, YG Entertainment, yesterday.

The group travelled to 24 cities across 12 countries from March 2012 until January on its first world tour, playing to more than 800,000 fans.

"It is a chance to feel the heat from the past world tour", wrote YG Entertainment in its announcement. "Big Bang's powerful performances and their zeal to communicate with the fans across the world will be revived".

YG Entertainment also said that more countries are discussing releasing the concert film.

By Lee Sun-min

Spine-Tingling Preview For Ghostly New Drama ‘Who Are You?’


"Who Are You?"

Kdrama writers are really clever at coming up with inventive love triangles but the upcoming drama “Who Are You?” starring 2PM’s Taecyeon, Kim Jae Wook and actress So E Hyun takes complicated three-party relationships to a whole new level.
In this drama, So E Hyun plays Si On, a woman who was involved in a car crash and lost her memory. In place of her memory, she now has the ability to see ghosts, including the ghost of her boyfriend who died in the same accident. And he does not seem ready to break up with her.
A new trailer for the drama shows Kim Jae Wook playing her dead boyfriend looking as if he drowned in some very cold slimy water. It’s hard to make an actor that attractive look like someone to avoid but the trailer does a very convincing job.
When you compare his cold dead specter to the living breathing Taecyeon, he looks even worse