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Lee Jong Suk Critiques Himself on "I Hear Your Voice" for Singles Magazine

Lee Jong Suk has recently critiqued himself for playing the role of Park Soo Ha on SBS’s recently ended drama, “I Hear Your Voice.”

On August 12, fashion magazine Singles revealed a few cuts of Lee Jong Suk’s photo shoot and excerpts from his interview.

In the interview, Lee Jong Suk was asked, “Which part of yourself would you like to compliment during ‘I Hear Your Voice?’”0

To that, he answered, “I think I used a lot more emotions. It even got me thinking, ‘Did I really not express myself this much in the past?’”

He continued, “So it really shocked me. But I thought I could express the character to a certain extent. However, I still don’t think I expressed the character 100 percent,” showing his modesty

Roy Kim Wraps Up Korean Commitments: Singer To Return To College In The U.S. On August 25

Roy Kim, Bom Bom Bom, Spring Spring Spring

In two weeks, chart topping K-pop artist Roy Kim will board a plane and leave South Korea, for now.

In two weeks, chart topping K-pop artist Roy Kim will board a plane and leave South Korea, for now.

The "Superstar K4" winner will be just another college student when he touches down in the US and resumes his studies at Georgetown University's Madonough School of Business in Washington, D.C. this month.

Roy has taken two semesters off from school a representative from the singer-songwriter's management company Fortune Entertainment explained to the website TENASIA, and the college did not allow him to extend his leave of absence.

"I'll become a more mature person starting fresh with my university life while studying hard in music," Roy Kim told eNEWS on Monday

Sean Sasser, `Real World’ Star, Dies of Lung Cancer Nearly 20 Years After His Partner Died of AIDS; Unlikely Gay Rights Activist Became a Star on MTV

, Sean Sasser, Real World, Star, Dies

Sean Sasser

Sean Sasser, a breakout star from MTV’s "Real World: San Francisco,” died at the age of 44. Sean Sasser became a pioneer of gay marriage during the 1994 season of the seminal reality TV show. Sean Sasser had been suffering from a rare form of lung cancer.

According to published reports, Sean Sasser died of mesothelioma, a rare lung disease. Sasser was HIV-positive. Sean Sasser remarried after the show ended. He spent his post-"Real World" days as a pastry chef at RIS Restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Judd Winick, one of Sasser's "Real World" costars from the 1994 season took to Twitter to pay his respect. Winick tweeted, ""Our love goes out to his family and husband Michael. We will miss u so much."

Sean Sasser came to the world’s attention when he and his boyfriend Pedro Zamora had their commitment ceremony telecast on the Nov

Seungri Posts Heartfelt Message About Big Bang and Yang Hyun Suk

With Big Bang Seungri’s highly anticipated solo comeback now just seven days away, he has posted a fairly comprehensive message on his Facebook page to talk about his resolve and reflect on his past, thinking back to when he wanted to pursue a different career because he became discouraged after seeing the more senior Big Bang members while also talking about Yang Hyun Suk, helping Seungri to change his mental outlook.

In his message, Seungri starts off by saying that “I have lost my confidence in music.” The reason being that he was “Discouraged by the highly talented senior members in my team and I thought about wanting to pursue a different career that isn’t music.” He continues on by saying that “A year ago after finishing my acting activities in Japan, I returned to Korea and the head of YG, President Yang Hyun Suk proposed a meeting

Lee Dong Gun Potentially Returning To TV With Yoon Eun Hye

If reports are to believed, it appears that actor Lee Dong Gun might soon be making a comeback to the small screen with a new drama. Even better it appears that he will be partnering up with another actress that we haven’t seen in a year, Yoon Eun Hye.

According to reports, Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye are currently in considering for KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama, “The Future’s Choice.” A representative from KBS’s drama division has stated that “Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun are currently in consideration to play the main roles in ‘The Future’s Choice (Script by Hong Jin Ah, Directed By Kwon Gae Hong), which is set to air after ‘Good Doctor.‘” However they continued to state that “It’s not 100% confirmed yet so it could still change

There Are Flower Boys Among Us in "Secretly, Greatly"

There Are Flower Boys Among Us in “Secretly, Greatly”

It’s the highest single-day grossing domestic film, surpassing previous record-holder, 2006’s The Host. Fastest film to 1 million viewers. Then 2 million. Then 3. Then 4. Biggest opening weekend. Secretly, Greatly burst out of the gate to become the 4th highest-grossing film in South Korea in 2013, to date, and is currently in 18th position on the list of highest-grossing domestic films.

Based on the 2010 hit webtoon Covertly by Hun, Secretly, Greatly follows the life of sleeper North Korean spy, Ryu-han, played by Kim Soo-hyun. Ryu-han is part of an elite group of soldiers, Unit 5446, trained since childhood to be ruthless fighting machines and loyal to an unquestioning fault. He is deployed to a small rural neighborhood in enemy territory, where he hides his identity behind the grinning face of the village idiot

(Ex-)Wonder Girl Sunmi Teases Solo Debut

(Ex-)Wonder Girl Sunmi Teases Solo Debut

Things have been quiet at JYP Co. headquarters lately, but the Big 3 company is about to enter the fray with a left-of-field choice: a Sunmi solo debut.

A member of the original Wonder Girls line-up, Sunmi decided to return in South Korea and focus on her studies while the rest of the group (with new addition Lim) continued promoting in the US. Recent and frequent visits to the company, though, had fans wondering if a return to the K-pop scene was on the cards; and earlier this month JYPE confirmed that this was indeed the case.

And now the company has released teaser images for Sunmi’s debut solo single “24 Hours.” The concept appears simple, but the pink hair and pastel rainbow colours make the most of the last Northern summer days

Brown Eyed Girls: Survival Tips for Girl Groups

Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls – A How To Guide for Girl Groups (Interview) Brown Eyed Girls – A How To Guide for Girl Groups (Interview) Brown Eyed Girls – A How To Guide for Girl Groups (Interview) Brown Eyed Girls – A How To Guide for Girl Groups (Interview)

Right now is the age of girl groups. In the past 1-2 years there have been dozens of new types of groups, and just counting the girl groups there are easily about a hundred groups. If you consider there is an average of 5 members to a group, there are over 500 girl members.

As a result, competition among these groups is high, and a lot of energy and determination is required to rank these girl groups. Are Korea's girl groups doing well?

The group Shinhwa, which has been active for the past fifteen years, is an idol to many newer boy groups who dream of sweet longevity like Shinhwa

Ex-Wonder Girls’ Member Sunmi Reveals Solo Album Teaser

JYP Entertainment left the music industry abuzz just last week with the surprising revelation that Sunmi will be returning as a soloist. She’s receiving a lot of the spotlight as Park Jin Young said he’s “all in” with her album production. He’s the man behind Park Ji Yoon’s mega-hit “Adult Ceremony,” which many girl groups cover in various music programs and award ceremonies to this day.

On August 12, JYP Entertainment updated its homepage with three photos of Sunmi. Her grapefruit-pink colored short hair stands out against her simple white attire with black text. Her name is artistically written in pastel rainbow colors and the Korean text says, “24 hours is not enough.”

An agency representative said, “Sunmi, who is currently preparing for her solo debut, will have a ‘very Sunmi’ album

Scorching Heat Grips Korea

Sweltering heat gripped the entire country on Thursday, with the temperature in Ulsan soaring to 38.8 degrees Celsius, according to the weather bureau in the city.

That was the highest official temperature in the 81 years since weather data were first compiled for the city.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the mercury also crept up beyond 37 degrees in Uljin (37.8 degrees), Milyang (37.6 degrees), Gyeongju (37.4 degrees), and Pohang (37.2 degrees), and to some 35 degrees in Jeonju (36.9 degrees), Daegu (36.8 degrees), Gangneung (35.9 degrees), and Daejeon (34.1 degrees).

Pedestrians shimmer in the heat haze as they cross a road in Yeouido, Seoul on Thursday (photo above).

In Seoul, the average daily temperature reached 32.8 degrees.

The heat wave has reduced the number of tourists to beaches or valleys