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Top Most Shocking Celebrity Stories Part 2

Baek Ji Young, Jay Park

In continuing from part 1 of the most shocking celebrity stories, we've got more shocking stories that you might not have known about starting with singer Baek Ji Young. For many of you folks who are young or just new to K-pop, Baek Ji Young, who is loved for her sex appeal, voice, and songs, once shamefully bowed out of the industry when a sex tape made its rounds on the Internet. Back in 2000, a sex tape was recorded secretly in a hotel room without Baek's approval or knowledge. Her manager then used it as blackmail if she ever decided to fire him when she reached the pinnacle of her career. The tape was leaked, and the singer spent 5 years away from the limelight until her comeback in 2006.

One of Korea's creepiest and downright most disgusting excuse for a human being, Jang Seok Woo was arrested for sexually assaulting female trainees at his entertainment agency, Open World Entertainment

Master’s Sun: Episode 1 Recap And Screenshot

A dark and stormy night. As a tired-looking woman plods over to sort garbage, the landlady finds her and calls out, “Tae yang! Ms. Tae!” thus establishing half of our primary drama pun early. (Taeyang = sun, Tae yang = Ms. Tae.)This is TAE GONG-SHIL (Gong Hyo-jin) and she does janitorial work in this building. She’s told to clean out Apartment 404, which has been vacated yet again, curiously unable to retain a tenant for long.Gong-shil isn’t thrilled about this assignment (and in fact looks on the verge of tears) but makes the trip up to Room 404, opening the door timidly. A flash of lightning illuminates a figure in white, but when Gong-shil flips on the lights, there’s nobody there. She starts cleaning, but the lights spark into darkness and the door slams shut. She screams, and out of nothingness a a white ghoulish face materializes to stare creepily

Two Weeks: Episode 1 Recap and Screenshot

A police van crosses the Han River in mid-day, as a man looks out the window. The Xs on the bridge turn into a caged reflection, and then we see his neck covered in strangle marks, and his hands cuffed together. He has flashes to a dead woman, and waking up next to her covered in blood.He screams at a man: “It wasn’t me!” A woman orders her minion to shut Jang Tae-san up for good.A woman drives down the street, wailing and sobbing uncontrollably. Her light turns red, but she guns it at the intersection, and sets off a chain reaction. One car swerves out of her way, and she passes the police van in slow motion. Ahead of them, another car swerves, and then another.And then BAM. A truck of doom hits the police van with such force that it turns over on its side. More cars screech to a halt, and finally a man on a motorcycle is the cherry atop this massive pileup

Girl's Day Interviews Hip Hop Legend Deux for 20th Anniversary Tribute Album

The adorable girls of Girl’s Day had a chance to interview Lee Hyun Do of the legendary hip hop duo Deux for Loen TV‘s Coming Soon Interview (C.S.I) series. 

Girl’s Day was connected to Lee Hyun Do by the unique method of paper cup phone. They asked Lee Hyun Do the difference between the original 1994 version of “In Summer” and the new 2013 version. The girls also revealed that their member Sojin participated in the remix version for the Deux 20th anniversary tribute album. Lee Hyun Do also chose which member was his favorite and who does a better version of “In Summer” between Minah and Sojin.

The music video for Sojin’s version of”In Summer” will be released on August 9

Joo Jin Mo Joins Ha Ji Won in Drama "Hwatu"

Ha Ji Won has found her leading man in Joo Jin Mo for the upcoming drama MBC “Hwatu.” This will be Joo Jin Mo’s return to television after focusing only on movies for the past four years.

Joo Jin Mo will play the role of the Goryeo’s 28th king, Chunghye. Chunghye is described as an intelligent and courageous ruler who is not afraid to confront the empire of Yuan that borders the Goryeo kingdom. He becomes embroiled in a love triangle with Empress Ki of Yuan, played by Ha Ji Won, and her husband, Emperor Soon Jae. 

Empress Ki was born in Goryeo but lived in the Yuan empire and rose to the position of empress. “Hwatu” will portray Empress Ki as a smart and influential figure that struggled to uphold Goryeo pride in a foreign land and to balance love and politics

The Master’s Sun Episode 1 Recap And Screenshot

It is a dark and stormy night. Hur, I can’t believe I get to use this sentence in earnest in a recap. Tae Gong Shil (I’ll use her nickname Taeyang which means the sun) is cleaning the apartment lobby when the landlady asks her to clean a certain room which constantly has new tenants. Taeyang looks uncomfortable doing it but trudges upstairs.

Taeyang enters the empty room and looks around fearfully. She turns on the lights and starts cleaning when suddenly the lights turn off. She can see a ghostly presence hovering in the corner.

The ghost zooms towards Taeyang and she scrambles out of the room and runs down the hallway. She runs up to the roof and into a small room. Taeyang holds the room door shut and yells for the ghost to go away.

The door stops moving and Taeyang sits down, only to turn around and see the ghost right behind her

A Pink's Jung Eun Ji Ate Six Servings of Meat in One Meal

A Pink‘s Jung Eun Ji confessed that she has quite a large appetite!

On August 6, Jung Eun Ji was a guest on the variety show, “1 vs. 100” and her past co-star from “Answer Me 1997,” No Ji Yeon revealed, “I ate with Jung Eun Ji once and she ate six portions of meat, two bowls of rice, kimchi stew and cola. Afterwards, she was thinking about what to have for dessert and she ate a waffle.”

After No Ji Yeon revealed this information, Jung Eun Ji laughed and said, “Unni, why did you come on this show?” as she confirmed the story to be true.

After this went on air, netizens have been digging up Jung Eun Ji’s past photos.

Despite her huge appetite, Jung Eun Ji’s high school photos showed that she was a cute and slim girl!

Netizens commented, “She’s so lucky that she’s skinny with that kind of appetite,” “Maybe she has a high metabolism,” and many more

Super Junior to Release ‘Super Junior’s Experience Korea’ Travel Book

Super Junior

Super Junior to Release 'Super Junior's Experience Korea' Travel Book

Group Super Junior will be releasing their travel book, 'Super Junior's Experience Korea NEWS+Seoul'.

This travel book will feature the groups journey across Korea from this past year. It will be filled with photos and stories of the members. The members have split into teams to travel to different parts of Korea.

Kyuhyun and Yesung traveled to Gyeongsangdo, Shindong and Eunhyuk to Choongchung and Jeollado, Siwon and Donghae to Gangwondo, Leeteuk and Ryeowook to Jeju Island and Kangin and Sungmin to Seoul.

They will be highlighting the many different parts of Korea through their travels.

This travel book will be available on August 16.

Jung In and Jo Jung Chi to Appear on ‘Running Man’

Jung in, Jo Jung Chi, SBS, Running Man, MBC, We Got Married

Jung In and Jo Jung Chi Are ‘Running Man’(s)

Long-time lovers Jung In and Jo Jung Chi will appear in SBS' entertainment program 'Good Sunday - Running Man.'

On a phone interview, the couple revealed, 'Today we are both going to be filming for 'Running Man.''

The pair are currently starring in MBC's  season 4 of 'We Got Married,' and are raising interest among fans by starring in 'Running Man' as well.

Jung In and Jo Jung Chi have been dating for the past eleven years. They piqued interest when they revealed on 'We Got Married' that they want to get married in the coming year.

You can look forward to seeing how well they get along on 'Running Man' not only with each other but with the other cast members as well

YG’s Kang Seung Yoon Is Scared of Big Bang’s Seungri

Kang Seung Yoon, Big Bang, Seungri, MBC Radio, YG Entertainment

YG’s Kang Seung Yoon Is Scared of Big Bang’s Seungri

Rookie singer Kang Seung Yoon admitted that Big Bang's Seungri was the scariest 'senior.'

Kang Seung Yoon starred on MBC Radio FM 4U's 'Noon's Hope Song is Kim Shin Young' on August 6. He admitted then that 'YG Entertainment's Big Bang Seungri intimidates me the most. He always encourages less experienced artists to do their best. He jokes around often, too.' He also said, 'I respect Tablo as a senior. He not only advises me musically, but he's the one person that looks out for me the most and cares for me.'

On the show he also admitted that there have been times when he has regretted choosing YG Entertainment as his home agency after starring on 'Superstar K.' He made another heartfelt confession, saying, 'When I first started practicing as a trainee, I was terrible at dancing