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Fan Club Builds 3rd Library In Honor Of JYJ Member Park Yoochun

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Fan Club Builds 3rd Library In Honor Of JYJ Member Park Yoochun

(Photo : KpopStarz) Fans of JYJ member Park Yoochun, continue to show their devotion to the idol-actor while he serves in the military.

On Oct. 21, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that Yoochun"s fan community "Blessing Yu Chun" donated 10 million KRW (about $9,000 USD) in cash and opened the third Park Yoochun library located on the island of Palgeumdo in the southwestern region of South Korea.

The fan group also donated 6,950 books.

The project is to benefit children living on the island who want to study, read books and watch movies, explained the community of devoted fans who are all over the age of 30, and is the group"s third library honoring Yoochun since their inception in 2010. In 2013, the first library opened in the island village of Jangsan Myeon. The second libraryopened on Heaksan Island in September of last year.

Park Yoochun and his JYJ group mates Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong, are also involved in many charitable projects. The singers have regularly participated in UNICEF fundraisersand have donated large sumsto help the underprivilaged and victims of natural distasters. Junsu also acts as captain of an all-celebrity charity soccer team.

Park Yoochun enlisted in the military on Aug. 27, and is currently serving as a public service worker at the Gangnam Gu municipal office.

Photo of JYJ’s Park Yoochun in army Schooling Camp Released

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Photo of JYJ’s Park Yoochun in Armed forces Practising Camp Released A photo of JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun, who currently enlisted for needed military service, has been released.

On September 1, the reliable website online of the navy training site released a photo that comes with Park Yoochun, and it's been impulsively making its rounds at the Internet.

In the photo, Park Yoochun looks good-looking as ever as he poses sternly in uniform.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun quietly enlisted on August 27, starting training at the Chungnam Nonsan training camp. After finishing up five weeks of military drills, he's going to whole his mandatory military carrier through alternative service. he's slated for discharge on August 27, 2017.

JYJ’s Park Yoochun Enlists in military and Posts Touching Letter and Video for Fans

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun Enlists in military and Posts Touching Letter and Video for Fans JYJ‘s Park Yoochun quietly enlisted in the army on August 27, yet he left some messages for his fans to cheer them up as they get ready to wait two years for his go back from his obligatory army duty.

His agency C-JeS Entertainment posted a video to their professional Instagram on August 27 that includes Park Yoochun in a vehicle announcing to the camera, “I’ll be back, bye!” and then laughing.

A video posted by way of C-JeS Entertainment (@cjes.tagram) on Aug 26, 2015 at 11:45pm PDT

JYJ’s professional Facebook posted a letter from Park Yoochun himself, in conjunction with a photo of him smiling in his new army hairdo. According to the caption at the above video on Instagram, he wrote this letter whilst in the auto at the style to the educational center. It reads as follows:

By the time this letter is posted, I’ll be at the educational center. Hmm.. is it ok if I discuss informally? Since we’ve known every other so long~ ^^

Hm. Prior to I entered the educational center, I didn’t in reality consider the army much at curious about a long time, till all of sudden I had those mind as i used to be doing interviews for pictorials and such. Thoughts like, ‘Wow, I’m in reality going to the army, I won’t be operating for a long time… I haven’t taken time without paintings work in a in reality long time…’ So that’s what made me feel like here's all real. I’ve known for decades that I’d must serve in the army around this time, yet once the time in reality got here it didn’t feel real. I decided that I wouldn’t have any regrets. I heard that a large number of fans were asking what I remorseful about the most. I know that you can’t fix things that you regret, so I believe it's far going to be higher to just focal point on what I’m thankful for in place of what I regret. I’ve been thinking that I’m so thankful to have gained such so much love, and to were ready to be so glad as I worked. Thank you so much^^

I can’t specific myself neatly and i have so much to say, yet I would like to mention that inside, I know the whole thing and feel it all. Thank you so much.

But I’ll attempt to reply to your questions. I attempted to select out a couple of of your questions to answer. What if I hadn’t been a celebrity? I believe I would were a composer, or perhaps a novelist..? Hmm.. I believe so.

A lot of other individuals asked what food I’m going to crave whilst I’m in training, yet Jaejoong says that the whole thing is scrumptious there, regardless of what it is. I believe there most likely won’t be anything in particular that I in reality would love to consume whilst I’m there.

To resolution the query about what sort of task I would love to do after I’m discharged, hmm.. some time back I had a couple of beverages with Kyung Goo, and I told him that after I’m discharged I without a doubt would love to movie a movie in combination with him. I have so much to be told as an actor, and he’s one of those sort hyung to me, so I believe I’d in reality love to do a task with him.

The user i'll pass over the maximum is at all times my father. As I transform an adult and feature increasingly responsibilities, there are more things that I would like to invite him. I would love to look him, yet because he isn't here anymore, I’m at all times lacking him.

The homework I’d give fans for their holiday is to be healthy and happy! I would love to be told Chinese, and I would love to read a large number of books.

Well then, are the ones answers enough? Jaejoong told me that he used to be decided to look my face for the closing time all through his break, yet in any case we were simplest ready to discuss at the phone. I would like to inform him that I’m so happy with him. And to Junsu, you're a chum that I truly like such so much and also my fellow member. You’ll be lonely all to your own, yet hang in there and ‘fighting’!

To my fans, I’m so grateful. I’ll be back soon secure and sound to make up for all your support. Yesterday, at the day before I enlist, i used to be in reality – what must I call it – calm, in addition excited and happy. It’s wonderful to satisfy new other individuals and feature new experiences. We won’t be ready to look every other for a little whilst – no, a long time, yet i am hoping that we’ll every have a wonderful time so that later on we will meet every other as even more mature people. Bye~~~~~~~~~~!!!! ^^”

Photos of the star as he entered the educational camp have also been shared online. It’s reported that just as he had planned, he didn’t stand in front of the fans or journalists who were waiting at the entrance, and as an alternative enlisted quietly. However, you'll see him waving with a large smile on his face at the crowd of fans, before taking a look a lot more serious as he salutes.

Take care of yourself, Park Yoochun!

JYJ Holds assembly with 10,000 Fanatics Prior to Park Yoochun Enlists on August 27

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JYJ Holds Meeting with 10,000 Lovers Earlier than Park Yoochun Enlists on August 27 JYJ‘s Junsu and Yoochun hosted the group’s annual “Membership Week” this year, whole with a two-week photo exhibition and a distinct meeting on August 25 with 10000 in their fans!

Member Jaejoong used to be not able to wait as he's these days serving in the military. As they opened the show, Junsu and Yoochun said, “It’s a disgrace that Jaejoong isn’t ready to be along side us here for the fourth ‘Membership Week.’”

During the fan meeting, the guys reminisced about old times whilst taking a look at pictures along side fans, played games, and acted out skits. Yoochun sang “A Space Left for You” from the “Miss Ripley” soundtrack, in addition his self-composed song “Walking With Her in the Spring.” Junsu sang “Butterfly” from his 3rd solo album, in addition a song from his fresh musical “Death Note.”

This used to be a specifically special match because Yoochun may be heading to the military on August 27 to meet his two years of obligatory army service. As soon as Yoochun’s remaining functionality ended, the target market started to sing JYJ’s “Boy’s Letter.” When he heard the sound of them singing, Yoochun returned to the level and it’s stated that he used to be moved to tears.

At the finish of the show, Yoochun said, “I say this a lot, yet I’m so touched at all times by means of all of the affection that you give us. Thank you for at all times loving JYJ, and i am hoping that the day will come soon when the 3 folks are in combination again. I believe I can keep in mind this song for a really, in reality long time. I’ll be back.”

Junsu also commented, “I think that it’s your strength that brought JYJ here to this place. Even though I stated ‘thank you’ several hundred times it wouldn’t be enough, yet each time I believe this thankful I stay seeking to specific it.”

The respectable JYJ Facebook page also uploaded a shot of Junsu and Yoochun on August 26.

Take just right care of yourself, Yoochun! We’re going to overlook you!

JYJ's Park Yoochun To Hold Last Fan Meeting Before Military Enlistment On August 25

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JYJ's Park Yoochun To Hold Last Fan Meeting Before Military Enlistment On August 25

TwoJYJmembers,Kim JunsuandPark Yoochun,will meet with their fans later this month prior to the latter"s military enlistment.

"Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu will meet with their fans at "2015 JYJ Membership Week" on August 25," said the group"s angency C-JeS Entertainment. "We decided to respect Park Yoochun"s wish to meet with fans early and enlist in the military without any events."

"The military also commented that interviews would be difficult, so his enlistment will be kept private," the statement continued. "We ask for JYJ fans" kind understanding in this matter."

Park Yoo Chun will enlist in the military on August 27. He will be JYJ"s second member to enlist, following Kim Jaejoong earlier this year.

JYJ Park Yoochun to Enlist for Obligatory army Provider Quietly in Overdue August

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JYJ Park Yoochun to Enlist for necessary Armed forces Service Quietly in past due August JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun will be enlisting for his mandatory military service quietly in late August.

Through an reputable press release, his agency C-JeS Entertainment announced that the megastar can be enlisting without any fanfare on August 27. The reputable observation read that the actor has voiced his need to enlist quietly in privacy.

They also announced that Yoochun and his crew member Kim Junsu can be conserving a fan assembly on August 25 prior to his enlistment, to proportion one final moment with the fanatics prior to his two-year duty.

Park Yoochun can be enlisting for his responsibility in the army at Chungnam Nonsan Working towards Camp on August 27.

Park Yoochun Sheds Tears During Last Fan Meeting In Japan Prior To Military Enlistment

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Park Yoochun Sheds Tears During Last Fan Meeting In Japan Prior To Military Enlistment

Park Yoochun met with over 24,000 fans in Yokohama on July 24 and shed emotional tears.

"Park Yoochun successfully wrapped up "2015 Park Yuchun Fan meeting Japan Tour ALL ABOUT YU" on July 23 at Yokohama Arena. Over 24,000 fans filled the arena and shouted his name for over 3 hours. Park Yoochun showed his professional side of him and made new memories with his fans until the very last moment," commented C-Jes Entertainment.

Park Yoochun opened the fan meeting with his self-composed track "Walking with Her in the Spring." He then unveiled brand new photos of himself and sang "Stand by Me" from the animation film Doraemon. Park Yoochun also caught his fans" attention with his fluent Japanese. He even surprised his fans with his Osaka dialect and foods that he made himself.

"I"m so happy right now. I still remember all the memories we shared in the past. I"ll remember today forever, and I hope you will remember today too. Let"s meet again as JYJ. Remember me, and remember JYJ. Thank you, take care of yourselves, and let"s meet again soon," commented Park Yoochun at the end of the concert.

The fans then surprised Yoochun with an event and sang JYJ"s "You"re" in Korean for him. They also flashed signs that read "We"ll wait for you." The event moved Park Yoochun"s heart and he shed emotional tears.

Park Yoochun and his fans closed the meeting by singing "Found" together. Park Yoochun then circled around the arena and shared parting words with his fans and promised his return with a smile.

Park Yoochun will attend "2015 JYJ Membership Week" on August 25 and enter the military on August 27.

JYJ Park Yoochun finds His Alcohol Tolerance and Talks military service in latest Interview

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JYJ Park Yoochun unearths His Alcohol Tolerance and Talks military carrier in latest Interview < robust>JYJ member and actor < robust>Park Yoochun lately sat down with media outlet < robust>daily Sports for a passod interview about his occupation thus a ways and his long term, over more than one beverages.

When asked about his alcohol tolerance, Yoochun admitted that he can drink about 3 to 4 bottles of soju, humorously adding, “I used so that you can drink a load more. Back then, wow.” He then chose < robust>Kim Jaejoong as being the robustest drinker in his workforce.

The interview went into intensity about his imp finishing crucial military service. “I’m now now not specifically unhappy. I’m just thinking, ‘everybody else is passing too.’ It mustn’t be any such giant deal.” He additional commented about how demanding he attempted to qualify for active service. “I’m now now not bluffing for the interviews, I actually did request a reexamination. I attempted to devour smartly and get fitter to enlist [as an active soldier]. but in spite of everything, the health center acknowledged I mayn’t. i used to be so disappointed. it appears that asthma is like rat poison in the navy. if you don't appear to be careful, it might be lifestyles-thrdevourening, so they told me I mayn’t do it.”

The interview also printed Yoochun’s despite the fact thatts about his occupation. On having a solo album, he acknowledged, “I do wish to check out, but it feels as despite the fact that making a song is anything that [the alternative] individuals must do. I don’t think it’s what I wish to be grasping about. I at all times have plans, but i will be ready to’t appear to act on them.”

Yoochun gave the impression to be very down-to-earth about his long term as he truthfully printed his plans for the long term. “I wish to head down actually smartly. I’m making ready to aim this at this time. by happening, I don’t mean leaving this industake a look at, but i suspect I’ve reached my height as a singer and an actor. i suspect it's passing to be tough to care for that. So I wish to get down as easiest as i will be ready to. That’s my homework for the long term.”

Yoochun will be enlisting for his crucial military service in August.

Yoochun"s brother Park Yoo Hwan to make his big screen debut with film "Musudan"

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Park Yoo Hwan, who might still be more known as JYJ Yoochun"s brother, is making a name for himself with each added production. He"s now making his big screen debut in the film "Musudan"!

His agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, "Park Yoo Hwan has been confirmed to act in the film "Musudan". As this is his big screen debut, he will do his best to show a new side of himself."

The film is a mystery thriller about the GOP (General Out Post). Park Yoo Hwan will take on the role of a soldier and "Musudan" will begin filming very soon.

Congrats to Park Yoo Hwan for picking up his first big screen role!

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JYJ's Park Yoochun Visits Japan For ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ Fan Meeting

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JYJ's Park Yoochun Visits Japan For ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ Fan Meeting

(Photo : C-Jes Entertainment)

JYJ member Park Yoochun went to Japan to attend the fan meeting for the SBS drama The Girl Who Sees Smells.

"Park Yoochun went to Japan on June 22 to attend the drama fan meeting. Fans who heard about his visit came to Haneda Airport to welcome him and he warmly exchanged greetings with them," commented C-Jes Entertainment.

About 500 Japanese fans rushed in to see Park Yoochun at the airport and shouted his name. Some held up posters of the drama The Girl Who Sees Smellsand some screamed Park Yoochun"s famous line from the drama "Chua!" and proved that they have been keeping up with Park Yoochun"s works despite the fact that the drama has never been released in Japan.

Park Yoochun, in return, held up a V sign toward his fans and drew hot responses by interacting with them before leaving the airport.

Park Yoochun successfully wrapped up the fan meeting on June 23.