Park Yoochun Changes The Location Of His Wedding Because Of Sasaeng Fans

Park Yoochun Changes The Location Of His Wedding Because Of Sasaeng Fans

JYJ’s Yoochun recently announced his plan to marry his fiance Hwang Hana. Recently, he just changed the location of the wedding due to many fans trying to witness the event.

Yoochun was a former member of TVXQ. After leaving the group and SM Entertainment, he decided to form JYJ with the two members who also left TVXQ. Besides singing, he has done acting in many dramas. He has many fans to support him in his career.

Yoochun recently got a problem with a sex assault scandal. There were four women accusing him of sex assaults. He was really depressed at that time and kept on telling that he was guilty. Some fans even left him due to this case. But then, he could prove that he was innocent and he got free from all the charges, AllKpopreported.

He is now serving for his army duty and he just made everyone surprised with his sudden announcement about his marriage. His agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said that Park Yoochun would marry his non-celebrity girlfriend this fall, Soompireported.

Based on the report, Yoochun had grown a love for Hwang Hana because she was always there when Yoochun had his hard times. He plans to have his wedding at Seoul’s S Hotel on Sep. 10. He will marry Hwang Hana after finishing his army duty in August.

But, there have been many fans reserving seats in Yoochun’s wedding because the place for the wedding was revealed. Park Yoochun said that he wanted to have a quiet private wedding. Thus, he changed the location into a wedding hall in Gangnam District, AllKpopreported.

With this, he hopes that fans do not go too far on his wedding. There have been many reports of Sasaeng fans of idols. They appear to keep following the idols and disturb their privacies. But artists have their private lives too and sometimes they can feel disturbed. For the wedding, Park Yoochun wishes that it will run well.

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