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Which idols successfully turn into actors?

It”s rare these days for a drama not to have an idol in at least a small supporting role or appearing in a cameo. But which idols would you say has already made the most successful transition from singing to acting?

Idols who are now thought of as actors include Kim Hyun Joong, Ok Taecyeon, Chansung, Suzy Bae, IU, and Kim Jaejoong. Sometimes the transition is almost seamless but occasionally the idols face daunting criticism.

In terms of the smoothest transition, and the level of acclaim, “Three Days” star Park Yoochun probably should take top honors.

With his very first drama, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” he earned rave reviews. And by his second drama, he was sure acting was going to work out.

“Acting is very interesting,” he said. “Through Rooftop Prince I was happy to learn how interesting it could be to express the character

“Three Days” Park Yoochun’s Fans Go to Crazy Lengths to Show Their Love

JYJ’s Park Yoochun, starring in the drama “Three Days,” has brought about a magnificent fandom for the ‘Tae man’ in China, once again realizing the scope of his popularity.

On April 15, C-JeS Entertainment said, “In China, Park Yoochun’s popularity is explosive. Putting together ‘Tae’ from his ‘Three Days’ character name Han Tae Kyung and the word ‘man,’ the term ‘Tae man’ was coined. On major Chinese portal site Baidu, the members in Park Yoochun’s fan community number 230,000.”

Such is the power of the lead actor in a series. With Park Yoochun’s popularity, fans in China gathered roughly 200 million won (approx.. $192,000) and bought a billboard by the front gate of a shopping center in Beijing. On the billboard that spans roughly 10,700 square feet, the fans wrote, “365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds

“Three Days” tops the rating chart in its time slot


With the departure of front runner “Inspiring Generation,” Park Yoochun”s political thriller “Three Days” came out ahead.

The competition between those dramas has been intense and they”ve alternated taking first place. But now that “Inspiring Generation” has ended, nothing can stop “Three Days.” Not only is the show a hit in Korea but it”s the next big Hallyu hit in China.

The drama reached 12 percent in the ratings by its second day, up from 11.3 percent on Wednesday. The drama previously recorded ratings of 12.9 percent but it hasn”t reached 12 percent in a while.

There are only four episodes left and Park Yoochun, playing presidential bodyguard Han Tae Kyung, is still not completely sure who to trust. He trusted the president, played by Son Hyun Joo, and then he learned that he was involved in an incident that cost innocent civilian lives

“Three Days” follows the success of “The Heirs” and “You Came From The Stars” in China


“The Heirs” and “You Who Came From The Stars” were bigger hits in China than anyone expected.

“You Who Came From The Stars” had over two billion views in China, sparked government discussions about the future of Chinese entertainment and inspired such trends as eating the fried chicken and beer enjoyed by one of the show”s characters. The drama, which starred Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun inspired an obsessive following.

Before that “The Heirs,” starring Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Choi Jin Hyuk, had as many as one billion views on Youku, China”s biggest video streaming site. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye were already popular in China before “The Heirs” but the drama further boosted their popularity. Park Shin Hye plans to make several stops in China on her next world tour

Korean Actresses Who Experiennce Their First Kiss On TV


How might it feel to have your first kiss with strangers watching and the cameras rolling? That has happened to some k-drama actresses and probably a few actors too, although actresses seem more willing to confess as much.

Actress Nam Ji Hyun recently revealed that her first kiss took place in the new drama “Angel Eyes,” and happened with her drama co-star Kang Ha Neul. The kiss happened in the first episode. It was meant to be the character”s first kiss but it was also the first real kiss for the former child actress.

Some might say that she kissed Kim Soo Hyun in “Will It Snow For Christmas?” And yet others who observe such things closely say the two only placed their lips together, so that kiss doesn”t really count.

“Angel Eyes” staff members reported that the actress was nervous about kissing Kang Ha Neul and her nerves helped make the scene more realistic

So E Hyun and In Kyo Jin to tie their knot in October

It took So E Hyun and In Kyo Jin a decade to realize they were right for each other but almost no time after that to set a date for their wedding. TV Report broke the news this week that the actors were dating and barely a day later, it was announced that they would marry. A date had already been decided on.

So E Hyun, 30, and actor In Kyo Jin, 34, have known each other for more than a decade. They played a couple in the 008 SBS daily drama “Aeja”s Older Sister Minja” and again in the 2012 JTBC drama “Happy Ending.” They even filmed a wedding scene in one of their dramas.

But their drama wedding turned out to be a dramaland rehearsal for the real thing.

So E Hyun, who currently stars in “Three Days” with Park Yoochun, and In Kyo Jin, who will soon appear in “Tears of Heaven,” plan to be married on Oct

Yeo Jin Goo to star alongside Lee Min Ki in the film “Shoot My Heart”

Popular child actor Yeo Jin Goo is all grown up and making a name for himself. His newest role will be playing a boy with a suicidal mother in the film “Shoot My Heart.”

The film is based on the literary price-winning 2009 book “Shoot My Heart” by author Jung Yoo Jung. Yeo Jin Goo plays one of two young men in a mental hospital. He has developed a phobia about scissors which relates to the guilt he feels over his mother”s suicide attempt.

Lee Min Ki will play his fellow inmate, the heir Seung Min. Lee Min Ki”s character does not actually have any psychiatric problems but his family had him committed so they could steal his inheritance. The friendship between the two young men helps them become more confident. This newfound confidence leads them to escape the asylum.

In the film both characters are meant to be 25

Kim Hyun Joong shares his thoughts after the end of “Inspiring Generation”

“When somebody watches my performance, I always want to show everybody that I am able to act and perform my portrayals very well.” – Kim Hyun Joong

The KBS2 drama Inspiring Generation just ended last April 3, 2014 with its 24th episode. After the cast bid their last farewell, Kim Hyun Joong was interviewed about how he differentiates his real personality apart from the characters he had portrayed. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong also talks about his thoughts and feeling after the drama ended.

Real point of view and style toward love and relationships

“The main characters in the previous dramas I’ve portrayed were quite different. Shin Jeong Tae in ‘Inspiring Generation’ revealed a very bold and strong character and this actually transformed me from something I haven’t done before

Kim Hyun Joong shares his thoughts on Kim Soo Hyun and drama success

After “Inspiring Generation” ended Kim Hyun Joong had some time to discuss the drama”s competition, the mega-hit “You Who Came From The Stars” and its star Kim Soo Hyun.

Even before “Inspiring Generation” aired, Kim Hyun Joong was sure the alien-human romance would be more popular because he said that Kim Soo Hyun was a more popular actor.

“Although we are with the same agency, he is the popular star,” said Kim Hyun Joong, who is represented by Key East Entertainment.

He said that the star power behind “You Who Came From The Stars” made him feel uneasy. Kim Soo Hyun”s most recent film “Secretly, Greatly” was wildly successful as was his last drama “The Moon Embracing The Sun.”

And as far as ratings went, “You Who Came From The Stars” ruled while they were briefly in competition

Playing Tough Guys Becomes A Hot Trend For Korean Actors

This was the year when quite a few stars known for their gentle onscreen personalities tried playing tough guy roles.

Perhaps the most macho transformation of all was Kim Hyun Joong”s. K-drama viewers first met him on the small screen as the sensitive, violin playing Yun Ji Hu in “Boys Over Flowers.” While Ji Hu hung out with a mean crowd, he was the sensitive one. His character in “Playful Kiss” was not as nice but still had that same “pretty” look. Then came his role “Inspiring Generation.”

To achieve the compact body of street fighter Shin Jung Tae, the singer-actor worked out for months, using training techniques from the era. His character is often bruised, cut and bleeding. He barely heals from one fight before he takes on a new challenge. And he”s scarred emotionally as well. But fans seemed to relate to the new Kim Hyun Joong as well as they did to his softer side