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Jay Park calls out web page for the usage of his photo on a drug scandal post

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Jay Park calls out web page for the usage of his photo on a drug scandal post

Jay Park called out a undeniable site for driving his photo as the header to a drug scandal post.

The site had used pictures of Jay Park and Dok2 for their post on Korean rappers being focused on a drug scandal. In response, he angrily tweeted, "Trying to be a competent new"s sic source yet they post our pic"s sic implying that it"s us when it ain"t."

He added, "Get yo fact"s immediately prior to you not directly come with us in some bullshit we ain"t concerned in~ aight now back to being a success #aomgilli".

His label said, "Jay Park isn"t associated with the drug scandal at all. We don"t know this site at all, and we can"t get into touch with them because they"re now not a Korean site. It"s very shocking."

Currently, the site has taken down Jay Park and Dok2"s photos as the header.

JYJ Park Yoochun finds His Alcohol Tolerance and Talks military service in latest Interview

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JYJ Park Yoochun unearths His Alcohol Tolerance and Talks military carrier in latest Interview < robust>JYJ member and actor < robust>Park Yoochun lately sat down with media outlet < robust>daily Sports for a passod interview about his occupation thus a ways and his long term, over more than one beverages.

When asked about his alcohol tolerance, Yoochun admitted that he can drink about 3 to 4 bottles of soju, humorously adding, “I used so that you can drink a load more. Back then, wow.” He then chose < robust>Kim Jaejoong as being the robustest drinker in his workforce.

The interview went into intensity about his imp finishing crucial military service. “I’m now now not specifically unhappy. I’m just thinking, ‘everybody else is passing too.’ It mustn’t be any such giant deal.” He additional commented about how demanding he attempted to qualify for active service. “I’m now now not bluffing for the interviews, I actually did request a reexamination. I attempted to devour smartly and get fitter to enlist [as an active soldier]. but in spite of everything, the health center acknowledged I mayn’t. i used to be so disappointed. it appears that asthma is like rat poison in the navy. if you don't appear to be careful, it might be lifestyles-thrdevourening, so they told me I mayn’t do it.”

The interview also printed Yoochun’s despite the fact thatts about his occupation. On having a solo album, he acknowledged, “I do wish to check out, but it feels as despite the fact that making a song is anything that [the alternative] individuals must do. I don’t think it’s what I wish to be grasping about. I at all times have plans, but i will be ready to’t appear to act on them.”

Yoochun gave the impression to be very down-to-earth about his long term as he truthfully printed his plans for the long term. “I wish to head down actually smartly. I’m making ready to aim this at this time. by happening, I don’t mean leaving this industake a look at, but i suspect I’ve reached my height as a singer and an actor. i suspect it's passing to be tough to care for that. So I wish to get down as easiest as i will be ready to. That’s my homework for the long term.”

Yoochun will be enlisting for his crucial military service in August.

Jay Park has a water gun battle in latest "My Last" teaser images

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Jay Park has a water gun battle in latest

Jay Park has gotten fans into even more of a tizzy with new teasers.

The AOMG leader posted two new shots on his official Facebook. The first has him sitting atop a while speed boat looking like the boss he is in coral shorts and body-hugging surf shirt. The second image has him playing with water guns in a fun battle with friends. Both shots give the impression that this will be another fun, carefree MV from the multi-talented Jay Park.

"My Last" featuresLOCO and GRAY, and is produced by Cha Cha Malone.Watch out for "My Last" on July 17th when it drops at midnight!

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Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye"s scandal, hands all over

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Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye

While Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye are currently swept away in a scandal, how were they on the drama set?

SBS "TV News At Night" delivered news about their scandal and how they got along while they filmed the drama "Pinocchio".

During an interview with "TV News At Night" before the drama, Park Shin-hye had said, "I"ve never seen an actor this pretty" and Lee Jong-suk also said, "I think Park Shin-hye is really pretty".

Park Shin-hye also said, "I"ve had tough times when I don"t get along with my male partner but not with Lee Jong-suk".

On the set of the drama, Park Shin-hye continued to smile even after the "cut" sign and Lee Jong-suk was seen organizing her hair for her.

They seemed very natural "touching" each other like that. Lee Jong-suk claimed he has fear of attention and when the camera got close to them he held onto Park Shin-hye and said, "I need someone to rely on".

Lee, Park engulfed in love scandal

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Lee, Park engulfed in love scandal

Model-turned-actor Lee Jong-suk and actress Park Shin-hye have been engulfed by a love scandal since Wednesday morning.However, both sides denied their relationship later the same day, saying, "Park and Lee are really close friends, so they sometimes meet personally. They are definitely not dating".The scandal was aroused when an online entertainment media outlet reported that the two celebrities have developed into lovers after starring in SBS drama series "Pinocchio", aired from 2014 to January of this year. It went on to say the actor and the actress have been dating for around four months.The outlet also said the two have gone on some international dates. The two reportedly went to London in March for a shoot with fashion magazine InStyle. Additionally, when Lee visited Hawaii to participate in a shoot for magazine Allure, Park went there around the same time. In response to the scandal, myriad articles speculating on their relationship have appeared on the Internet. Various pictures of Park taken alongside Lee that were posted on the actress" personal SNS over the past few months are being especially scrutinized. By Jin Min-ji

Park Bo Young has been seen moving forward with co-star called Jo Jung Suk in the latest teaser for the show called "Oh my ghost"

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Park Bo Young Is Hilariously Forward with Jo Jung Suk in Oh My Ghost Teaser The first glimpse at the upcoming tvN drama Oh My Ghost has arrived in the form of a great fifteen second teaser that shows a lot about the relationship between the two main characters!

The drama stars Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk in the leading roles. Park Bo Young is playing the character of Nah Bong Sun, a restaurant kitchen assistant who has a crush on her boss. Her crush is none other than Kang Sun Woo, an arrogant chef who is played by Jo Jung Suk.

Nah Bong Sun is so shy that she has no close friends, and she lacks confidence at work because of her clumsiness. But most importantly, she also has the ability to see ghosts! When she becomes possessed by a virgin ghost with a very dirty mind named Shin Soon Ae, her personality does a complete 180-degree turn.

The new teaser shows Park Bo Young playing the seductress ghost Shin Soon Ae (in Nah Bong Suns body of course) as she tries to convince Kang Sun Woo that they should sleep together. At first, he suggests that they should go to her place to have a drink, and she agrees right awaybut also adds, And I want to do it.

He gets angry, but shes insistent. You dont have a girlfriend, right? she says. I dont have a boyfriend! And I like you!

As hes simply speechless, she presses him, Is this your first time? Havent you ever tried it?

A member of the production team for Oh My Ghost has promised, Youll be able to see a new side of Park Bo Young.

The director Yoo Je Won says about this teaser, We were doing it in a relaxed way with the intention of it just being a trial filming, but the video was made a lot more fun by the actors realistic performances.

Its reported that there will be a full three minute version of this clip released in the future. The drama will begin airing on July 3 on tvN.

Jay Park appeared to have tuned up heat in the Latest teasers for the music video designed specifically for the song called “Sex Trip”

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Jay Park Dials Up the Heat in MV Teasers for “Sex Trip” Jay Park has dropped two music video teasers for his first official English single “Sex Trip.”

On the latest post on his Facebook page, Jay Park writes about “Sex Trip,” “DON’T JUST LISTEN TO IT, DON’T JUST WATCH IT EXPERIENCE IT~!!!”

In the teasers, Jay Park dials up the heat as he gets flirty and cozy with a girl at a vacation resort, clothing optional. The lyrics are just as risqué, “Your ass will go up, and your face will go down.”

Meanwhile, “Sex Trip” is slated for a worldwide iTunes release on May 8. The song is produced by Gray, and the music video is directed by Jinooya.

A video posted by Jay Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on May 6, 2015 at 3:16am PDT

A video posted by Jay Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on May 3, 2015 at 3:44am PDT

Loco Joins Jay Park to Represent AOMG on “Show Me the Money 4″

Amber Says Jay Park Is Too Gangster to Be Her Type On “Radio Star”

Park Shin Hye Is Chic And Stylishy Aloof In Her Latest Bruno Magli Pictorial

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On May 14, Italian luxury brand Bruno Magli released the latest pictorial which features Park Shin Hye. The full pictorial was published by the Korean outlet Money Week, in an article which bore the headline, "Park Shin Hye "Who Are You Waiting For?" In Your Pictorial."

The photo shoot takes on a different aspect of her personality, conjuring the disaffected imagery of paparazzi shots. Park is known for her exhuberant smile but the pictorial evokes the emotional range that has been displayed by the award-winning actress in Korean dramas including "The Heirs" and "Pinocchio."

Park Shin Hye for Bruno Magli. (Photo : Bruno Magli ) Park has followed the success of "Pinocchio" with magazine pictorials, endorsement shoots and a fan meeting tour. Her endorsement activities include an upcoming fan meet for Mind Bridge, a clothing line she represents and an appperance in Ceci Campus.

The fashion forward star was recently spotted at a gala for Chanel cruisewear with her "Pinocchio" co-star, Lee Jong Suk.

She is nominated in the Best Actress in Television in the51st Baeksang Arts Awardsfor her "Pinocchio" role and she continues to dominate the competition in the Most Popular Actress in Film category with 95 percent of votes. In 2011, she received the Most Popular Actress in Film award for her role in "Cyrano Agency." She followed this honor by receiving the Most Popular Actress in Drama award for her role in the 2012 musical series, "Heartstrings." She was also a recipient of the Most Popular Actress in Film award in 2013 for her portrayal of Ye Sung in the hit family film, "Miracle in Cell No. 7."

The 25-year-old actress has served as a spokesmodel for the brand since 2014. Her pictorial release coincides with her upcoming Bruno Magli fan meeting, which will be held in Myeongdong on May 15.


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Park Soo Jin blooms in latest "Cosmopolitan"

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Park Soo Jin blooms in latest

Actress Park Soo Jin bloomed in a recent pictorial shoot with "Cosmopolitan", flaunting her slim S-line figure with a lacy black dress to match her captivating beauty.

In the pictorial, the actress was seen draped in three different types of spring dresses mixed with minimal jewelry to maintain a natural look all the while exuding feminine qualities. 

According to staff members on set, Park Soo Jin showed off her innocent and pure charms as well as unique and quirky personality.

Check out some of Park Soo Jin"s cuts for "Cosmopolitan" below!

Park Ha Sun And Ryu Soo Young Are The Latest K-Drama Couple

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Park Ha Sun And Ryu Soo Young Are The Latest K-Drama Couple

Although news of the relationship between Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae generated headlines this weekend, they were not the only k-drama couple to go public with their relationship.

Park Ha Sun and her "Two Weeks" co-star Ryu Soo Young have admitted that they are dating.

The actors confirmed their relationship after the Korean magazine "Woman Sense" published an article saying that they started seeing each other a year after they worked together on "Two Weeks." The article said that Ryu Soo Young wanted to reveal the relationship but Park Ha Sun wanted to be careful. So he honored her wishes.

According to his agency, Will Entertainment, the couple has been dating for more than five months.

"We don"t know if they"re thinking of marriage but they are happily dating," said a Will Entertainment representative.

According to her agency, SL Entertainment, the actors naturally became a couple after meeting on the set of a drama.

When the actors appeared in the thriller "Two Weeks," Park Ha Sun played the ex of Lee Jun Ki"s loser character. Until he showed up in her life again, she was dating the detective Im Seung Woo played by Ryu Soo Young. Im was a supportive boyfriend unlike her ex. But at the drama"s end she chose her reformed ex over the supportive second lead. In dramas that"s nothing new but in real life, Park Ha Sun chose Ryu Soo Young.

Both actors have been busy since they appeared in "Two Weeks." He played Han Gwang Hoon in the drama "Endless Love" and now he"s playing Park Hyun Seo in the vampire medical drama "Blood."

Park Ha Sun has been even busier than her boyfriend. She followed "Two Weeks" with roles in "Potato Star 2013QR3" and "Drama Festival "Yi Sang, That Yi Sang." Then she played Park Yoochun"s police officer friend in the thriller "Three Days" and Kwon Sang Woo"s unforgiving wife in the melodrama "Tempation."

The actors also both appeared on the variety program "Real Men." Ryu Soo Young was one of the show"s original members. He encouraged Park Ha Sun to appear on the female soldier special. After recommending that she take the part, he offered her advice and tips to survive the show. Fans are already calling them the "Real Man" couple.

Ryu Soo Young previously said that Park Ha Su was his ideal woman.

Park was rumored to be dating actor Ryu Deok Hwan, although she said they were merely childhood friends. Park and Ryu Deok Hwan played siblings in the movie "The Last Blossom."