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Park Gun Hyung yells for his girlfriend on "Real Men"

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Park Gun Hyung yells for his girlfriend on

Park Gun Hyung cried out for his girlfriend on the latest episode of "Real Men"!

Doing the "trust pole" exercise - where recruits fall backward from an elevated pole, trusting their teammates to catch them - the instructor asked him if he was thinking of anyone special

When Park Gun Hyung replied he was thinking about his girlfriend, the instructor told him to yell a message to her as loudly as he could! 

He gladly obliged, yelling "I love you forever!" at the top of his lungs before taking the leap of faith.

Park Gun Hyung Reveals His Love Story With His Girlfriend on “Real Men”

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Park Gun Hyung Reveals His Love Story With His Girlfriend on “Real Men” Actor Park Gun Hyung revealed the juicy love stories with his girlfriend to the other members on “Real Men“. It’s not easy to officially announce his relationship with his girlfriend since he’s a celebrity, but Park Gun Hyung courageously revealed the love letter and their love story, gaining a lot of attention within the room.

On May 25, MBC‘s “Real Men” was aired where Park Gun Hyung received a letter from his girlfriend before going to sleep.

Park Gun Hyung showed pride in his girlfriend as he received this unexpected letter. The other members asked him to reveal the letter and were able to restrain Park Gun Hyung as he tried to read the letter by himself.

In the end, Park Gun Hyung was persuaded and revealed the letter. In the letter, his girlfriend’s affection could be seen through her pretty handwriting. The members cringed as they read her feminine, yet interesting expressions such as, “I miss my love,” “The worry fruit is as ripe as ever. I’m asleep because I got tired from eating,” “I’m your gum.”

Park Gun Hyung revealed the first time he met his girlfriend by saying, “I met her by chance at a gathering and when I first saw her, I went up to her, and asked if she had a boyfriend. She didn’t even like me all that much. I kept on meeting her to show my affection. We started meeting during December of last year. She’s 11 years younger than me.”

The affection he had towards his girlfriend could be seen in his eyes. His eyes were filled with tears as Kim Soo Ro read the letter aloud. Earlier that day, Park Gun Hyung called his girlfriend, and the reason why she didn’t pick-up was for this event, making Park Gun Hyung touched by her actions. He was even happier when he found out that she wrote the letter with the pen that he bought her.

Through this letter, a new side of Park Gun Hyung was shown. Usually, he would show his brotherly, yet manly side when he’s with the members, but in front of his girlfriend’s letter, she changed into a soft and tenderhearted man. People are looking forward to the possibility of Park Gun Hyung having the “Romanticist” character in the military variety show.

Park Shin Hye Shows The Real Paris In Elle

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Park Shin Hye Shows The Real Paris In Elle

Elle magazine celebrated its 23rd birthday by putting one of the country"s top actresses on the cover! Park Shin Hye starred in "Bonjour! My Lovely Friends!" for the November issue. Instead of posing in front of the Eiffel Tower or getting lost in a tourist favorite spot, the star took pictures with the locals. According to the magazine, Park"s "gentleness and affinity made her quick friends with the strangers. Park Shin Hye made warm autumn more beautiful and she made Paris shine brighter."

The beauty"s extra special wardrobe was from Chanel"s Spring 2016 collection. Park was one of the celebrity guests at the fashion show when it took place at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. For the cover, she wore a little black dress with a dramatic side cover decorated with gold flowers. The dress can be seen below in greater detail.

On top of the sheer dress, Park wore an embellished blouse with an oversized collar. That look can be appreciated below as well.

In other fashion news, Park Shin Hye recently posed for Bruno Magli"s Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Her agency also confirmed that she"ll be starring in the upcoming film Hyung, along with Jo Jung Suk and EXO"s D.O.

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Are 'Pinocchio' Stars Lee Jong Suk And Park Shin Hye Dating In Real-Life?

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Are 'Pinocchio' Stars Lee Jong Suk And Park Shin Hye Dating In Real-Life?

On July 1, dating rumors surrounding "Pinocchio" stars Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye exploded throughout the internet, following the release of an exclusive report from the Korean outlet Disptach.

According to the exclusive report, the Hallyu stars were spotted by Dispatch while they were allegedly on dates. Over the course of three months, Dispatch compiled photos of the pair. The outlet alleges that it witnessed the stars dating in various locations, both overseas and in Korea.

Nate provided further examination of the report, which claimed that the actors were engaging in car dates within Porche owned by Lee Jong Suk.

To substantiate their claims, Dispatch quoted a source which is allegedly close to the stars. "Magazine shoots generally conclude in a few days," said the unnamed source. "The rest of the time is free."

This statement was utilized to justify what would possibly be the time that allowed the busy actors to date. However, representatives for both stars have denied the reports.

In an official statement published by Newsen, representatives for Park Shin Hye denied that she was dating Lee Jong Suk. "Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are close friends, who have met in private," said a representative for Park"s ageny, S.A.L.T Entertainment.

However, the representative noted that there was a need to check for further information.

The sought-after actors generated buzz after starring in the hit SBS drama, "Pinocchio." Park is known for being hesitant during on-screen kisses but demonstrated strong chemistry with Lee.

The on-screen couple also developed into a popular endorsement couple, through their ads for the outdoors wear company, Millet.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think the "Pinocchio" stars are dating?

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han have stunned people when looking like a real couple when taking part in the show called “Ex-Girlfriend Club”

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Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Look Like Real Couple in Ex-Girlfriend Club On the upcoming episode of the new drama Ex-Girlfriend Club, Song Ji Hyo (playing Kim Soo Jin) and Byun Yo Han (playing Bang Myung Soo) are enjoying a lovely date underneath a tree.

Love is in the air for these two, looking like a real couple, thanks to their great chemistry with each other during filming. All these romantic, cute scenes are making the viewers excited for the upcoming episode.

Ex-Girlfriend Club Producer Yoon Hyun Ki states, Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Hans convincing acting skills make them look like theyre really in a relationship. Their innocent and beautiful scenes will continue in episode two and will make the audiences hearts flutter.

This upcoming episode will air on May 9 at 8:30 p.m. KST.

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Go on a Cherry Blossom Date for “Ex-Girlfriend Club”

Park Hyun Bin to Marry His Girlfriend After Dating in Secret for 5 Years

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Park Hyun Bin to Marry His Girlfriend After Dating in Secret for 5 Years

Trot singer Park Hyun Bin will soon be marrying his girlfriend after dating for five years.

On May 20, the singer’s agency, H.I Entertainment, revealed that Park Hyun Bin is planning to hold his wedding ceremony with Miss Kim, who is four years his junior, this coming August 8 at the Walker Hill Hotel located in Gwangjin District.

According to a representative of the agency, Park Hyun Bin built up his relationship with his girlfriend, a non-celebrity that majored in traditional Korean dance, over the past five years in secret.

The agency rep explained, “The reason Park Hyun Bin kept his relationship a secret was solely out of consideration for his bride-to-be. As it comes with the job of a celebrity, it is true that he worried about the public’s great interest becoming too much pressure and a burden for his girlfriend.

He asks for people’s generous understanding for making it known only after confirming their wedding date. Please congratulate the marriage between the bride that always stayed by Park Hyun Bins side when he went through hard times and the groom that has loved her unchangingly.

[Park Hyun Bin] thanks all those who have shown love for him, and we ask that you continue to show love and support for singer Park Hyun Bin and husband Park Hyun Bin in the future.”

Congratulations to the couple!

Park from g.o.d. to marry his girlfriend

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Park from g.o.d. to marry his girlfriend

Park Jun-hyung from the K-pop group g.o.d. will tie the knot with his girlfriend, a flight attendant. According to a person affiliated with Park"s agency, SidusHQ, on Monday, the 45-year-old rapper will marry his fiancee, who is 13 years younger than him, on June 26."He is taking wedding photos today and we will announce further details about his wedding later on", the source said. Park went public with his relationship during season two of the SBS reality program "Roommate" in December. During the show, he mentioned that he and his girlfriend get along very well and that she has a bright personality. The singer made his debut in 1998 as a member of g.o.d., a group that is well-known for many hit songs, including "Lie" and "Dear Mother". After the release of g.o.d."s seventh album in 2005, Park left Korea for the United States to pursue his career as an actor. He appeared in the Hollywood film "Dragonball Evolution" in 2009. Park returned to Korea to reunite with g.o.d. members in 2013 and since then has been actively appearing in various reality TV programs such as "First Day of Work" (2014) and "Animals" (2015).By Jin Min-ji

GOT7"s Jackson features in 15& Park Ji Min"s "Hopeless Love" in a "Real Jimin" episode?

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15&"s Park Ji Min recently released her beautiful song "Hopeless Love", leading her to start her solo "Real Jimin" video series!

The first episode featured Eric Nam and U-KISS" Kevin, and her recently released second episode featured none other than the always-entertaining GOT7"s Jackson. You can tell the two are close friends as they speak in informal speech to each other and can"t stop smiling and laughing. Jackson said that he saw the beautiful Park Ji Min in her new music video, but wasn"t able to actually hear her new song because the volume wasn"t working properly.

However, Jackson still joins Park Ji Min in her impromptu performance of "Hopeless Love" with her amazing vocals despite there being no MR and despite Jackson distracting her with his funny actions. Jackson also "featured" in the performance with his ad-libs, freestyle rap, and some screaming.

Check out the video for yourself above! In the end, Jackson says that the two should perform like this on broadcast. Would you like to see the two perform together on a music show?

Bonus: Watch the first episode here if you haven"t already!

A "Real Men" couple is born! Ryu Soo Young & Park Ha Sun admit to being in a relationship

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Park Ha Sun and Ryu Soo Young have admitted to their relationship!

The magazine "Women Sense" reported the pair"s relationship, stating that the two have been dating for a year now. They"re thinking of marriage, and have just recently told their friends and family about their relationship.

Ryu Soo Young"s label admitted the relationship and said, "They"re been dating officially since 5 months ago. We don"t know if they"re thinking of marriage, but they"re dating happily." The two were on the drama "Two Weeks" together, and, albeit separately, were also on "Real Men"!

Ryu Soo Young was one of the original "Real Men" members, and Park Ha Sun was most recently on the female soldier special. Park Ha Sun actually sent a leter to Ryu Soo Young while he was on the show, and it"s now been revealed that Ryu Soo Young recommended that she go on the show and supported her endlessly.

Congratulations to the couple!

Ex-MBLAQ's Thunder Challenges Himself in Acting Arena with his Real Name, Park Sang Hyun

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Ex-MBLAQ's Thunder Challenges Himself in Acting Arena with his Real Name, Park Sang Hyun

Ex-MBLAQ's member Thunder will challenge himself in acting arena with his real name!

Thunder has decided to drop the stage name in place of his birth name, Park Sang Hyun, as he pursues a solo career as an actor following his departure from his group.

At the beginning of this month, Park Sang Hyun was confirmed to be making his return through his casting in the upcoming MBC weekend drama “Let the Girl Cry” as the role of a character named Hyun Seo.

In the drama’s storyline, Hyun Seo is Jin Woo’s (played by Song Chang Ui) nephew, a boy who lives with a painful past after losing his father.

Park Sang Hyun has previously displayed his acting abilities through dramas including “Padam Padam” and “Nail Shop Paris.”

Meanwhile, “Let the Girl Cry” is scheduled to begin airing this coming April on MBC.