Park Seo Joon Dishes On Dating Rumors With Kim Ji Won And Friendship With BTSs V

Park Seo Joon Dishes On Dating Rumors With Kim Ji Won And Friendship With BTSs V

Park Seo Joon recent sat down for an interview and talked about working with Kim Ji Won and BTSs V.

Regarding dating rumors with Fight My Way co-star Kim Ji Won, the actor responded with a laugh, We are not dating. Its not like that.

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He shared that they did not know each other before the drama, but he really enjoyed Descendants of the Sun, and the most memorable scene for him was when her character initiated the kiss with Jin Goos character.

Before the drama was confirmed, we purposely met up because we have to do well together. She really worried a lot because it is her first lead role. He added, However, the worries disappeared as we worked together.

Park Seo Joon continued, On my personal feelings, I can say that she was amazing. I want to work with her again, and I hope we can do so in a few years.

He commented that he believes the dating rumors arose from the notes they wrote on each others scripts which read Dong Man, I love you and Ae Ra, I love you and clarified, Whenever I finish a project, I always exchange notes with my partner.

When asked about his friendship with BTSs V, he replied, First of all, I dont think of him as an idol and explained that he would have felt a sense of distance if he thought of him as a star.

He revealed, We all got really close while filming for KBS drama Hwarang. Not just Tae Hyung (Vs birth name), but also Minho and Hyung Sik. Im not sure how they are seen from the surface, but if you meet them in real life, they are very easygoing friends.

He went on to share, Not just for idols, but thats how I always am. There are rumors about people, but whether they are good or bad, I feel the need to meet them first. People could also have preconceptions about me, and knowing that others could be thinking of me like that, I believe that I should not do the same.

Meanwhile, film Midnight Runners starring Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul premiered on August 9.