Park Myung Soo sponsors child with a hearing disability

Park Myung Soo sponsors child with a hearing disability

Thanks to Park Myung Soo, a child is able to hear for the very first time.

On June 9, according to a representative from NPO, The Snail of Love, Park Myung Soo has volunteered to pay for a child’s cochlear implant operation. The child resides in Daejeon.

Born second from triplets, the child, Lee, was the only child diagnosed with the hearing disability. He recently underwent a successful surgery on June 2 and is taking steps to improve on his communication skills. 

The representative from The Snail of Love commented that Lee’s family was experiencing financial difficulties for quite some time. His parents thanked Park Myung Soo, saying, “Our child is able to dream bigger now while attending school regularly.” 

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The Snail of Love is a non-profit organization helping children with hearing disabilities from low-income families raising funds for cochlear implant operations as well as hearing aids.

Park Myung Soo has been supporting the organization since 2003.

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