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Park Bo Young Is green with envy of Han Ye Seul’s Glamorous Beauty

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Park Bo Young Is Envious of Han Ye Seul’s Glamorous Beauty Though Park Bo Young is understood for her lovable looks, she stated she is more envious of Han Ye Seul’s dazzling beauty.

On the episode of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on November 21, Park Bo Young seems on the “Guerrilla Date” to advertise her new film “You Call it Passion.”

When clips from her beyond are uncovered, Park Bo Young says, “My looks aren’t very glamorous.”

“I love fancy and urban looks, much like Han Ye Seul,” she adds.

Meanwhile, when asked about her ideal man, she answers, “A thoughtful and kind-hearted man.”

Park Bo Young Plays A Rookie Reporter In 'You Call That Passion'

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Park Bo Young Plays A Rookie Reporter In 'You Call That Passion'

Park Bo Young no longer wants to play girls that are fragile, sweet or innocent. That"s why she chose her latest drama and film roles. In a recent interview with The Korea Times, Park spoke about her roles in the drama "Oh My Ghostess" and her character in the upcoming film "You Call That Passion."

"I shot this film before Oh My Ghostess, and at that time my acting roles seemed to be limited to fragile girls," said Park. "But as soon as I found out that my new role would be a rookie employee, I decided to show a character that people of my age can empathize with."

In her new film she plays a fledgling reporter named La Hee. Her character lands a prize job in the entertainment section of a sports newspaper and she"s excited about realizing her dream. Of course, the workplace reality is nothing like her dream. For a start, she has a difficult boss, played by Jung Jae Young, who soon dampens her enthusiasm.

Based on the novel of the same name "You Call That Passion" the film offers a comic look at the harsh realities of the media workplace. Being a rookie is not easy. And La Hee soon discovers the less attractive aspects of celebrity journalism.

As Park never worked in an office, she drew on her experiences as a rookie actress to create her character.

"When I was shooting "You Call It Passion," I was reminded of the days when I just started acting," said Park. "At that time, I did not get paid much and I just focused on appearing in as many scenes as possible."

The actress debuted in the drama "Secret Campus" with Lee Min Ho. She is best known for her roles in the films "Scandal Makers" with co-star Cha Tae Hyun and "Werewolf Boy" with co-star Song Joong Ki. All her characters were sweet and innocent until she played a tough talking gang girl in the 2014 film "Hot Young Bloods" with Lee Jong Suk. In "Oh My Ghostess" she played a shy chef who is possessed by a lusty ghost.

In 2015 Park also appeared in the mystery thriller "The Silenced" and co-starred in the film "Collective Invention" with Lee Kwang Soo.

Jung Ki Hoon, who wrote "Goodbye Mom" wrote the screenplay for "You Call That Passion" and directed the film. "You Call That Passion" premieres on November 25. The film also stars Oh Dal Su as a managing editor.

Big Bang, iKON and Park Jin Young showed for ′2015 MAMA′

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Big Bang, iKON and Park Jin Young showed for ′2015 MAMA′

--> Big Bang, iKON and Park Jin Young are heading to Hong Kong for the 2015 Mnet Asian Tune Awards (MAMA)!

Big Bang, iKON and Park Jin Young could be taking the degree at the year′s greatest music awards ceremony, that will be held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong on December 2.

Big Bang had a hectic year, freeing chart-topping unmarried albums each month from Might to August as a section of the ′MADE′ series, whilst iKON made a gigantic splash with debut single My Type in September.

Park Jin Young also scored big with Who′s Your Mama?, which was once released in April.

Meanwhile, vote casting for 2015 MAMA will be open till December 1, 2015 24:00 (KST). take a glance at all the nominees and vote here!

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Park Bo Young’s Elementary, Middle, and top faculty commencement pictures Revealed

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Park Bo Young’s Elementary, Middle, and High college Graduation images Revealed Actress Park Bo Young lately gave the impression on MBC’s “Section television Entertainment Relay.” The actress is currently gaining attention from her school graduation photos that were uploaded onto a web network site.

The photos display her elementary, middle school, and high school graduation photos. The photos end up that the actress has at all times looked adorable, with her face hardly ever converting from middle school till now. Netizens commented on her “flower-like” visuals and the her cute and blameless charm.

Park Bo Young debuted in 2006 in the prove “Secret Campus” along Lee Min Ho, and grew to become 25 this year. Her newest drama task used to be “Oh My Ghostess,” in which she starred alongside Kim Seul Gi and Jo Jung Suk.

Park Jin Young Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s excessive temper Swings

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Park Jin Young Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s severe Mood Swings Park Jin Young made amusing of Yang Hyun Suk’s mood swings in a preview for “K-Pop Superstar 5.”

During the prologue of SBS’s “K-pop Star 5” aired on November 15, the display is reintroduced prior to the beginning of a new season.

When Yoo Hee Yeol is asked if he is sad with any facets of the show, he says, “I’m now not certain if Yang Hyun Suk is attending a comedy academy because it kind of feels like he needs to branch out to form shows.”

“He has intense mood swings. He doesn’t discuss when he's tired or unhappy. whilst I’d be at liberty if he didn’t have any mood swings, they’re beautiful bad,” Park Jin Young teases. “It’s because he’s gotten too successful.”

Park Bo Young apologizes to Yeo Jin Goo for what she acknowledged in the past

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Park Bo Young apologizes to Yeo Jin Goo for what she acknowledged in the past

Park Bo Young sat down with "Entertainment Relay" for an interview which aired November 15 to talk about her newest film "You Call It Passion" and her beyond obsession with Yeo Jin Goo.

Park Seul Gi, the reporter who was once engaging in the interview, commented, "You said sooner than that once Yeo Jin Goo grows up, you"d find impossible to resist to do a melodrama with him," bringing up the various circumstances that Park Bo Young had discussed the actor in the past.

The actress replied, no longer without some chagrin, "I think i used to be too obsessive. I"ve said it such so much of times that even Yeo Jin Goo knew about it. I saw newshounds query him about what I said. I believe I"ve harassed him."

Park Bo Young then presented a lovely apology to the actor, announcing in a voice stuffed with aegyo, "I"m 

sorry. I"ve taken a while to mirror on myself. I changed into being obsessive."

Aw, don"t feel too guilty, Park Bo Young. I"m certain Yeo Jin Goo would be commemorated to act along a skilled actress similar to yourself!

Park Bo Young Apologizes to Yeo Jin Goo for speaking About Him Too Much

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Park Bo Young Apologizes to Yeo Jin Goo for Talking About Him Too Much Actress Park Bo Young apologized to Yeo Jin Goo for being not able to involve her emotions in opposition to him.

On the new episode of “Section TV” on November 15, Park Bo Young sat down with the team to advertise her new movie “You Call It Passion.”

During her interview, reporter Park Seul Gi says, “You stated you sought after to film a melodrama with Yeo Jin Goo before.”

Hearing this, Park Bo Young right away says, “I didn’t think that through.”

The actress continues, “I discovered I’ve said that on too many occasions. Even Yeo Jin Goo has heard it himself. Folks would tell him about me talking about him in each and every unmarried place he goes.”

Park Bo Young then turns to a camera and says, “Jin Goo, Noona was once too senseless. Sorry for that.”

Park Bo Young says she was once hit for her deficient acting all over filming

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Park Bo Young says she was once hit for her deficient acting all over filming

To advertise her upcoming movie, "You Call It Passion," which is determined for a November 25 premiere, Park Bo Young met with Hankuk Ilbo for an interview, where she comparable unexpected studies about getting scolded if her acting was no longer just right enough.

When asked, "Like your character Do Ra Hee, have you experienced getting scolded on set?"

She replied, "I"ve experienced it incredibly often.  I heard numerous words like, "Think moderately about your job," "Go home," and more.  Whenever that happens, I think, "I will no longer cry."  From one director, I even were given hit at the head with the situation book.  Even if it was hard, I permitted it because I may not act.  The seniors treated me warmly, so I overcame it.  If I were disheartened, the seniors would come and pat me on the back.  If I were not able to briefly immerse myself in the feeling, the seniors would say stuff like, "She"s still young, so you need to have to give her some time," which consoled me and gave me strength.  No subject what the paintings is, whatever work you do is the hardest.  I got here to think that once speaking with friends."  Still... sounds like a type of abusive operating environment... that isn't cool at all.

When asked, "Up to when did you get in hassle for being bad at acting?" she replied, "It was not too long ago.  I can"t say in detail," and laughed.  Cheer up, Park Bo Young!

Park Jin Young Ranks First as the Composer Who Earned the maximum Royalties

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Park Jin Young Ranks First as the Composer Who Earned the Most Royalties JYP Entertainment‘s Park Jin Young turns out to be the track manufacturer who won the most quantity of royalties. Consistent with the insiders’ record on November 23, Park Jin Young was once ranked first in the Korean Music Copyright Association, when the individuals were indexed through the royalties paid from composing, lyrics, and rearrangements. Composer Cho Young Soo turned into ranked second.

Other notable artist concerned Busker Busker‘s Jang Bum Joon, who made it into the head 10.

It is related that the head ten composers bought somewhere between two billion Korean won (approximately $1.7 million) and 800 million Korean won (approximately $690,000), this manner that that Park Jin Young earned just about two billion Korean won!

However, this report is hard to verify, as the Korean Music Copyright arrangement now assists in keeping the list private, since 2010.

GOT7′s Jackson unearths He started biological way of life as a result of Park Jin Young

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GOT7′s Jackson unearths He started biological way of life as a result of Park Jin Young

--> GOT7′s Jackson printed his private taste.

During a up to date recording of JTBC′s new form display Taste of Others, Jackson unveiled his each day existence unabashedly.

Jackson, whose off-the-wall personality has already been captured on diversity shows, spread out about his organic lifestyle.

As soon as he wakes up, Jackson reaches for organic green tea or even calls Park Jin Young, whom Jackson chose as his role fashion and acknowledged stocks the similar tastes as him, to invite detailed questions about organic product, demonstrating an pastime in fitness regardless of his young age.

On how he got here to be passionate about the organic lifestyle, Jackson said, "I began living an organic way of living after Park Jin Young because I would like to be active a singer for a long time."

He also said of his personality, "When I′m via myself, I′m in point of fact lonely and sad. So I have a tendency to be where there are a massive number of other folks or communicate at the phone.

From reacting to dramas by himself to running out the use of pieces laying round the house, Jackson reportedly earned the nickname ′Off-the-Wall-Dol′ from the team of workers for his eccentric personality.

Jackson′s open and truthful aspects as neatly his own tastes could be revealed on November 11 at 11 p.m. KST.