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Park Tae Joon and T-ARA‘s Jiyeon Continue to Fuel Dating Rumors

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Park Tae Joon and T-ARA‘s Jiyeon Continue to Fuel Dating Rumors

Park Tae Joon and T-ARA‘s Jiyeon continue to fuel dating rumors!

Back in 2010, alleged photos of Park Tae Joon and T-ARA’s Jiyeon were published on an online community. Netizens compared pictures that appeared separately on both celebrity’s profiles and looked strangely identical, which raised questions in the netizens’ minds.

The pictures both featured a white dog that bore a rabbit hat on its head and an identical-looking bag strap. However, as was found out later, the upload of both pictures were different — Jiyeon’s was originally uploaded in May, while Tae Joon’s picture was uploaded in July.

Prior to photo controversy, on season 3 of Ulzzang Generation, Tae Joon announced that “I am currently dating someone in a girl group.

After this, reactions from netizens were varied with comments saying “Park Tae Joon’s picture and Ji Yeon’s picture still look the same,” “Maybe they’re purposely changing the upload date,” “Are they friends?” “Their [Tae Joon’s and Ji Yeon’s] netizens are incredible,” “Are they together?“.

Currently on Tae Joon’s online community page, it is rumored that he and T-ARA’s Jiyeon are dating.

GLAM reveals teaser images for Trinity, Zinni, Dahee and Park Jiyeon

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GLAM reveals teaser images for Trinity, Zinni, Dahee and Park JiyeonFollowing the concept photo release of the first member of GLAM, Miso, the remainder of the team had their solo image teasers revealed today on July 5th.

For their debut, GLAM has revealed a street concept for their upcoming debut single.

Trinity has undergone a major transformation for their debut with a light-orange hair color and short curly, trendy hairstyle. Matching her hair color, Trinity is wearing an orange short dress, cutely posing and smiling at the camera while holding on to a sleeveless leather jacket.

GLAM's third member Zinni poses with charisma in her concept photo, wearing a black and white sleeveless jacket and white shirt with black pants held together by stylishly placed strings.

Dahee's personality explodes in her solo image and is the most colorful-clothed member out of all the members. Seemingly screaming towards the camera with an adorable eye smile, Dahee is wearing tight jeans splattered with colorful paint and high orange socks covered by black boots. Adding to her colorful attire is an orange sleeveless jacket and colorful accessories.

Park Jiyeon gives a more sexy feel with her simple attire consisting of a black shirt and ripped jean shorts. Unlike the other members, Jiyeon is carrying blue and pink weights in her hands with the text "GLAM" on them.

GLAM, which stands for "Girls be Ambitious" has been praised by Bang Shihyuk, who said that they are "genuinely talented."

Meanwhile, GLAM is set to release their debut single on July 16th.

5th member - Park Jiyeon

GLAM releases concept photos for members Trinity, Zinni, Dahee, and Park Jiyeon

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GLAM releases concept photos for members Trinity, Zinni, Dahee, and Park Jiyeon

After revealing the Street concept image for member Miso, the concept images for GLAMs remaining members Trinity, Zinni, Dahee, and Park Jiyeon have been revealed.

Big Hit Entertainments new girl group GLAM will officially debut on July 16th.

SourceImage: GLAMs Twitter

GLAM reveals 4th and 5th members, Dahee and Park Jiyeon

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GLAM reveals 4th and 5th members, Dahee and Park JiyeonThe final two members of the upcoming girl group, GLAM, has been revealed! On June 2nd, two separate videos revealing the two members were released through their official Youtube channel.

According to a short description, both Dahee and Jiyeon are naturally talented.

GLAM is an upcoming girl group created under the collaboration of Source Music and Big Hit Entertainment. GLAM, which stands for Girls Be Ambitious, has been highly praised by Bang Shihyuk, who was quoted saying that they are are so talented that they shouldn't even be called a girl group. The group is made up of members Miso, Trinity, Zinni, Dahee and Jiyeon.

GLAM's first reality show, "GLAM," will air on SBS-MTV prior to their official debut in July.

Source: GLAMofficialvideo

Who Wore It Best: Jung Ryeo Won vs. Park Ha Sun vs. Jessica vs. Jiyeon

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Who Wore It Best: Jung Ryeo Won vs. Park Ha Sun vs. Jessica vs. Jiyeon

The latest hot items, knit tops, are earning much love from female celebrities.

Four female stars is sparking attention from netizens for wearing the same knit top: “History of a Salaryman’s” Jung Ryeo Won, “Highkick The Short Legs Strike Back’s” Park Ha Sun, “Wild Romance’s” Jessica, and “Dream High Season 2’s” Jiyeon.

The knit top is an Eryn Brinie piece. It is gaining popularity for its short length, detail, and lovely color shade. It can display a feminine yet refined look by matching with a high waist skirt, pleats skirt, or a wide pair of pants.

The brand’s official commented, “Just last week three stars all wore the top at the same time so our last week’s sales showed great success. We are pretty sure that the knit top will be sold out very soon.”

So what do you think? Who do you think wore best, Jung Ryeo Won, Park Ha Sun, Jessica, or Jiyeon? Let us know!

Park Jiyeon Always Carries a Torch in Drama

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Park Jiyeon Always Carries a Torch in Drama

Park Ji-yeon made public the behind the story of Dream High 2.

Park Ji-yeon is playing the role of idol Ryan who dreams of becoming the Queen of Cannes, but lack of acting skills in KBS 2TV drama series Dream High 2. She was talking some time from her busy shooting schedule for the interview.

For the question of what is her feeling during the filming process of Dream High 2, Jiyeon answered, There are a lot of same-age friends, the set is full of vitality. In the position of the audience, also think that it will be very interesting. In the future, we will present even more interesting content, so stay tuned.

In addition, about the fashion of Lian in the drama, Ji Yeon said, In order to create the ornate style of Lian, spending a lot of thought on even small accessories such as crown headdress or kitty mirror. The makeup method of Lian who features thick eyeliner has also been a concern, feeling very good, expressed her satisfaction.

Then, on the most intimate partner Kang So Ra, Ji Yeon said: Sister So Ra gave me a lot of care and concern, always sent me the schedule is so busy, must careful of body this kind of short message. When tired, she gives me a lot of strength, boasting about the strong team strength.

For love line, Jiyeon said, Every time shooting TV series, I always play the role of unrequited love, and hope this time the love will come to fruition. As for the harmonious acting with JB who is playing opposite her in the drama, Jiyeon said: Were of same grade, there are a lot in common, so we become close. The cooperation is also very understanding and very comfortable. We are good friends!

The scene which left her with deepest impression is the imitation scene and the bad acting scene. She said, Remaking the scene of Suzy in Dream High 1 and the scene which holding a sword to fight that show the lousy acting of Lian, often provoked the laughter, I find it very interesting.

Then she said, The scene of back kick towards sister So Ra is also very interesting, long time does not do it, always handled the angle badly. Now I am Taekwondo black belt 3rd rank, hope can seriously practice again, to get to 4th rank.

In the narration of the desire of teenage girl, the interview ended.

Jay Park calls out web page for the usage of his photo on a drug scandal post

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Jay Park calls out web page for the usage of his photo on a drug scandal post

Jay Park called out a undeniable site for driving his photo as the header to a drug scandal post.

The site had used pictures of Jay Park and Dok2 for their post on Korean rappers being focused on a drug scandal. In response, he angrily tweeted, "Trying to be a competent new"s sic source yet they post our pic"s sic implying that it"s us when it ain"t."

He added, "Get yo fact"s immediately prior to you not directly come with us in some bullshit we ain"t concerned in~ aight now back to being a success #aomgilli".

His label said, "Jay Park isn"t associated with the drug scandal at all. We don"t know this site at all, and we can"t get into touch with them because they"re now not a Korean site. It"s very shocking."

Currently, the site has taken down Jay Park and Dok2"s photos as the header.

Park Sol Mi and Han Jae Suk Welcome Their 2nd Child

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Park Sol Mi and Han Jae Suk Welcome Their moment Child Actor couple Park Sol Mi and Han Jae Suk welcomed their second child — a child lady — today!

According to a record by capability of News1Star, industry insiders printed on November 22, “Park Sol Mi gave birth to her second child today. She is a gorgeous daughter weighing 3.2 kilograms.”

Both the mummy and daughter are these days healthy, and they'll now focus on postnatal care.

Meanwhile, the famous person couple tied the knot in April 2013, and approximately a year later, Park Sol Mi gave birth to their first child, a son.

Park Sol Mi is understood for her roles on “Winter Sonata” and “All In,” whilst Han Jae Suk has gave the impression on many noted dramas including “All About Eve,” “Glass Slippers,” and “A Witch’s Romance.”

Congratulations to the couple!

Park In-bee wins LPGA Ochoa Invitational

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Park In-bee wins LPGA Ochoa Invitational

Park In-bee (27) ranked 2nd either in the prize cash scores and the player of the year status of the LPGA excursion ultimate year. The head contender in both categories last year was once Stacy Lewis of the U.S.

Park turned into just five issues shy of the head contender in the player of the year award. Park would possibly as neatly felt disappointed since she had won no less than one honor each and every year, adding the undergo Trophy award (the fewest par prize) in 2012 and the player of the year award and the end earner prize in 2013.

Is it because she felt sufficient to rank only once No. 2, a status that she does now not necessarily prefer? Park kicked off festival with Lydia Ko (18) in people race for a couple of titles through clinching the identify of the Lorena Ochoa Invitational championship of the LPGA tour, which ended on Monday. In the fourth circular of the tournament at Mexico golfing Club (par 72) in Mexico town at the day, Park garnered 8 birdies without a bogey to post 8-under 64, her easiest rating for this season, securing 18-under 270 overall to rank atop in the tournament.

Seeking her first win in the 73rd strive in the LPGA tour, Carlota Ciganda of Spain played 9-under 63, her checklist for fewest putts, yet may just rarely conquer the invincible Park, who displayed practically perfect play all through the 18 holes. Park displayed improbable capacity and function and she knows how to win, stated Ciganda, who won the runner-up prize by a three-par difference in the event.

With the maximum recent title, Park added 30 elements to her overall score for the player of the year prize, narrowing her hole with top-ranked Lydia Ko, who failed to attend the championship, to 3 points. As Park stayed targeted at Holes 17 and 18, she garnered birdies and controlled to post 69.433 pars to overhaul Ko (69.449 pars) to rank atop. She also added 200,000 bucks from the newest title to post 2,570,095 dollars in general prize money for this season, narrowing her gap with the top-ranked Ko (2,758,417 dollars) in the prize money rankings.

Park will degree her ultimate race to upward thrust to the best spot opposed to Ko, who is searching for to clinch the title for 2 consecutive events, at the Tour Championship (500,000 dollars up for take hang of for the winner), this seasons last tournament that may take position in Naples, Florida on Thursday.

As she righteously evaluated to be a "flawless play by herself, Park displayed functionality in the zenith of her profession at the current event. Her "perfect putting" was really impressive. With an moderate of 26.5 strokes according to around for 4 days, Park boasted of computer-like precision in showing perfect sense in shots, which was evidenced by her lacking the fairway and the golf green just once each one in the fourth round. She has just one point to head to prevail in the vital score of 27 points to grow to be a corridor of Famer.

Last years regrettable performance motivated me to accomplish tougher and higher this year", Park said. "Since I have secured multiple opportunities by winning the latest title, I have anticipation for the last remaining championship. I dont wish to go back house (in Korea) empty-handed. I can come domicile with anything in my hands.

Park Ji-sung Has a child Girl

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Park Ji-sung Has a child Girl

Park Ji-sung (right) and his wife

Park Ji-sung welcomed the birth of his first kid in England on Thursday. He acknowledged via his social network that either mom and toddler are healthy. Park marred Kim Min-ji, a former television presenter, in July remaining year.