Park Jin Young, Jeon Somi, And Sisters Slam Dunk Season 2 PD Respond To Unnies All-Kill Success

Park Jin Young, Jeon Somi, And Sisters Slam Dunk Season 2 PD Respond To Unnies All-Kill Success

The Sisters Slam Dunk Season 2 casts new single Right? reached the number one spot on all eight of Koreas digital music charts, and those involved are publicly celebrating the songs special achievement.

Cast member Jeon Somi shared a screenshot of the music charts on her personal Instagram account, captioning the image with, Thank you so much for everyone who is giving love to [our song]. All of the members were crying and hugging each other. The members love you too!

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언니쓰 맞지 사랑해 주신 모든 분들 너무 감사드려요 ㅠㅠ진심 멤버들 다들 안으며 울었다요 ㅠㅠ??우리 멤버들도 너무 사랑해요 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! (And i am literally cryingWE ARE) hahaha ㅠㅠ really thank u soo much! Its a Memorable Day for the Unnies????좋은걱 주신 김형석 작곡가님과 우리 사랑하는 선생님들 너무 감사드려요❤???? 진영쌤 화영언니 규상오빠 원종쌤!

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Meanwhile, Park Jin Young also congratulated Jeon Somi and the rest of the cast members for the tracks success. Last season, the JYP Entertainment founder composed the Sisters Slam Dunk casts single Shut Up, which also achieved all-kill status.

It is three days before Teachers Day, and my teachers song is at number one! Congratulations to the cast members and staff, especially Somi, he wrote on his Instagram account.

#JYP #언니쓰 #Unnies #맞지 #김형석 #스승의날 #소미 #Somi 스승의 날 3일 앞두고 스승님 곡이 떡하니 1위에! 축하드려요♡ 언니쓰 멤버들도 스텝도 특히 소미도~^^ 3 days before teachers day my teachers song is on the top of the charts again! Congrats! Also to the Unnies members, staff and especially Somi^^♡

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The shows director Park In Suk also shared his thoughts about the achievement to Star Today, confessing that he was actually quite surprised because season two has not been as popular as the first season.

Above all, I am grateful to the cast members for all their hard effort, he commented. I am proud that they are receiving a little compensation for how much hard they have worked.

Meanwhile, that same day, the members performed their new tracks Right? and La La La Song for the first time on KBS Music Bank.