Park Jin Young And Kim Tae Woo Describe Idols And Artists

Park Jin Young And Kim Tae Woo Describe Idols And Artists

On the latest episode of Party People, Park Jin Young and Kim Tae Woo talked about what differs between an idol and an artist.

To answer the question, Kim Tae Woo first compared being an idol to being a student. He said, When I was an idol, I focused on doing exactly what I was told to do. If something went wrong, I would find something to blame, for example, not liking the song or blaming another member for my mistakes.

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Kim Tae Woo then talked about being a solo artist, saying, As a solo artist, I cant blame anyone else. This is similar to being a father. As a father, I am responsible for the well-being of my family. As an artist, I have the same responsibility for my music.

Park Jin Young also shared some thoughts, saying, I think the difference is simple. As an idol, the most important thing is popularity, but to become a true artist, the key ingredients are acceptance and recognition for your skills. I think its extremely difficult to make this transition.

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