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Love Is In Air For Kpop Singer Chae Rina, LG Twins Baseball Star Park Yong Geun

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Love Is In Air For Kpop Singer Chae Rina, LG Twins Baseball Star Park Yong Geun

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Things are looking great for Korean pop singer Chae Rina as her representative confirmed the news that she is dating baseball player Park Yong Geun. Chae Rina, 35 years of age and a former member of the group Diva and Roo'ra and Girlfriends admit that she is seeing Park Yong Geun since after the tragic accident that happened to them.

It was all over Korea's news last October 2012 when LG Twins player Park Yong Geun was stabbed while drinking. Ufortunately, due to massive injury from the incident, 40% of Park Yong Geun's liver had to be removed. At that point in time, Chae Rina was also in the scene of crime but didn't have any injury. But she suffers from mental and emotional distress like Park Yong Geun.

Chae Rina gave support to Park Yong Geun, which was key to his immediate recovery. She visited him when he was hosptalized and later stated that it was then when their feelings became mutual. The emotional support they shared with each other after the horrible tragedy helped them to overcome their differences, especially their age, since Chae Rina is 6 years older than Park Yong Geun.

LG Twins recently announced the recovery of Park Yong Geun and had been playing with the team's recovery division. Chae Rina, on the other hand is also preparing for her concert " Young Night Season 2" this coming July, together with ex Lula member Lee Sang Min and Kim Ji Hyun.

Fans are happy for their newfound hapiness with each other and hope it will continue to bloom together with their careers.

KPOP Star Park Ji Min is Jealous of Baek Ah Yeon?!

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KPOP Star Park Ji Min is Jealous of Baek Ah Yeon?! park ji min"K-Pop Star" winner Park Ji Min made a surprise appearance in support of Baek Ah Yeon's debut.

On this past Wednesday's episode of SBS "Midnight TV Entertainment," Park Ji Min made a suprise visit to support Baek's debut.

Park Ji Min was seen wearing a white dress holding a cake with candles lit, waiting for Baek Ah Yeon. As soon as Baek Ah Yeon finished her debut stage, the two spent time celebrating and revealed their close friendship.

When Park Ji Min was asked if she was envious that Baek Ah Yeon made her debut earlier, she replied smiling, "I'm envious of her." Park Ji Min also appeared to have gotten prettier since the last time she was on TV for "K-Pop Star."

In related news, Park Ji Min will debut in October in a duo group with a 'genius girl' from JYP Entertainment.

BoA "The Reason I Cried While Watching Park Ji Min Perform On Kpop Star Is..."

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BoA The Reason I Cried While Watching Park Ji Min Perform On Kpop Star Is...Singer BoA revealed the reason for why she cried on SBS audition program "K-Pop Star," while watching Park Ji Min perform.

On SBS' "YouI" that aired today, BoA appeared on the show with her new song "Only One." BoA who was a judge on "K-Pop Star" was asked about her trainee period, "I also had a young stage like that. When I first went to Japan to perform live, I ruined it and began to be scared and nervous from then."

She added, "When Park Ji Min cried on 'K-Pop Star,' I felt so bad for her and also thought about myself when I was younger." She talked about when she cried while judging Park Ji Min. She said it was also because the young Park Ji Min had to take on the burden and she empathized with her.

They asked her, "What would the BoA now say to the younger BoA?" BoA responded, "if I were to meet the younger BoA, I want to say do less and you don't have to compete so much. But I think as I worked that hard, I'm living with the results. If I didn't do that back then, the BoA now, might not exist."

On this episode, BoA performed "Only One" and sang "Stand By," as Jung Jae Hyung played the piano.

"Kpop Star" Park Ji Min Appointed as "Road Address Act Representative"

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Park Ji Min Representative"Kpop Star" Park Ji Min Appointed as "Road Address Act Representative"

During her award speech, Park Ji Min expresses, "It was hard to find my way around places but now that I can use the road address act it should be a lot easier. I'll do my best to spread the word about it,"

This project will be executed January 1st of 2014 so that citizens in Korea can have better access and way around while using this road address.

Ministry of Public Administration and Security Jang Kwan Eun stated, "We need the joint effort of all to have this project up and running in 2014," and, "We hope that Park Jimin can help us spread the word for this cause."

Park Shin Hye Will Star In Lee Hong Ki's Music Video

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Park Shin Hye Will Star In Lee Hong Ki's Music Video

Actress Park Shin Hye and FT Island singer-actor Lee Hong Ki have been friends since they starred together in the k-drama "You"re Beautiful." In the drama his character Jeremy had a crush on her character but lost her to Jang Geun Suk, the leader of the band Anjell. Despite his broken heart, they remained friends. In real life, Park and Lee did remain close friends, celebrating special events together and showing up to support each other"s projects.

She showed up to support him when his band played at the 2015 FNC Kingdom Concert in Seoul. in 2014 she posted photos of herself dressed in pink clothing from Lee Hong Ki"s Skull Hong clothing line. Besides singing and acting, Lee is a fashion designer, songwriter and the author of a book on nail art.

In 2013 she wrote a supportive message for Lee Hong Ki"s film debut in "Rocking on Heaven"s Door." She wrote "Cheers for "Rocking on Heaven"s Door. Thank you so much Hong Star."

And in 2012, Park calld him when she appeared on the variety show "Music and Lyrics." And he paid back the compliment by participating in a call to her during a 2013 episode of Super Junior"s "Kiss The Radio Show."

The latest way Park will support her friend is to star in a music video for his first solo album.

"Despite her busy schedule, Hong Ki asked her and she promised and said it was her pleasure to appear in his music video," said a reperesentative from FNC Entertainment.

Lee began acting as a child but he has been the lead vocalist of FT Islandsince 2007. The band started 2015 with a world tour, called the "2015 FTISLAND FTHX Tour" then also toured Japan after releasing the single album "Puppy." As well as releasing successful singles, FT Island has contributed various sdrama oundtracks over the years, including the OSTs of "The Heirs," "Heartstrings," "Bride of the Century" and "Modern Farmer." According to the Korean media outlet Naver TV, Lee Hong Ki"s first solo album will include a selection of tender ballads. The album will be released mid-November with the first teaser page due on November 9. Will the music video feature a love line between the two former co-stars? Fans can only hope.

Lee Hong Ki"s drama credits include "You"re Beautiful," "Bride of the Century" and "Modern Farmer." Park Shin Hye was last seen on the small screen in the drama "Pinocchio" and recently appeared in the films "The Royal Tailor" and "Beauty Inside."

Park Bo Young Is A Sparkling Heroine In The Star

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Park Bo Young Is A Sparkling Heroine In The Star

Park Bo Young is the cover girl of this month! The Oh My Ghost actress has been busy promoting her newest movie Mutation in various magazine pictorials. The lastest photoshoot was for the November issue of The Star. According to the magazine, "The innocent heroine showed her fresh and sweet charm."

Park modeled romantic jewelry by Folli Follie with a very chic, neutral wardrobe. The best part is that the star"s gorgeous jewelry is affordable! For instance, she presented several rose gold bracelets with a circular design theme. One of these was the "Classy" bracelet, which is decorated with glistening crystals. The accessory can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

Park also looked lovely wearing the "Bow" bracelet. The brand describes the elegant cuff of white crystals as "the motif of the season and beyond." The piece can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.

The beauty wasn"t afraid to change the theme up a bit with the more modern "Apeiron" bracelet. The cuff has interlocking infinity symbols and was created to look particularly stunning when stacked with a matching set. The bracelet can be yours HERE and can be seen below.

In other fashion news, Park and her Mutation costars Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Chun Hee recently posed for the November issue of Cosmopolitan.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

Choi Siwon Attends the marriage of Co-Star Park SEO Joon’s Brother

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Choi Siwon Attends the marriage of Co-Star Park SEO Joon’s Brother

Choi Siwon and Park Seo Joon seem to have develop into close friends while filming the hit drama “She used to be Pretty“!

On October 24, the Super Junior member became spotted attending the wedding rite of Park Seo Joon’s younger brother. Photos from the development were soon posted on more than a few online discussion boards, and they have quickly turn into a hot subject among drama fans.

Looking all sharp and stylish, the two actors are observed posing next to the newlyweds on the groom’s side. While Park Seo Joon has long gone for a blank black suit, Choi Siwon sports a structured grey coat and tops his glance off with a couple of shades.

Other stars in attendance included Park Seo Joon’s close friend (and once rumored partner) Choi Woo Shik and singer Kim Ji Soo, who carried out at the wedding.

Park Bo Young unearths Which Co-Star She needs to paintings With back the Most

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Park Bo Young unearths Which Co-Star She needs to paintings With back the Most

On October 21, Park Bo Young attended a press convention for her upcoming movie “You Call That Passion.” A reporter asked the actress which actor she wants to work with again for her next project.

Having worked with many good-looking actors adding Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, and more, many were interested by hearing her reply.

Park Bo Young answered, “Since it’s been the longest since I have worked with Cha Tae Hyun, I would love to satisfy him.”

Then she added, “Next I would like to work with Jung Jae Young.”

“You Call That Passion” functions Park Bo Young as a graduate from a prestigious university who struggles to transform employed. However, her persona Do Ra Hee sooner or later starts running as a journalist in the entertainment department. The comedy has her handle her boss Ha Jae Kwan (Jung Jae Young) who has an explosive temper. It'll open in theaters on November 25.

Sung Yuri Chooses Park Search engine marketing Joon as Her Ideal Romantic Co-Star

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Sung Yuri Chooses Park Search engine marketing Joon as Her Ideal Romantic Co-Star

On the newest episode of MBC’s “Section TV,” actress/singer Sung Yuri talks about her want to paintings with bachelors, now not married men, for a change.

When asked about her ideal acting partners, Sung Yuri confesses that she is uninterested in acting alongside men with rings on their fingers, and explains, “I need to act with unmarried men. Married men simplest discuss their kids.” She is going directly to say, “Kim Sung Gyun welcomed his 3rd kid while we were filming a film together,” suggesting that their discussion subjects were more or less limited to youngsters and family life.

The actress then chooses Park Seo Joon as her preferred co-star for a romantic drama, and laughs, “I wish to act with him. yet is he too young for me?”

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon is lately acting along Hwang Jung Eum, also a noona, in the recent drama “She used to be Pretty.”

Jo Jung Suk Responds to His Ears Turning Red in Kiss Scene With “Oh My Ghost” Co-Star Park Bo Young

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Jo Jung Suk Responds to His Ears Turning Red in Kiss Scene With “Oh My Ghost” Co-Star Park Bo Young

In a up to date interview, Jo Jung Suk reflected on his maximum fresh project, tvN drama “Oh My Ghost,” which currently aired its ultimate episode.

“I still don’t consider it. It was once best after receiving Park Bo Young‘s message that it"s over that i presumed and realized, ‘Wow, it truly has ended.’ I’m still in the procedure of accepting that it’s over,” Jo Jung Suk shares. “All the actors felt like that. We were so satisfied that we felt it a disgrace that the drama ended.”

The actor also talks about the luck of the drama, which recorded impressive viewership ratings, “When we surpassed two % with our first episode, folks concept it turned into a large deal. Everybody were predicting one percent. I expected two percent (Laughs). I believe what I’m most pleased about, though, is that the task I decided on have become this type of just right project that I may proportion it with everyone.”

Jo Jung Suk also responds to comments via audience on his ears turning red throughout the general kiss scene with Park Bo Young. When asked about the kiss scene, he expresses his preference to transparent up any doable misunderstanding. “Ah, that’s anything i truly wish to address. individuals stay pronouncing that during that kiss scene my ears grew to become red. It wasn’t because i used to be embarrassed or shy that my ears turned red (Laughs). I didn’t even know they turned red,” Jo Jung Suk says. “After hearing that I looked at other scenes, and in other scenes my ears turn red too. there's a false impression here.”

What are your mind at the very last kiss scene? Did you revel in Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young’s chemistry in “Oh My Ghost”?