AOMG's Dream Team Collaborates: Jay Park and Simon D to Release Metronome on April 11

AOMG's Dream Team Collaborates: Jay Park and Simon D to Release Metronome on April 11

AOMG's Dream Team Collaborates: Jay Park and Simon D to Release “Metronome” on April 11 Hip-hop label AOMG"s founder Jay Park signaled his comeback with a new track.

On April 11, Jay Park will release his new single "Metronome" through online music stores. It has been 9 months since he released "I Like 2 Party" last July.

Jay Park"s new single is drawing attention because of Simon D"s new role as director of AOMG after the disbandment of his former act, Supreme Team.

AOMG"s dream team will now represent the label and signal the start of a new company. Jay Park and Simon D"s collaboration will also be shown through the "Metronome" music video.

Jay Park released the album cover of "Metronome" today. A series of music, fashion, and video art will follow in anticipation of "Metronome". The new track compares the metronome to the relationship between lovers. The revealed cover art also compared the love tempo of star-crossed lovers with the metronome.

The music video was directed by Jinooya, who worked on Jay Park"s "JOAH" and "I Like 2 Party". The song also features Simon D"s rap and GRAY"s addictive hook.

AOMG stated: "GRAY"s unique beats, Jay Park"s rap and voice, and Simon D"s rapping make the song a spectacular one; this song will demonstrate AOMG"s distinct style".

Meanwhile, the artists of AOMG include Jay Park, Simon D, GRAY, LOCO, Ugly Duck, DJ Pumpkin and many others.


Park Eun Ji thanks SHINee’s Minho for their ‘Dream Team’ win

Park Eun Ji thanks SHINee’s Minho for their ‘Dream Team’ win

Park Eun Ji thanks SHINees Minho for their Dream Team win

Park Eun Ji shared a friendly picture she took with SHINees Minho.

On April 14th, she tweeted, I won first place on Dream Team thanks to Minho^^ Thank you~, along with the above picture.

The idol star and Park Eun Ji are sitting next to each other as they smiled for the camera. Netizens commented, The two look good together, Minho is very athletic, and Park Eun Ji seems to be getting prettier by the day.

Park Eun Ji and Minho won first place with their amazing teamwork on the recent Vietnam Couple Survival special of  KBS Dream Team.


EXO’s Chanyeol and TWICE’s Nayeon To Team Up For Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream” Collaboration Stage

EXO’s Chanyeol and TWICE’s Nayeon To Team Up For Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream” Collaboration Stage

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics give noticesit up fora distinctlevel as the hit music Dream via miss As Suzy and EXOs Baekhyun will after all existconducted live! Unfortunately, no longer by the songs two customary singers themselves.

Come June 24th, TWICEs lead vocalist Nayeon and EXOs rapper Chanyeol could be taking the stage in combination on Music Bank for its half-year birthday celebration episode, and should be making a song Dream.

In particular, the explanation why this collaboration stage is gaining the eye of fans is that the song itself hasn't ever been sung on broadcast before. Now notbest that, this is a labelmate and fellow staff member who will be mission the project of appearing the song reside for the first actual time.

Additionally, as Chanyeol holds the placement of rapper in EXO, it isnt very incessantly that fans can listen him sing. In fact, he currently released an OST track for the Chinese film So I Married An Anti-fan called I Hate You, which has already gained praises from fans.

The upcoming episode can also befull of artists who have won to this pointat thedisplayas neatly as special stages being performed. Other artists who will be playing the special episode adding SISTARs Soyou, MONSTA Xs Shownu, EXIDs Hani, KNKs Jihoon besides EXOs Chanyeol and TWICEs Nayeon.

Music Bank will air its half-year episode at 5pm KST.

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Park Yoo-chun's fanatics in China sign  team actions:

Park Yoo-chun's fanatics in China sign team actions: "We will give coverage to Park Yoo-chun"

It turns out that singer actor Park Yoo-chun's Chinese enthusiastsbegan taking staff actions.

After the within track reported Park Yoo-chun was once sued for sexual attack on June 13th, his fandom in Korea in addition in Asia becameutterly shocked. His fans in China, where he receivedthe maximumreputation for his roles in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' and 'The Rooftop Prince', were no different.

After the comparable news was reported in China, maximum of his Chinese fans printed their mistrustagainst Korean media in accordance with their trust "The fees have no longer been shown yet". Especially after the primary complaint withdrew the accusation pronouncing "There was no force", such style among his Chinese fans have become even stronger.

Later, his Chinese fans started supporting the use of hashtags, 'Park Yoo-chun, we're going togive coverage to you', 'Park Yoo-chun, we may beready to exist waiting till you return' throughout the Chinese social network service, Wiebo and also opened an account with the title, 'Action to beef up Park Yoo-chun'.

They also established a network assigned to every local house and are selling their supporting activities lively. Over 20 messenger channels were open on Weibo to hide the spacesadding Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Fujian and other regions. Via the open messenger channels, Park Yoo-chun's fans are sharing the positioning of meeting, time, reason and the oppositemain pointsin their activities.

Most of the local teams are making plans to advertise 'Taking community photo to support'. Ahead of this, a small organization of fans in Chongqing collected to hang a placard and revealed a set photo to aid Park Yoo-chun. To respond, fans in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions besides started posting the major points of their meet-ups.

Park Yoo-chun's Chinese fans maintains their stance as "Until the investigation completes, fans will stay stand by Park Yoo-chun" and continues their support employing the hashtag, 'Park Yoo-chun, we shallshield you".

The truth that Park Yoo-chun was accused for sexual assault was reported on June 13th. Even thoughthe 1st complainant withdrew her accusation based totally on 'no force', 3further complainants reported identical attacksituations afterwards.

Park Yoo-chun filed a written accusation letter opposed to the first complainant for blackmail and false accusation. His firm also has announced that he's going to retire from entertainment industry if he would be proven guilty. The police in feeshaped an investigation team of 12 participants and is investigating the case essentiallyvia the moveexamat the complainant and the those who were at the scene.

#Park Yoo-chun #Sungkyunkwan Scandal #The Rooftop Prince #news

I.O.I Finishes Up Team Promotions With “Dream Concert” Performance

I.O.I Finishes Up Team Promotions With “Dream Concert” Performance

619stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter The 11 winners of hit Mnet survival show Produce 101 got herein combination to shapeassignment group I.O.I, which would advertise every bita set for 12 monthsbelow YMC Entertainment before disbanding. 

However, it used to beprinted that the ladies would be finishing promotions as a team after their recent Dream Concert performance, and would now focal point on running in sub-units as an alternative of a complete eleven member group. With news of the women ending their community promotions, enthusiasts have already beganto stress about I.O.Is eventual disbandment, in spite of there being more than five months left.

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Which Idol Took House The Lucky King Crown On Dream Team 2

Which Idol Took House The Lucky King Crown On Dream Team 2

Which Idol Took House The “Lucky King” Crown On “Dream Team 2?”notclaira Would possibly 28, 2016 0 Which Idol Took Domestic The “Lucky King” Crown On “Dream Team 2?” On May just 29, “Dream Team 2” held a “Global Friends” special. The special was once the show’s remaining broadcast and featured “random chance” games popular on typepresentationscomparable to “2 Days 1 Night.”

The first game of the episode turned into “Real Bar vs. Faux Bar.” Out of BTOB’s Eunkwang and Minhyuk, Youngster Top’s Ricky, Sam Okyere, and Sam Hammington, Eunkwang were giventhe genuine bar.

Next up was Andreas, Sujan, B1A4’s Gongchan, and BTOB’s Hyunsik and Peniel in the similar game. The lucky “real” bar went to Hyunsik whilst the others were eliminated.

The next game was “Real Slipper vs. Faux Slipper.” The entire fake slippers were glued to the floor while the “real” slipper was totally normal. BTOB’s Ilhoon, Wonder Girls’s Hyelim, Secret’s Hyosung, Sonamoo’s Nahyun, and Sam Okyere played yetin the long run Hyosung won.

Other games integrated “water ball,” “helium balloon,” and “real chair vs. fake chair.” After more than one rounds and eliminations, two BTOB contributors faced off in the finals: Hyunsik and Eunkwang. The overall game was a quiz that Eunkwang aced so as to win the “Lucky King” crown and 10 million won (about $8400).

“Dream Team 2” concluded with the message, “We hope to look you lotback soon.”

Congratulations to Eunkwang! Are you unhappy to see Dream Team 2 end?

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Song Ji Hyo Lives Her Fangirl Dream through  Assembly Park Bo Gum on Running Man

Song Ji Hyo Lives Her Fangirl Dream through Assembly Park Bo Gum on Running Man

Song Ji Hyo Lives Her Fangirl Dream viaAssembly Park Bo Gum on “Running Man”ilmare42 April 3, 2016 0 LINE it!Song Ji Hyo Lives Her Fangirl Dream by Meeting Park Bo Gum on “Running Man” On April 3’s episode of “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo turns into a total fangirl when she gets to fulfill actor Park Bo Gum!

This week, the display marks the impending general elections in South Korea by having every member attempt to recruit their own voters by pleasurable their wishes. Song Ji Hyo’s venture is to recruit a supporter who stocksthe similar Chinese Zodiac signal as her. She already knows that Park Bo Gum is twelve years more youthful than her and hencea great fit, and so her fangirl self takes over and she sets out to recruit him!

She first has to get his telephone number, so she calls up Park Bo Gum’s “Reply 1988” co-star Ryu Jun Yeol. When she asks him for Park Bo Gum’s number, he jokes, “Can I ask Park Bo Gum and come again to you?”

Kim Jong Kook, who’s sitting next to Song Ji Hyo, bursts out guffawing at this, and yells into her phone, “That’s right, you will have ask!”

When Ryu Jun Yeol sends her a text message with Park Bo Gum’s number, Song Ji Hyo jumps up and yells “It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!” She gets via to Park Bo Gum’s manager, who says that the actor is busy in these days and ageyetmay meet her in part an hour.

“What must ane do for half of an hour?” she wonders to herself after the call, but then rests her head opposed to her phone and says happily, “I’ll be going to meet Park Bo Gum in half an hour!” She then starts making a song Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” to herself.

Later, Song Ji Hyo is sitting in a cafe when the call from Park Bo Gum comes! She is actuallyextremely joyful when she hears his voice, and screams and flails just a little in her chair. She explains her mission to him and gives to go to anyplace he is, but he kindly says he’ll come to her instead.

Song Ji Hyo is floored by his kindness, and the pair agree to meet in front of a museum that’s close byeither one of them. Once she gets off the call, she pumps her fist and says, “Yes! Now I have to head meet Park Bo Gum!” and runs out of the cafe.

When Park Bo Gum comes up and surprises her at the museum, she screams with shock and then excitement.

She explains the mission to Park Bo Gum again, and asks him if he has any wish he’d like her to fulfill. But he shocks her when he says, “Please take a selfie with me and give me your autograph!”

The pair then fortuitously bringfootagein combination and give each other their autographs, as Song Ji Hyo gushes over his kindness and thank you him for taking the time to meet her in spite of his busy paintings schedule.

Watch Song Ji Hyo meet Park Bo Gum in the overall episode below! Their meeting starts at round the 45:00 mark.

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Bernard Park x Wonder Girls’ Hyerim are JYPE’s 1st collaboration team in “With You” MV teaser

Bernard Park x Wonder Girls’ Hyerim are JYPE’s 1st collaboration team in “With You” MV teaser

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJYP Entertainment artists Bernard Park and Hyerim of Wonder Girls are teaming up in combination to unencumber the 1st collaboration song alongside y'all this April!

Just days ago, the firm dropped a teaser poster for a Duet Match, record the men and womenthat might existcollaborating in this project, later unveiling the primary team to be Bernard Park and sweetnessWomen Hyerim making a song the track With You.

Along with photographs of the 2 acting as a lovely couple, a video teaser used to be published on April second with Hyerim gambling the lead role of Bernard Parks affections.

Other JYP Entertainment artists who can beplaying the Duet Fit include 2PM‘s Nichkhun and Wooyoung, GOT7‘s Jackson and JB, J.Y. Park, DAY6‘s Young K, and Jo Kwon in additionfeminine artists miss A‘s Min and Suzy, Baek A Yeon, TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Chaeyoung, 15‘s Baek Yerin, and Wonder Girls‘ Sunmi.

With You'll be released on April 3rd with the debut level of the song happening on SBS K-Pop Big name 5.

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Old Pictures of Song Joong Ki and His Sister Published on “Dream Team

Old Pictures of Song Joong Ki and His Sister Published on “Dream Team

Old Pictures of Song Joong Ki and His Sister Printed on Dream Team”leejojoba March 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Old Footage of Song Joong Ki and His Sister Revealed on Dream Team” A throwback video clip of actor Song Joong Ki appearing love for his more youthful sister has resurfaced once again.

On the March 20 episode of KBS2TV’s “Dream Team,” old footage of beyondsolid member Song Joong Ki visiting Vancouver, Canada is brought to audience attention.

In the footage, Song Joong Ki’s young sister is noticed sitting in the audience. At the time, his sister Song Seul Gi was oncereadingin every other country in Canada, and she visited the Dream Team filming to display her support for her brother.

Song Joong Ki smiles at his younger sister with tears forming in his eyes. He says, “Seul Gi, you will have to be lonely living here all through yourself. I’m here now. I’ll prove my very absolute best for you, my little sister.”

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“Dream Team” Stocks  Reports of Beyond Member Song Joong Ki

“Dream Team” Stocks Reports of Beyond Member Song Joong Ki

Dream Team StocksStudies of Beyond Member Song Joong Kikminjungee March 19, 2016 0 LINE it!Dream Team Shares Stories of Past Member Song Joong Ki On March 20, the 2d onea section of the Heroes vs. Minions special of KBS2s Dream Team was once aired.

Before the realpageant begins, they have a mini corner called Descendants of Dream Team, where they offered past Dream Team individualscomparable to actor Song Joong Ki, who is lately experiencing plenty of love for his role in Descendants of the Sun.

It become then published that Song Joong Ki had been a short music speed skater for 12 years, right through his faculty years. Once, before an ice hockey contention on Dream Team, he bought a tip, pronouncing Youll get harmonce you become attainvia the hockey puck, so you will have wear thick clothing.

Song Joong Ki explained, Ive been hit with a hockey puck before in center school. It hurts such a lot that you cant make a unmarried sound.

Dream Team airs each Sunday at 10:40 a.m. KST.

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