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Park Hyung Sik Tours Singapore’s Hotspots for Arena Pictorial

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Park Hyung Sik Tours Singapore’s Hotspots for Arena Pictorial ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik visited Singapore for the November factor of Arena.

This month’s theme is travel, and Park Hyung Sik did a perfect task giving off a comfy and amusing environment for the readers.

For this photo shoot, the superstar if fact be told had an excellent time taking section in all of the sightseeing spots of Singapore.

Whenever a fan known him, Park Hyung Sik would smile brightly and greet them, or even take images with them if asked. He used to be stuffed with manners in opposition to all and sundry he met and worked with for this pictorial.

Fans can see more of Park Hyung Sik’s exciting footage in the November problem of Arena.

Park Seo Joon, ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik And Go Ara Are In Consideration For 'Hwarang'

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Park Seo Joon, ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik And Go Ara Are In Consideration For 'Hwarang'

(Photo : ) Park Seo Joon and ZE:A"s Park Hyung Sik could follow the success of their contemporary dramas with starring roles in the period series, "Hwarang."

On November 3, OSEN reported the potential casting of the "She Was Pretty" star, along with Go Ara and the popular ZE:A member in "Hwarang."

KeyEast Entertainment responded to the report, on behalf of Park Seo Joon. Park experienced explosive success in 2015, following back-to-back hits, "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "She Was Pretty."

"[Hwarang] is one of several works that he is reviewing," said a spokesperson for Key East, on behalf of Park Seo Joon. "It is not finalized."

Star Empire, which represents Park Hyung Sik stated that he is positively considering the project, but is also reviewing others. The ZE:A star recently captured the hearts of viewers through his portrayal of a lovelorn heir in SBS" "High Society."

SM Entertainment issued a similar response on behalf of Go Ara, who recently appeared opposite Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won in SBS" police comedy, "You"re All Surrounded."

The series is set within the Silla dynasty and is centered on warriors known as hwarang. "Hwarang" is an upcoming production from Oh Boy, the company responsible for tvN"s "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" and "Flower Boy Next Door." In 2015, Oh Boy remained continued to serve up pretty boys with "EXO Next Door."

"Hwarang" would mark a turning point from their formulaic series, as a drama reflects on the beauty of the Silla Dynasty.

Casting should be finalized, soon, as "Hwarang" is expected to enter production in December 2015.

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Park Search engine marketing Joon, pass Ara, and Park Hyung Sik in Talks to Celebrity in Historic Drama

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Park Seo Joon, Go Ara, and Park Hyung Sik in Talks to Star in Historical Drama Park Seo Joon and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik have gained casting provides to star in an upcoming historical drama!

Their representatives ascertain that negotiations are ongoing, yet not anything has been signed yet. If they do finally finish up accepting the offers, this will mark either actors’ first time to take on a sageuk.

Set in the ancient Silla kingdom, the drama will revolve around a collection of young elite men, who are also known as the “Flower Boys” in their time. The manufacturers are taking a look into airing the drama, entitled “Hwarang,” thru KBS.

As the drama will require the actors to ride horses, the cast is expected to be finalized as soon as conceivable to leave room for practical training. According to OSEN, the filming will start in December and the primary episode is expected to air in mid-January.

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon is recently performing on “She Was once Pretty,” whilst Park Hyung Sik recently wrapped up SBS’ “High Society.”

Actress Go Ara may be in talks for “Hwarang,” with nothing yet decided, according to her management, SM Entertainment.

Park Shin Hye Joins Jo Jeong Seok and EXO′s D.O in ′Hyung′

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Park Shin Hye Joins Jo Jeong Seok and EXO′s D.O in ′Hyung′

--> CJ Entertainment published on October 19 that Park Shin Hye might be starring along Jo Jeong Seok and EXO′s D.O in the movie Hyung.

Hyung is set a shameless swindler (Jo Jeong Seok), who returns house to his more youthful brother (D.O), a a hit Judo athlete, after 15 years and the occasions that ensue whilst they are living in combination involuntarily.

Jo Jeong Seok will play the shameless older brother Doo Sik, who is in felony for fraud yet effectively gets parole by capability of the use of his national athlete brother as an excuse. D.O will play the more youthful brother Doo Young, whose existence gets tangled when he's all for an coincidence correct sooner than the national trials. Park Shin Hye will play Soo Hyun, a Judo trainer who learns in their ordeal and gives them a 2nd chance.

Park Shin Hye is expected to emit an power that lifts the tension between the 2 brothers as a promising Judo coach. She said, "Hyung is a assignment that become a source of hope and convenience for me as I read the scenario. I would like to relay the precise feelings I felt to the ones that watch the film. I′m satisfied to join in in a just right project like this."

The actors and manufacturers of Hyung accrued for an even good fortune ritual on October 12. Filming will start on October 19 and may hit theaters someday next year.

Photo credits CJ Entertainment

Park Shin Hye to sign up in EXO’s D.O and Jo Jung Suk in film “Hyung”

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Park Shin Hye to sign up for EXO’s D.O and Jo Jung Suk in motion picture “Hyung” Actress Park Shin Hye has been showed to connect EXO‘s D.O and Jo Jung Suk in the movie “Hyung.”

According to industry insiders on October 18, Park Shin Hye has these days proven her appearance in “Hyung” and is now in preparation for filming.

“Hyung” tells a tale of an older brother returning house after 15 years to his more youthful brother, who is a a success judo player. Jo Jung Suk and EXO’s D.O. play the brothers, whilst Park Shin Hye will play the feminine lead. Park Shin Hye’s persona might be looking after D.O’s character like a sister while she will be able to play an enemy of Jo Jung Suk’s.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is moving to the huge displays from dramas adding her wildly popular dramas “Pinocchio” and “Heirs.”

Park Shin Hye Confirmed Her Role In 'Hyung,' Opposite EXO's D.O. And Jo Jung Suk

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Park Shin Hye Confirmed Her Role In 'Hyung,' Opposite EXO's D.O. And Jo Jung Suk

(Photo : ) Park Shin Hye confirmed her role in the highly-anticipated film,"Hyung," a movie that is also titled, "Older Brother."

On October 18, the Korean outlet Star News reported her confirmation for the project, heightening interest in the movie. According to Star News, the popular Hallyu star, who is known for dedicating large blocks of time to character development, has already started preparing for her role.

In "Hyung," "Pinocchio" star will appear alongside EXO"s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghost). D.O. portrays Doo Young, a top athlete who struggles with a debilitating injury, right before a major competition. Jo Jung Suk is Doo Shik, the hyung or older brother, who is imprisoned after fraudulent activities.

Park Shin Hye is the love interest of D.O. She portrays ayoung woman who mistreats her brother, Doo Shik while showing affection for Doo Young.

Confirmation of her involvement in the movie follows reports published on September 2 that were centered on her consideration of the role. Early reports were based on a statement provided by an unnamed source, with S.A.L.T Entertainment providing a statement that she was merely considering a role in the production.

Star News cited the ability of Park Shin Hye to appeal to fans beyond Korea. She continues to generate interest from international audiences, as one of the top rising stars of Korean drama and film. Her profile increased after the Hong Sisters" drama, "You"re Beautiful" and was bolstered by her role global hit, "The Heirs."

She continued to have success in 2015, through her stellar performance in "Pinocchio" and her appearance in the ensemble social commentary film, "The Beauty Inside."

"Hyung" begins filming, later this month.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTVIggyand other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

Park Hyung Sik stunned through His Own talents on “Three foods a Day”

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Park Hyung Sik Surprised by His Own qualifications on “Three food a Day” ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik is these days starring as a guest at the tvN program “Three Meals a Day.” In the October nine episode with Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin, the young idol has to temporarily comply with the unfamiliar setting.

On October 11, he spoke to reporters, pronouncing that Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin treated him well. “Even Sanche and Beol beloved me a lot,” he said, regarding the animals on the show. “When I went there, i used to be surprised that there were such so much of things I may do larger than I thought.”

Park Hyung Sik will enjoy the real fishing village existence beginning with the October 16 broadcast. In the preview, the idol-turned-actor jumps to obey orders each and every time Cha Seung Won calls him.

“Three Meals an afternoon – Fishing Village 2” is a program that showcases the trouble of making ready a meal in a fishing village that folk in the town can get easily. the primary broadcast were given over 10 percent in ratings.

Park Hyung Sik Gets Pranked By potential of Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin on “Three foods a Day”

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Park Hyung Sik Gets Pranked By Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin on “Three food a Day” Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin are back on Manjae Island in the primary episode of “Three Meals an afternoon – Fishing Village 2,” and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik joins them as the guest for their first commute of the season!

But sooner than he arrives, Yoo Hae Jin tells Cha Seung Won that they will have to play a couple pranks at the young actor. So when Park Hyung Sik gets there, taking a look either excited and nervous, Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin say hi to him but act as despite the truth that they’re too immersed in their cooking to correctly greet him. Park Hyung Sik bows at both them with a gigantic smile, but Cha Seung Won just says, “Ah, you’re here?”

Park Hyung Sik is left soaring awkwardly in the doorway, and asks Cha Seung Won, “Where must I put my luggage?”

“Your luggage?” asks Cha Seung Won disinterestedly, and Yoo Hae Jin barges back in to interrupt. “Just put your baggage anyplace you want,” says Cha Seung Won then, without searching up.

As Park Hyung Sik is going to place it away in a corner outside, Cha Seung Won laughs. “I’m going loopy as a result of him!” he says.

Park Hyung Sik comes back and is set to invite Yoo Hae Jin a question, when Yoo Hae Jin cuts him off by yelling a query to Cha Seung Won. Park Hyung Sik is embarrassed and laughs awkwardly, and Cha Seung Won can’t take it anymore.

“Stop it!” he yells at Yoo Hae Jin with a laugh. “Don’t do that to him!”

They give an explanation for that they were just joking around, and Park Hyung Sik laughs and says, “You were joking? i used to be so embarrassed that I’m sweating!”

It’s no longer over yet though, because Yoo Hae Jin has anything else up his sleeve. He tells Park Hyung Sik, “Definitely do no longer open that pot, whatever you do,” and issues at a pot that he’s labelled “snake.”

“There’s a snake?!” asks Park Hyung Sik in alarm, as Yoo Hae Jin struggles to stay a directly face.

“Don’t open it, seriously,” he says again. Park Hyung Sik is completely flustered, and asks Yoo Hae Jin seriously, “But why did you catch a snake?”

“I wasn’t looking to catch it,” he replies with his back became to conceal his laughter, and Park Hyung Sik asks if he’s going to consume it.

“No! It’s not for that. You know, if a toxic snake bites you, you’re in large trouble! So I put it in there,” he explains. Park Hyung Sik is still alarmed, and looks round the yard. Yoo Hae Jin asks him, “Are you frightened of snakes?”

“Of path I’m afraid of poisonous snakes!” he replies with a fearful laugh.

Yoo Hae Jin casually emphasizes that he shouldn’t open the lid, and Park Hyung Sik tries to switch the subject by admiring all of the ingredients that they've in pots outdoors. yet then Cha Seung Won yells from inside, “Stop doing that to him!”

When Cha Seung Won comes out from the house, Yoo Hae Jin says to him, “Geez, we agreed to do it, but you’re not joining in!” Cha Seung Won replies, “How may I, with that glance on his face?”

Watch Park Hyung Sik get fully trolled by Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin below!

Check out more in their first vacation back to Manjae Island in October 9′s episode of “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village 2.”

g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Is surprised to look That Kahi Is a Celebrity

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g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Is stunned to See That Kahi Is a Celebrity Park Joon Hyung showed off his clueless charms once again.

On the primary broadcast of XTM‘s sort display “Shut Up and Surf” on October 6, the solid participants met for the 1st time at the airport.

Park Joon Hyung has a in particular tough time spotting everyone. He says to actor Hyun Woo, “Are you a singer? I’m sorry. I don’t watch much TV.”

Upon seeing Kahi, Park Joon Hyung says, surprised, “When did you turn into a celebrity? This woman used to be a dancer for g.o.d!”

Meanwhile, “Shut Up and Surf” is a new range prove starring Park Joon Hyung, Kahi, Hyun Woo, Meng Ki Yong, Lee Soo Geun, and Ye Jung Hwa.

Park Hyung Sik Is a Heartbreaker With a Killer Wink

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Park Hyung Sik Is a Heartbreaker With a Killer Wink Park Hyung Sik, who lately reunited with the crowd ZE:A to free up an album, had a way photo shoot for Céci magazine. In the released photo he's playing the warm sunlight relaxing at the tennis court winking at his feminine fanatics available in the market who adore him.

In addition to running on the hot album as a ZE:A member, he has been incredibly busy with his fresh paintings in SBS’s drama “High Society,” and diversity display “The Racer.” His appearance in tvN’s “Three foods an afternoon – Fishing Village Edition 2” may be aired soon as well. The photo displays him dressed in a mild and at ease informal outfit enjoying a moment having escaped his loopy operating schedule.

The workforce working at the photo shoot had various certain things to mention about Park Hyung Sik. in spite of the unexpected downpour, Park Hyung Sik was once at all times smiling and encouraging workforce contributors for their not easy work.

You can see more of his pictorial in the October factor of Céci magazine.