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‘A New Leaf’ unveils three posters ahead of its premiere later this month

Upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama "A New Leaf" got K-drama lovers excited for its premiere with three posters revealed.

The visuals of Kim Myung Min, Park Min Young, Kim Sang Joong, and Chae Jung An grab fans" attention right off the bat in the posters that also have an urban theme with its city backdrop. There also seems to be a complicated relationship between Kim Suk Joo (Kim Myung Min), Ji Yoon (Park Min Young), and Young Woo (Kim Sang Joong) about to unravel.

"A New Leaf" is directed by "Scandal" and "I Miss You"s PD Park Jae Bum and written by "Golden Time"s Choi Hee Ra, and portrays the story of an attorney Kim Suk Joo (Kim Myung Min) who loses his memory from an accident and starts anew.

"A New Leaf" is currently scheduled for premiere on the 30th at 10 PM KST!

After School’s Jooyeon transforms into a beautiful bride for drama “A New Leaf”

Jooyeon from girl group After School transformed into a beautiful bride for upcoming MBC‘s Wednesday – Thursday drama ”A New Leaf“!

In this drama, Jooyeon portrays Mi Ri, who is the best friend of Ji Yoon (played by Park Min Young). Ji Yoon and Suk Joo (played Kim Myung Min) meet each other for the first time at Mi Ri’s wedding ceremony.

“A New Leaf” is a collaboration between PD Park Jae Bum of ”Scandal“, “I Miss You” and writer Choi Hee Ra of ”Golden Time“. The drama is about lawyer Kim Suk Joo who has to start anew after losing his memories in a car accident.

“A New Leaf” is set to premiere on April 23 after the conclusion of “Cunning Single Lady

Park Min Young, Kim Sang Joong, Ahn Sun Young and more attend first script reading for “A New Leaf”

Park Min Young and fellow leading cast members attended the first script reading for the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama “A New Leaf”!

Park Min Young, Kim Myung Min, Kim Sang Joong, Ahn Sun Young, and more showed their teamwork during the reading and looked like they were absorbed in their scripts. Park Min Young shared, “I will do my best so that I will not be a thorn to anyone”s side for the drama.”

“A New Leaf” is directed by “Scandal” and “I Miss You“s PD Park Jae Bum and written by “Golden Time“s Choi Hee Ra and portrays the story of an attorney Kim Suk Joo (Kim Myung Min) who loses his memory from an accident and starts anew.

“A New Leaf” will premiere following “Cunning Single Lady” next month!

SWINGS release MV teaser for ‘Fallin’ ft. Jay Park

SWINGS releasse the MV teaser for their new single 'Fallin' featuring Park Jae Bum. The rapper is making his way back to hip hop scene with his new single scheduled to be released on March 26.

In the MV teaser, a dim-multicolored room is shown and an acoustic music plays in the background showing Swings walking on the stairs.

Watch below:

Simon D Became Co-CEO of AOMG Without Buying Any Shares in the Company

On the March 19 broadcast of MBC’s variety program, “Radio Star,” Simon D appeared as one of the guests.

On the show, the rapper talked about how he became partners with Park Jae Bum (Jay Park) and a co-CEO of the new hip-hop label, AOMG.

Simon D introduced himself as a hip-hop label CEO and explained he joined Park Jae Bum as a partner.

MC Kim Gura asked, “Did Park Jae Bum invest a lot of money?” and Simon D answered, “He had already established the label before I joined.”

He was then asked how many shares he has in the company to which Simon D answered, “My existence in itself is a big share. Jae Bum said me joining him was enough. We’ll discuss the shares gradually

Secret Garden (Set-Up Preview)

(credit to o-cha from soompi for making this wonderful anticipatory poster for Secret Garden – thank you!)

Word on the street is that Secret Garden will start filming in a few days. Seriously, does either Jang Hyuk or Ha Ji Won ever sleep? If Jung Woo Sung wasn’t headlining Athena, based on the spy caper genre and IRIS’ track record, Secret Garden would hands down be my most anticipated drama of the latter half of 2010.

It’s with a script by Kim Eun Sook (who wrote my beloved City Hall, and I have enjoyed parts of her other dramas as well – she does have a talent for writing dialogue), and has a premise that I have not seen much (if at all) in a K-drama – a fantasy body-swap romance

Tiny-G Dohee ‘Reply 1994’ Pre-Debut Photos

Dohee, Reply 1994, Tiny-G, Park Jae Bum, Lee Shi Young, Kim Sung Kyun

‘Reply 1994’ Dohee Pre-Debut!

A photo of Dohee from her girl group trainee days is currently making a round on the online community.

Dohee plays the Yeosu girl Yoon Jin in cable channel tvN's "Reply 1994". Dohee's pre-debut photo was uploaded onto an online community forum on November 18th, with the caption "Reply 1994 Dohee trainee days". The photo is of Dohee when she was still working as a trainee with the other members of Tiny-G.

The photo is from the set of MBC's "The Woman Writer and the Man Composer," on which she appeared with Park Jae Bum and Lee Shi Young before her official debut. Dohee looks ever cute and lively, and is shaking up the hearts of her "uncle" fans.

Once this trainee photo of "Reply 1994" acting idol Dohee was uploaded onto the online community, photos of her girl group Tiny-G days have also been a hot topic

Fans Reveals All on the Extremes of being a Sasaeng Fan

With the recent rise in activity of sasaeng fans and hackers, MBC’s Kuhltwo’s Veranda Show addressed the severe issue.

On March 29, Kuhltwo’s Veranda Show highlighted the problem of sasaeng fans, especially inviting one woman who has been active as a sasaeng fan since she was in seventh grade.

“I started as a sasaeng fans since seventh grade, chasing after TVXQ. Then I moved onto the next group,” said the fan.

When asked if only students existed in the group of sasaeng fans, the woman answered, “From elementary students to people in their 20, 30, and 40s. There are some people who wait all night even thought they are pregnant.” She added that with the hallyu wave, the number of sasaeng fans from China and Japan have increased.

“There was even a fan who was using her inheritance from her father to be a sasaeng fan

2012 MAMA in Hong Kong Adds Top Musicians Adam Lambert and B.o.B to Lineup

MAMA, Adam Lambert, B.o.B, Mnet

Representatives of the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards have confirmed the attendance of top stars Adam Lambert (American Idol Season 8) and B.o.B (Bobby Ray Simmons, "Nothing on You")  to the awards festivities being held in Hong Kong on November 30.   Last year's MAMA show in Singapore also featured world class artists including,, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.  This year, the addition of Adam Lambert and B.o.B further adds glitter to the already stellar line up that includes Jackie Chan among many others.

Adam Lambert is often considered as a strong rival to Lady Gaga. He became prominent after appearing on the eighth season of "American Idol". In 2009, Adam released his debut album which sold 2 million copies and earned him the Grammy Award nomination for "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance" and also numerous international awards and honors

Baek Ji Young shares her thoughts on relationship between women and younger men

Singer Baek Ji Young recently made an appearance on “Come to Play: Truman Show“ as guest and shared some stories about her love life.

On the show, MC Kim Eung Soo asked the singer, “I have heard rumors that you have many younger men pursuing you.”

Baek Ji Young then replied carefully, “I think those rumors exist only because I share a stage with many younger artists. Actually, I come from a family where the wife is older than her husband. My father is five years younger than my mother.”

She went on, “Since I always knew this fact as a child, I never feared or considered it strange for me to be romantically involved with a younger man.”

Baek Ji Young then shared a bit about her relationship with Jung Suk Won who is 9 years younger, “Jung Suk Won is actually very close to my ideal type, whereas I am not Jung Suk Won’s ideal type