Park Hyungsik Reveals What Park Bo Young Is Really Like In Person

Park Hyungsik Reveals What Park Bo Young Is Really Like In Person

Park Hyung Sik talked about how Park Bo Young is exactly like her character Do Bong Soon.

Park Hyung Sik recently held an interview where he talked about Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and his co-star Park Bo Young.

He mentioned that the production team and the cast helped restore his confidence during filming.

There were times where I should have been confident and believed in myself but instead I showed off a side of myself where I didnt show either of those traits. I apologize for that.

The director and Park Bo Young and the rest of the cast gave me so much strength that I was able to gain my confidence back and enjoy being on set.

The cast and crew of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon helped Park Hyung Sik during his tough times.

Park Hyung Sik further elaborated on Park Bo Young, calling her the perfect co-star.

Park Bo Young is just perfect. When I was around her it really felt like I was around Bong Soon and its like it turned into a fairy tale. I thought How does she do it?, it was to that degree.

I learned so much from this drama. The emotions I acted with Bong Soon felt like they were real so I was able to improve all of my emotional expressions. I think I was able to return all the energy that I received.

Park Hyung Sik also complimented the production team for being able to intertwine a melodrama, comedy, and thriller all into one fluid drama. He mentioned that there are not many comedy dramas these days so being able to weave in comedic elements into the drama was a big help to the ratings.