Park Hyung Sik Shares His Thoughts About ZE:A And Rumors About Their Disbandment

Park Hyung Sik Shares His Thoughts About ZE:A And Rumors About Their Disbandment

In a recent interview, actor Park Hyung Sik opened up about idol group ZE:A and shared his thoughts about disbandment speculations surrounding the group.

Park Hyung Sik shared, My fellow members are my greatest source of strength. Theyre like family to me. The things I talk about with childhood friends are inevitably different from the things I talk about with friends who are the same field as me. Just the fact that I have people I can talk to about my worries is a great gift.

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The actor also stated that he didnt want to use the word disbanded to describe ZE:A and explained, As was officially reported, many of the members are now under different agencies; however, despite this, we are still one group, which is why the name ZE:A remains. When I think of my fellow members, I get a little choked up. I genuinely want for them all to succeed and be happySince we went through difficult periods together, I think its important for us to support each others endeavorsThis is why I dont want to associate the word disbanded with ZE:A.

He concluded, Just as my first step [in this field] is important, I hope that my fellow members find success in each of their new beginnings.

Meanwhile, the cast of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon recently shared photos from their reward vacation and, in another interview, Park Hyung Sik describes his ideal type and sends a thoughtful message to fellow ZE:A member Kwanghee.